Best Flooring Tile Ideas For Your Living Room


Best Flooring Tile Ideas For Your Living Room

Looking for flooring tile design ideas for your living room? Some floor tile materials and design patterns for your space make it look sophisticated and elegant.

The living room is the place where you feel relaxed and like to spend time creating memories with your family and friends.”

Whether your living room is large, small, or attached to the dining room, tile is a superior choice for flooring.

The warm and cosy feel, easy cleaning, and durability make it a better choice than traditional wooden floors.

And what’s more, they come in a range of patterns, colours, and sizes, making them suitable options for your space.

Are you in love with creativity and want to renovate your old living space with an eye-catching floor tile design? Don’t worry; we’ve got this! In this article, we’ll show you some amazing flooring tile ideas for your living room.

Table of Contents:
Choosing The Suitable Flooring Tile Material For The Living Room   
– Ceramic floor tiles                                                                            
– Porcelain floor tiles                                                                          
– Hardwood floor tiles                                                                         
– Concrete floor tiles                                                                           
– Marble floor tiles                                                                               
– Terrazzo floor tiles.                                                                           
Choosing an Eye-catching Floor Tile Color or Shade                           
– Consider the size of the room                                                         
Colour matching Best Flooring Tile Design Layout Ideas for Your Living Room Summary                                                                                                                               

Choosing The Suitable Flooring Tile Material For The Living Room

The living room is the space used daily by all the family members and where guests and friends come and go. The beauty of the space will leave an impression on them.

So, it is essential to design your living space with the highest-quality ceramic, marble or porcelain flooring tiles.

The living room is a high-foot traffic area, so floor tile should be durable and resistant to breaking; it does not lose its beauty and charm.

Tiles can replicate almost every look and feel you want, cosy and warm. From marble beauties to wood’s lively patterns, the choices are infinite.

Here are some different types of flooring tile materials with pros and cons to turn your regular living room into something marvellous.

➔   Ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic tile materials include natural earthy red, brown, and white clay. This clay is heated at a high temperature in the kiln to reduce water percentage and form a rough, hard texture. 

Ceramic tile flooring is suitable in any room of the house. But many homes, especially in warm climates and high-foot traffic areas, use tile to stunning effects, such as in living rooms, kitchens, and corridors.

  • Ceramic tiles are durable, lavish flooring, but the drawback is that they can be hard and cold, which can be somewhat tricky to install for DIYers.
  • The hard and solid tile surface prevents formation of dirt, dust, pollen, or other harmful contaminants. This tile material is the best choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. 


  • Durable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Non-porous


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to install

➔   Porcelain floor tiles

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile. Both the materials consist of clay, but the difference lies in the manufacturing process, where porcelain is heated at a higher temperature. It is also made from refined clay, sand, and feldspar. The result is that porcelain tile is superior because it is more rigid and durable.

Porcelain slabs are an excellent flooring choice for the living room. It is highly durable, hard and resistant to breaking, making it suitable for high-foot areas like the living room.

Porcelain tile will last for decades and requires extremely low maintenance, making it easy to clean. Porcelain tile doesn’t crack due to its low moisture absorption rate, making it frost-resistant.

Porcelain tiles hard wearing makes it a perfect choice for cold regions to use in living spaces, corridors, and dining rooms. You can find many types and styles to suit your taste or style preference.

Architects, interior designers, and homeowners often prefer large format porcelain tile for floors to create seamless integration, making space look bigger.


  • Durability
  • Resistant to water
  • Low maintenance
  • Variety of colour, design, and pattern options


  • Slippery
  • Heavier

➔   Hardwood floor tiles

Once, natural hardwood flooring was the most popular choice to give the space a classic and warm look. However, as environmental awareness increases, people become more conscious of trees. Thus, natural hardwood flooring is losing its charm.

Living Room Colour

But now, hard wooden tile flooring is the best alternative to natural hardwood flooring, giving the space the same rustic look and warm, cosy feeling.

Moreover, hardwood tile flooring is comparatively more sustainable, easy to maintain, and has an aesthetic appeal to your living space.

