Best Hair Loss Solutions For Women And Their Relevance

Best Hair Loss Solutions For Women

Hair loss is a common problem these days and there are many factors which contribute to this issue.

Whether he is a man or a woman, anybody can face this problem. It starts with hair thinning in women and leads to hair loss.

Reasons for this issue can range from stress, climatic changes, side-effects of any medication, aging and many others.

But, what is the way to deal with it? Can it be treated safely? There are many questions which crop up in the mind of people when they experience hair loss.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways which can ultimately be counted as women hair loss solutions:

Light Therapy

The light therapy is combined with the treatment called minoxidil in order to offer best results to women suffering from hair thinning or hair loss.

This treatment is solely not sufficient hair loss solution, thus, regular 5% minoxidil treatment complements the therapy. Recovery of hair is guaranteed with this combination identified for women hair loss solution.


Minoxidil is a topical drug which stimulates hair growth and boosts their growth cycle with regular usage.

Hair tend to thicken and patches reduce in a considerable manner with this hair loss solution for women.

Different concentrates with varied mechanism are prepared in this drug which should be used accordingly for best results.

Moreover, if you find improvement with the usage of Minoxidil, then, it should be continued to experience better results in fighting hair loss phenomenally. 


This topical drug for fighting signs of hair loss works on the inflammation of follicles. It in turn strengthens hair and improves the growth of hair.

Ketoconazole is available in the form of shampoo intended at treating hair loss. Nizoral is one popular brand comprising of ketoconazole in low concentration and can be purchased as OTC (Over The Counter) drug.

However, if you are looking for the stronger concentration, then it is advisable to get a doctor’s prescription beforehand. 

Hair Transplant 

When hair treatment does not work, then, doctors or medical experts advise hair transplant.

As a part of this women’s hair loss solution, few portions of the scalp are added on to the scalp area to treat hair loss.

Consequently, hair transplant covers the bald patches to increase the hair growth in the area smoothly.

The clinical anatomy, skin biopsy and other medical procedures are carried out in order to determine whether the patient can opt hair transplant or not. 

Platelet-rich plasma 

This treatment is aimed at infusing platelet-rich plasma in your scalp through injection by the doctor to reduce hair loss.

The affected area is focused during this process so that tissue repair can improve hair growth. Most of all, hair density is also increased through injecting platelet-rich plasma hair loss solutions for women.


If the condition of hair loss reaches the extent of Alopecia Areata, then, corticosteroid injections are used as a women hair loss solution by the doctor.

But, this treatment is relied on only when the hair loss situation heightens. The hairless patch gets stimulated with corticosteroids and hair growth gets improved.

Apart from injection, this topical solution is also available in the form of lotions, creams as well as other concentrations for hair loss reduction.

Hormone Therapy

Most of the women are facing hormonal imbalance issues and other menopause effects which lead to hair loss.

Therefore, in such conditions, doctors recommend hormone therapy to correct the same. Among some treatments, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy are suggested by the doctor as women hair loss solution.

Antiandrogens are prescribed to women so that hair loss can be prevented. Nevertheless, to avoid side-effects of this treatment, it is highly advisable to seek doctor’s consultation to check the suitability of antiandrogens. 

Apart from the above hair loss solutions for women, hair loss shampoos and nutritious diet can also improve hair growth.

Clogged pores of the scalp can be cleared with the hair loss shampoos while a healthy and nutritious diet can lead to a normal hair growth.

Thus, it can be concluded that women hair loss solutions might be multiple, but, knowing the suitability of the chosen option must be clarified rather than direct application.

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Doctor will always check your condition and readily guide you with the proper solution for hair loss.