5 Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India (March 2022) for precise cooking in the kitchen

Kitchen Weighing Scale

Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India – Kitchen Scale Review, Guide

Updated on 27 March 2022: Basically, scale or balance is a device to measure weight. They are known as weight scale, weight balance, mass scale etc.

Traditionally scales consists two plates or bowls placed at equal distance from a fulcrum.

There are two types of scales available in the market. Mechanical & Digital

  • Mechanical scale: It comes with a spring mechanism. When weight is applied, a moving dial shows the measurement.
  • Digital scale: It comes with the use of a special electrical circuit.

Kitchen weighing scales are very useful in preparation of recipes. In many recipes accurate measurement of ingredients are required.

It will be very helpful in maintaining the ratio of ingredients used in different recipes. A perfect kitchen scale allows to measure weight up to one gram to maximum capacity of the scale.

Means, you do not need to guess the weight of different food items. Even with a good kitchen scale, you can easily measure the food portion also.

Therefore, you can accurately determine the calories & nutrients of your food. You can measure in pounds, kilo & grams also. It works with batteries.

It is very small; it will take a little space on your kitchen platform. Moreover, even you can easily place it in the cabinet when not in use.

Following are some of the Kitchen Scales available in the market:

1. MEPL Kitchen Weighing Scale, Food Digital Weight Machine & Electronic Kitchen Scales

This is black MEPL kitchen weighing scale. It is water repellent, electronic digital food weighing machine for home.

You can use this product for any kind of food, dry fruits & baking measurements. The product comes with high precision weight sensors for quick & accurate weight measurement of kitchen ingredients.

One X CR2032 Battery is included with this product. Capacity of this easy to use weighing scale is 11lb/5 kg. It is available with 1g resolution & easy to read LCD display.

The MEPL Kitchen Weighing Scale can efficiently weights in grams, lb, oz, kg & ml just by pressing the ‘UNIT’ button for three seconds. Just hold it for easy selection.

MEPL Kitchen Weighing Scale
MEPL Kitchen Weighing Scale

It is possible to weight a very small amount of food by placing it in a plate or bowl with its tare function. It allows you to reset the display on zero when you are using plate or bowl.

This product is small, sleek & easy to maintain. The product is designed with a high precision strain gauge sensor system. Product size is 207 X 150 X 25 mm.

It is easy to place on work platform & store in kitchen cabinet or drawer when not in use. It is available with a hanging hook to store when not in use.

This multifunction digital scale allows you to cook easily. You can track calorie intake also for weight management.

In short, this is a perfect kitchen companion for those who are watching calorie intake or cooking for healthier servings.

2: Glun Multipurpose Portable Electronic Digital Weight Machine

This is Glun multipurpose portable digital, electronic weight machine. It comes with 10kg capacity & back light. It is available with wide screen display for easy reading. It locks reading automatically when data is stable.

It will switch off automatically when it is not in use. Power saver mode is possible in this product. Power consumption of this scale is very low.

Glun Electronic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

It comes with low battery indicator & tare function for ease of work. Maximum capacity of this scale is 10 kg.

This is a high-precision tension meter sensing system, 1G Measuring Increments. It is power by 1.5V 2 x AA batteries.

This white Kitchen Weighing Scale comes with 3 buttons on the scale. One for ON, another for OFF & last one is for Tare. The product is made from PVC. It is advisable to place this product on the flat surface for perfect measurement.

3: AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display

This is stainless steel kitchen scale from AmazonBasics with LCD display. Capacity of this black scale is 5 kg.

This stainless steel product comes with wide screen LCD display. Minimum capacity of this product is 2 grams & maximum capacity is 5 kg.

You can set display as per requirement in ounces, grams or pounds. It is available with tare button to subtract container weight to zero out the scale so you only measure what you want.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Advanced sensor technology of this product delivers quick & accurate responses. Product dimensions are approximately 8.7×7.1×1.6 inches (L x W x H). It does not contain BPA (biphenyl A).

4: MIDMART Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

This is electronic Kitchen Weighing Scale/Weighting machine from MIDMART. This multipurpose portable machine comes with tare function.

Maximum capacity of this scale is 22lb/10 kg & minimum is 2g/3g. Tare button of this product allows you to subtract the weight of plate or container, making it easy to achieve accurate readouts of ingredients.

It is possible to operate this product with 2xAA alkaline battery & electricity as well. Both batteries & adapter are included with the scale.

MIDMART Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scale
MIDMART Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scale

The product comes with backlit LCD display, green back light, auto power off & tare button. It comes with weighing modes like grams, oz., kg & piece counting.

This Kitchen Weighing Scale is made from durable plastic. It is suitable for industries, shops & home. This beautifully designed product will surely compliment your modern kitchen.

Auto shut off, auto zero tracking & outside calibration is possible in this model. Auto back light is optional.

5: Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine

This is grey Dr Trust (USA) electronic digital kitchen scale/weighing machine. It is famous for precise weight measurement. It can help to serve perfect healthy portioned meal.

It comes with incredibly high precision weight sensors for quick & accurate weight measurements of kitchen ingredients every time.

It is possible to weight small portion inside the bowl or dish with tare function of this model. It allows you to reset the display to zero when a dish or bowl is placed on it. Maximum capacity of this product is 11lb/5kg.

Dr Trust Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scale

It is easy to operate it with 1g resolution and easy to read LCD display. It is available with ON/OFF button & unit button for easy operation.

You can measure grams, oz., lb., kg & ml. with its unit button. The product is small, sleek & easy to maintain. It is designed with ABS finish for strong & sturdy operation.

Product dimensions are 200 X 160 X 14.5 mm. It is small enough to fit in kitchen cabinet or drawer while not in use.

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This product is available with low battery & overweight indicators to prevent wrong measurement. LO will appear while the batteries are low & it will display ERR with overload condition.

This multifunction digital electronic scale makes your cooking easier. It helps in tracking calorie intake for weight loss or weight gain.

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From my point of view, this is a perfect kitchen companion for calorie watchers for healthy serving.