Best Free Performance Review Software in 2023

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Best Free Performance Review Software in 2023

In the last few years, performance review software has gained a lot of popularity. And projections still anticipate continued growth for the years to come.

Verified Market Research, for instance, estimates that the global market for Performance Management Software will keep growing its value from USD 2.29 Billion in 2019 to USD 5.82 Billion by 2027.

This is huge.

Source: verifiedmarketresearch

However, HR managers don´t seem entirely satisfied with the platforms they are using. In a study conducted by Gartner in 2019, as much as 81% of HR leaders said that they were changing their organization’s performance Management System in an effort to increase performance management utility.

The reasons behind it were:

  • increasing customization
  • aligning performance management with employee needs
  • adapting performance management to collaborative work

With this in mind, we tried literally every free software out there in search of the best performance review tool. Keep reading to hear our conclusions!

How to choose performance review software?

People say you need to make it painless when it comes to HR management software. This is true. But there are other things you have to keep in mind.

A good performance review software should be:

  • Simple: Most HR tools take forever to get used to, especially if you are looking for a flexible one. But with an average turnover rate of about 20% you don’t have time to train people over and over again. An intuitive UI can save you tons of time and increase user engagement.
  • Customizable: Each company has specific business processes and HR management systems should be aligned with them. A flexible platform will allow you to tailor your workflows to your company’s needs. Ideally, it will also offer peer review example that you can customize based on your needs.
  • Collaborative: Collaborative agile work is a reality in most companies today – your performance management tool needs to facilitate collaboration and real-time feedback, to begin with.
  • Integrated with your communication systems: If you want people to get on board, you need to be able to reach them through the channels they already use. Integrations with Slack or other communication tools are a great plus.

Of course, there are some other factors to consider, such as pricing (many free tools have hidden costs or are very limited in functionalities), customer support, and what people who have tested the tools actually say in user reviews.

Here is the result of our research.

What is the best free performance review software?

We have tried all the most popular HR tools in the market. From Bamboo HR to Leapsome, to Lattice.

And none seems to beat

Ok, we might be a little bit biased but there is no platform as easy to set up as – it takes just 60 seconds to get started!

Here are the top reasons why you should choose for performance management:

  • Simple setup and great UX – Have you ever tried to set up a people managing tool only to hear that employees find it pointless and impossible to use? installation process is as intuitive as its day-to-day usage – you will never have employees complain about it!
  • Highly customizable – Start from one of our templates and tweak it as you like or just choose the type of workflow you want and design your own. Customizing and automating your HR workflows has never been this easy!
  • Automated collaboration – automated collaborative workflows make your teams more efficient and ensure a permanent conversation about performance and development. Use Effy to automate onboarding, schedule surveys, and much more.
  • Access to integrations – Our seamless integrations with Slack and Telegram allow employees to take surveys or submit employee reviews without leaving their usual messenger – directly through their mobile phones!
Scheduling meetings with

Conclusion: Creating a development culture is not a one-day job. If you want employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on them, seek their leader’s advice, constantly provide constructive feedback, and be highly motivated at work, you definitely need performance management software.

But performance management software is not just a platform to conduct performance reviews once a year.

You need a flexible yet easy-to-use platform that people will be comfortable using and that they will actually find helpful.

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