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Exercise Cycle

Build your home gym with the best exercise cycle in India

Updated on 7 April 2022: Exercises Cycle & Bikes are one of the best way of introducing cycling into your home gym. Finding the best exercise cycle can be tough, especially as there are so many different brands, variations, rating, reviews, and price points to filter through.

To help your search, we’ve selected a number of top exercise cycles & bikes based on customer reviews, rating, specs, and features they offer, which made them stand out from the crowd in all the best ways.

Exercise cycle is also known as a stationary bicycle, exercise bike, spinning bike, or exercycle). It is used as exercise equipment for cycling indoor.

It comes with a saddle, pedals & a kind of handle arranged on a bicycle. It is a special kind of exercise machine resembling a bicycle without wheels.

It can be also possible to purchase an ordinary bicycle for exercise by placing it on a trainer or bicycle rollers. They are used by racing cyclists for warm up or training.

Following are some of the health benefits of using exercise cycle regularly…

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Increases muscle flexibility
  • Strengthens bones
  • Decreases stress level
  • Decreases fat level

There are different brands selling exercise cycles in the market. Some of them are Reach, Cockatoo, SPARNOD FITNESS, PowerMax Fitness, Healthex, Kobo, DOLPHY, Monex, Generic, Aerofit, LEEWAY, KAMACHI, Schwinn, Viva Fitness, KS HEALTHCARE etc…

Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike for Home Gym

This is Cockatoo’s smart series magnetic exercise bike for home gym. It comes with 2-years warranty & free installation assistance.

This white bike comes with 195 centimetres maximum height. It comes with magnetic resistance mechanism.

With this product, you can glance at the 6” LCD monitor. It tracks calories, time distance & speed.

Flywheels of this product come with 220mm dia., 4 KGS with 1 PC crank & one way bearing. Maximum user weight of this product is 100 kg. Its height is 150 to 195 cm.

It comes with magnetic operating technique & magnetic brake. Resistance level is up to 8-levels.

Its 8-levels magnetic resistance helps in intensifying the exercise. With a very simple twist, you can increase/decrease magnetic resistance level from 1 to 8.

Flexnest Flexbike Bluetooth Enabled Smart Indoor Exercise Bike

This is Flexnest smart indoor exercise bike. It is Bluetooth enabled bike. It comes with classes on app for home gym workout.

It comes in elegant black & orange colour. Product dimensions are (L x W X H) 98 X 25 X 92 centimetres.

Maximum height level of this product is 132 centimetres & minimum height level is 116 centimetres.

This Bluetooth enabled smart exercise bike comes with a 1-year complimentary membership to The Flexnest app with on-demand workouts, virtual rides and more.

You can connect it with the Flexnest App; it is available on Android & IOS platforms. This facility helps you to track your daily workout and compiles all your data in one place like Time, Speed, Distance, Burned Calories and Resistance.

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For all this you will get 1-year complimentary subscription. This exercise bike comes with 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

To make your cycling experience safer, the company has designed its anti-slip pedals with adjustable straps.

Maximum user weight of this product is 120 KGS. It is advisable to choose the exercise cycle/bike that has user weight capacity at least 20 KGS more than your current weight since the impact weight increases during Cycling. The product is equipped with a 14.5 lbs. Its step less resistance system challenges you for varying intensity workouts.

Reach AB-110 Air Bike Exercise Fitness Cycle

This is Reach air bike/exercise cycle with moving or stationary handle adjustments for home. Product dimensions are (L x W x H) 21 x 62 x 92 centimetres & product weight is 22 kilograms.

It works on air resistance mechanism. The product allows you for full body workout. This product is a stationary bike, it provides a full body workout supporting 100-kg weight.

It will strengthen your lower body while its dual-action arms feature will increase your upper body endurance as you pedal.

With this bike, you can experience different workout by easily changing the setting from moving handles to stationary handles.

It is ergonomically designed for seating with large adjustable seat cushion. The handle bars of this cycle are packed with high density foam, it will protect you from exercise stiffness of back, stains & muscular pain.

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It comes with belt drive resistance. It will improve pedalling techniques & will permit less momentum-based recovery.

