Best Density for Human Hair Wigs

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Best Density for Human Hair Wigs

A human hair weave can help hide the problem of thinning hairlines for many women, which is composed of 100% human hair and has been designed by experts.

It gives the wearer a feeling of shine and movement that artificial wavy wavy wig cannot match, the hairline can also give the wearer the most natural looking effect.

Once you choose a suitable hairstyle and colour, the next step is to pay attention to the hair’s thickness, so what is the ideal human hair weave thickness? This article is for your reference.

What is human hair wig density?

Human Wigs are one of the most popular types of wigs used today. They can be worn by both men and women.

A human head is composed of about 100,000 individual strands of fiber called follicles. Each strand of fiber is approximately 1/100th of an inch thick.

When these fibers are pulled out of the scalp they are twisted together to make a single thread. This process is known as “plucking”.

Plucked human hairs are then woven into a fabric that resembles the texture of human skin. Once plucked, the hairs must be treated before being put into the weaving machine.

In order to keep the hairs soft and flexible, they are soaked in hot water. After soaking, the hairs are washed and dried.

Then they are dyed and cut into lengths that correspond to the desired length of the finished product. Finally, the human hairs are inserted into a sewing machine and stitched together to form a complete piece of human head covering.

Classification of human hair wig density

After we’ve introduced you to the different densities of a wig, we’ll look at the different densities of wig from highest to lowest. We’ll then discuss which one would be best for you.

50%-90% density wig: this is the lowest wig density, particularly light wig.

100%-110% density wig: this type of wig is also a less dense wig we can rarely see this density wig in the market.

120%-130% density wig: this type of density wig is often used when we buy density, is not too thick and not too light wig density, most people will choose this type of wig density.

180% density wig: this type of density wig is for those girls who need to create fullness, it provides more fullness and is perfect for matching long hair options

200% density wig: this density is ideal for anyone who likes long wigs, 200 density human hair wig also offer great volume with length and everything.

250% density wig: These wigs are the fullest of all. These wigs are celebrity inspired wigs that offer length and volume. Will give you one of the fullest looks.

How to choose the best wig density?

There are several things to think about when choosing the right wig density for yourself. For example, the kind of wig you’re looking at, its size, and so on.

1. Wearing effect

If you want to wear wigs, you should consider choosing one with a similar texture to your own natural hairs.

For example, if your native hairs are thick, you may want to go for a thicker weave.. The general density is between 130%-150%, if your native hair is thicker, it is recommended that you choose a wig with a density of 190% or more.

2. Texture

Curly hairs are usually classified into two types: Jerry curls and kinky curls. If you choose Jerry curls, then you don’t need too high a volume.

3. Hair texture

When selecting a hair type for your wigs, consider the hair texture you want. For example, Brazilian hair has a thicker appearance than European hair.

Therefore, when purchasing a hair type, it is not necessary to choose a higher hair type as when purchasing straight hair.

Are higher density wigs better?

Medium-dense wavy human hair wisps are 130-150 percent fuller than low-dense wisps, which gives them greater versatility for style. High-dense wavy hair is 180-250 percent fuller than low-denstiy wisps, making them ideal for high fashion styles.

Is 200% density good for a wig?

A 200 density wig is the best choice if you want to buy curly wigs. It gives the wig a thicker appearance and looks more natural than normal wigs. If you’re having trouble growing your own natural curls, this wig is the best choice for you.

200 density wig meaning?

200%: It is extremely dense and has a peculiar look; a heavy-dense wavy wig is worn by people who want a full and voluminous look, mostly by performers who need to perform.

High-dense wig allows you to embrace opulently styled hairdo but may be somewhat uncomfortable on your head.

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