  • If you are a nature lover, hardwood floor tile is the best choice as it is available in different colours, shades, and textures.
  • They are durable, resistant to scratches, spills, and dirt, and long-lasting for years.
  • Electromagnetic and allergen-free, these tile surfaces are a good option for allergy sufferers.


  • Easy to maintenance
  • Durable
  • Scratch and moisture resistant
  • Versatile in design


  • Cold
  • Tricky to install
  • Expensive

➔   Concrete floor tiles

Concrete floor tile is made up of a blend of sand, cement, and colour pigment poured into metal moulds, backed at a high temperature, and compressed under thousands of pounds of pressure.

Traditionally, concrete slabs served as flooring materials for garages, basements, and patios for several years. But now, they are viewed as valuable materials in interiors like living rooms. The surface of these tiles is polished, etched, or stained.

If you think concrete can be used only for utilitarian surfaces, then you must be surprised that concrete flooring material comes in the most elegant and colourful designs. 

Concrete floor tiles are extremely durable and hard; if properly maintained, they can last for years. But there are also drawbacks- hard, cold underfoot, and doesn’t retain heat well.


  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Design flexibility


  • Hard and cold
  • Slippery
  • Susceptible to moisture
  • Environmental concerns

➔   Marble floor tiles

Marble has been known for its timeless beauty and charm for ages. Marble is a natural stone quarried in mountain regions across the world.

There are many types of stone flooring; marble is often installed for its elegance and style, making it an exclusive and luxurious option for living room floor tile.

Marble floor tiles come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colours. A vein is an alternating line of colour that runs through the surface and can be either heavy and pronounced or delicate and barely noticeable.

There are numerous varieties of marble, among which there are three main categories.

  • Carrara
  • Calacatta
  • Breccia 

Each marble tile is unique in its way; they often come in either high-gloss or matt finishes. The biggest advantage of using marble floor tile in the living room is that it instantly elevates the appearance of a space, making it appear majestic.


  • Elegance, luxurious appearance
  • Natural material
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Add real estate value


  • Porous, require sealing
  • Expensive
  • Cold underfoot

➔   Terrazzo floor tiles.

Terrazzo is a composite material used for floors as well as walls. The word “terrazzo” refers to the style of flooring where chips of marble, quartz, glass and other materials are laid on concrete. It is then smoothed out to create a uniform yet textured finish.

  • Terrazzo floor tile is the best alternative to marble or granite and is also budget-friendly.
  • The unique patterns and sophisticated design of terrazzo tiles combined with contemporary furniture bring elegance and class to your living room.


  • Durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Variety of designs


  • Expensive
  • Cold underfoot
  • Difficult to install

Choosing an Eye-catching Floor Tile Color or Shade

Choosing the right floor tile colour for your living area can be overwhelming. Floor tiles come in an array of designs, patterns, and sizes and how they blend with your living room’s furnishings and walls is crucial. 

  • Dark shaded tiles are a great way to create elegance or a classic look. It can be used with other colours for a more dramatic effect.
  • On the other hand, light shade tile provides the perfect balance of warmth and coolness to your living space. 

There are two factors to consider when choosing the living room floor tile colour.

★  Consider the size of the room:

If the living room is bigger, you should consider using dark and warm tiles. If it’s smaller, consider using light or natural colour floor tile. 

★  Colour matching:

Many like to stick with a single theme colour; you can consider colour matching. Match your floor tile colour with your walls and furniture. This will result in a lively space full of positive energy. 

Best floor tile design layout ideas for your living room

When choosing floor tile patterns and styles for your living room, it depends on the size of the space and your interior design preferences.

More intricate designs are the perfect choice for being creative with patterns for smaller living spaces! Large-format tiles with marble effect designs can be extremely functional and long-lasting for larger areas.

Here are some contemporary and traditional flooring patterns and fun options for playing with layouts.

  • Large tile plank
  • Large format tile
  • Brick flooring design
  • Mosaic flooring design


If you are renovating your living room, flooring tile is an amazing option. It is durable, beautiful, and endlessly versatile.

What type of flooring tile material you choose is determined by your personal preferences and the functional requirements of your purpose.

Choosing between a matte or glossy finish is your personal choice, but not solely based on looks. It is also crucial to consider the utility of the texture.

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