It makes rider work efficiently & quietly. The product comes with a user-friendly tracker. It comes with LCD; it allows you to scan modes & track time, distance, speed & calories burned as you exercise.

LCD of this product allows you easy installation & support service. The brand offers 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee to buy with confidence with their friendly customer service.

The manufacturers are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with durability, portability & high quality of the product. It comes with 1-year warranty.

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle With Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat

This is Reach air bike/exercise cycle with moving handles & adjustable cushion seat. It comes in primary colour.

Product dimensions are 154.9 x 66 x 116.8 (L X W X H) centimetres & product weight is 20000 Grams. It works on air resistance mechanism.

It comes with multi-level belt resistance. The resistance of the exercise cycle is of a non-contact type.

Your cycling experience will be smooth and completely silent with this bike/exercise cycle. This quality will make it perfect for home workout.

It is available with ergonomic seating. It is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating with large adjustable seat cushions.

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As it comes with moving handles, it will give more n more advantage. Its handlebars are packed with high-density foam, it will prevent you from experiencing stiffness of the back, strains, and muscle aches during work out.

Even you can twist your body with its twister. Strapped pedals of this product are designed to adjust to your comfort with minimum fuss.

It comes with belt drive resistance. Its belt requires limited maintenance. It improves pedalling technique & permits less momentum-based recovery. The product makes the rider work efficiently and operates quietly.

Cockatoo AB06 Stainless Steel Exercise Bike with Moving Handle and Adjustable Cushioned Seat

This is Cockatoo stainless steel exercise bike/cycle with moving handle & adjustable cushioned seat. It comes in black n silver colour.

Item Dimensions are (L x W x H) 63.5 x 20.3 x 53.3 centimetres & weight is 18000 Grams. Maximum height level of this product is 195 cm. This product is made with stainless steel.

It comes with 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. It is possible for you to glance at 6” LCD monitor with this product.

With this monitor, you can track burned calories, exercise time & covered distance. Its 3.0 Kg flywheel comes with 1-PC crank & one-way bearing.

It comes with fan based air resistance. Maximum user weight & height should be 100kgs / 150-195cm.

Its fan-based resistance will help to intensify your exercise. With a simple twist of knob, you can increase or decrease the level of magnetic resistance in this bike.

It comes with a beautifully and sturdily built steel body. It ensures that you get many hours of constructive workout without the fear of disintegration.

Its dual-action handlebars will help your work out for your upper & lower body. You may have a reasonable amount of impact on your upper body as well.

Simply place this compact Bike/exercise cycle in any corner of your home and get closer to being a more energetic and productive individual. This is the best exercise Bike design to make you stay fit despite your busy schedule.

FITTYFY Air Bike Exercise Cycle Indoor Bike (FFAB-01R):

This is Fittyfy  air bike/exercise cycle/indoor bike for cardio home workout. This black cycle comes with multi position handle grip, height adjustable seat, cushioned backrest & digital display.

Item dimensions are (L x W x H) 109 x 46 x 117 centimetres & weight is 20070 grams. It works on air resistance mechanism.

This is 3 in 1 exercise equipment; it provides versatility to do Cardio, Cycling & Cross training from single bike.

Flexibility is available in this bike. The handles can be set to moving mode or stationary mode. Even you can adjust seat height as per requirement. 

You can adjust the resistance of this bike by using a knob. It comes with a backrest, alongside the seat. You can remove whenever needed. The product is a true value for money.

It is possible to do body workout. It comes with LCD display for monitoring distance, speed, time & calories.

It comes with pedal with strap & cushioned seat. Seat can be adjusted vertically. Power source is not required.

PowerMax Fitness BU-200 Exercise Upright Bike Home Gym

This is PowerMax exercise bike. It comes with anti-skid pedals, adjustable foot strap. Vertical seat adjustment is possible.

Product dimension are (L x W x H) 42.9 x 108 x 72.9 centimetres & weight is 10.5 kg. Maximum height of this product is 108 centimetres & minimum height is 140 centimetres.

It is powered by magnet. Handle is made from HDR foam grip. LCD display is available in this product. With it, you can monitor time, speed, distance, odometer, pulse & calories.

It comes with micro adjustment control for proper seat adjustment. This upright bike comes with perfect comfort cushion seat & vertical adjustment.

It can bear up to 100 kg of maximum user weight. Assembled dimension of the product is 730 x 430 x 1080mm.

Product body is painted with anti-bacterial powder coated finish. Handles are equipped with heart rate sensors on the grip.

The seat of this product is made from fully adjustable gel & sweat proof finish. 1-year limited warranty is available with this product.

The main box includes one main unit with parts & tools for assembly, manual & warranty card.

Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym

This is an air bike/exercise cycle for home from SparnodB. It is a dual action bike for full body workout. You can set the handles as per your choice like stationary or moving.

Even height & resistance can be adjusted as per requirement. Seat of the product comes with backrest. Product dimensions are 106.7 x 45.7 x 104.1 centimetres.

Full body workout is possible with its dual action handlebars. You can move back & forth to target upper body muscles (similar to elliptical cross trainer).

The handles can also set to stationary mode. Pedalling may target lower body muscles. Tension controller knob of this bike allows adjustment of resistance level thus offering different levels of workout intensity.

It comes with LCD display. Digital meter tracks speed, time, distance & calories. Scan mode of this bike continuously toggles speed, time, distance and calories reading for easy monitoring of all metrics while working out.

It comes with height adjustable & comfortable seat. The backrest of the seat provides support to the back while working out.

Foot pedals are available with lock to avoid slipping of foot. It has anti-slip wide base for better stability.

Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss:

This is Powermax fitness exercise cycle for home. It is a magnetic X bike for weight loss. Maximum height of this cherry red bike is 17 cm & minimum height is 5 cm.

It comes with LCD display for monitoring speed, time, distance, hand pulse & calories. It comes with 4 kg flywheel system.

You can set 8-level training intensity manually. It can bare maximum 110 kg user weight. It has anti-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps.

The Seat Provides Exceptional Comfort with Back Support and Vertical Adjustment. Magnet brake system & adjusting caps for uneven floor are available in this bike. It comes with TUV/GS approved certificate & 1-year manufacturer warranty.

DOLPHY DGBCL0003 ABS-Sprayed Steel Exercise Spinning Cycling Bike  

This is a DOLPHY steel exercise spinning cycling bike in red & black colour. It is made from ABS-sprayed steel pipe. It works on belt drive system.

This product comes with water bottle holder, adjustable handle bar, adjustable seat & belt transmissions. Maximum user weight capacity of this bike is 160 kg & item weight is 25.3 kg.

This exercise bike has smart release breaking system that provides safe dependable performance for unsupervised rider. Self-balanced wide paddles with adjustable straps of this bike fit to any size user.

Pop-pin seat slider vertical and horizontal adjustments of this exercise cycle deliver a great fit. It comes with centre design drive. It is very easy to install this product.

Healthex Pedal Exerciser Cycle Bike for Home Gym

This is Healthex pedal excerciser cycle bike for home gym. This black foldable mini indoor bike comes with LCD counter.

Item Dimensions are (L x W x H) 25 x 10 x 20 centimetres & item Weight is 999 Grams. It works on magnetic resistance mechanism.

The product is designed with simple assembly for convenience in mind. It is created with quickstep set up for easy operation.

You can easily adjust the tension level with tension knob for a personalized exercise experience.

It can provide great low impact exercise for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury.

It comes with LCD display; it shows number of rotations completed, workout time, rotations per minute, estimated burn calories.

It is easy to fold/un fold this bike. It is meant for light exercise. Assembling is not required as it is already assembled.

To avoid sliding of peddler exerciser, it comes with Anti Skidding Rubber Shoes. 6-months warranty is provided for manufacturing defects. Defected parts will arrange at free of charge.

Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Fitness Bike

This is pro spin fitness bike with 6 kg flywheel from Lifelong. It comes with adjustable resistance & heart rate sensor. This black cycle comes with 1-year warranty.

Item dimensions are (L X W X H) 101 x 25 x 82 centimetres & weight is 24.3 kg. It works on magnetic mechanism. This bike comes with a simulation app and a pedometer.

With this, you can compete with other people from all over the world. You can track your weekly exercise and all exercise record, overall ranking.

It comes with different views like seaside, virtual reality, lakes, mountains etc. This will make your workout more happening & will allow you to engage with other people.

This exercise bike is designed to maintain momentum smoothly as you cycle on the cardio machine.

Its heavy flywheels support speed, stability, and consistency across the workout. It comes with Foam Grip Handle with heart rate sensor.

It will help in monitoring heart rate during heavy workout session. Smooth & foam based handle grip will allow easy grip.

It has belt driven & noise reduction cover. This fitness bike comes with good toughness belt driven, superior rubber and polyurethane core wire can extend usage time.

It provides smooth & quiet riding experience. This fitness bike has streamline wind speed principle cover that can effectively reduce wind noise and exercise more quietly.

Its LCD monitor can track the speed, distance, time, heart rate & calories at the same time. It may be helpful during exercise session.

You can tailor your riding experience as per your height. It is possible by using the four-way adjustable seat, which can be fitted to your leg length.

With this bike you can increase/come to a complete stop in a flash by using the friction resistance knob.

You can use the resistance knob to increase and decrease resistance applied to the flywheel. It can bare maximum user weight up to 120 kg. 1-year warranty is provided on parts & manufacturing defects.

Cardio Max JSB Fitness Bike for Home Gym X-Bike Foldable Exercise Cycle

This is Cardio Max foldable fitness bike. This foldable exercise cycle comes with backrest & hand support. It comes with installation assistance.

Product dimensions are (L X W X H) 120 X 35 X 22 centimetres. Maximum height setting of this bike is 119 centimetres. This bike is made from alloy steel.

It works on magnetic mechanism. This is a fitness bike for home gym. This foldable exercise cycle comes with backrest support & handles.

It comes with 4 KG flyweight & 3-cranks for smooth riding experience. This compact bike saves space. Its display shows time, distance & speed.

Maximum weight capacity of this bike is 100 KG. It comes with 8-level tension controller. It comes with backrest support and back handles Assembly size (cm) 103x53x119.

It comes with non-skid foot paddles with adjustable foot straps. This bike comes with 1-year JSB warranty.

It is possible to install this exercise bike with the help of You Tube video guide or instruction manual. For more you can contact customer support. Engineer visit can be arranged on chargeable basis.

Sparnod Fitness SUB-50 Upright Exercise Bike for home gym

This is Sparnod Fitness Upright Exercise Bike for home gym. It comes with LCD display, height adjustable seat with compact design.

This is a perfect cardio exercise cycle for small space. This white bike comes with so it yourself installation. Item Dimensions are (L x W x H) 86 x 42 x 108 centimetres & weight is 10 KG. Maximum Height is 6.1 Feet. It comes with 1-year brand warranty on part failure & manufacturing defect. It can bare maximum user weight up to 100 KG. Assembly size is 86 cm x 42 cm x 108 cm.

This is a lightweight & compact exercise bike. Its weight is only 10 KG. This exercise bike can be easily moved from one place to another. The product is made for low-impact cardiovascular workout.

It offers an excellent aerobic workout. It provides lower body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout of hips, Legs, calves and buttocks.

With this bike, you get your heart rate up almost as much as running and burn 4 times more calories than walking. It helps in losing weight & getting in shape with minimal stress on your joints.

With regular use of this exercise bike, you can improve your memory, brain function, lower blood pressure, better sleep, improved blood sugar levels, a stronger immune system, better mood, more energy and lower stress levels throughout the day.

It comes with LCD display. It enables you to monitor distance, speed, time & burnt calories per session.

For easy monitoring of your performance while working out you can switch to Scan Mode for continuously toggle time, speed, distance and calories.

It comes with smooth resistance system. Its smooth & silent belt system will not make noise. It will not interfere while listening to music or even watching TV and will allow you to work out without disrupting others.

It comes with tension adjustment knob that is capable of providing a high inertia consistent pedal stroke for an enjoyable low-impact workout. This is a Perfect Cardio Exercise Cycle Machine for Small Spaces.

It comes with comfortable cushioned seat designed according to human hip curve and the seat material with high elasticity sponge; it feels good even when sitting for a long time.

You can adjust seat height according to different height. It will improve work out to maximize effect on your targeted areas.

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So, whether you’re searching for the best exercise cycle in India for weight loss, here are a few ideas to kick start your search. Check out above list of best cycle for exercise.