10 Best LED Bulb Brands in India: LED lamps

Best LED Bulb Brands in India

Best LED Bulb Brand in India

Basically LED bulb/lamp is an electric light that produces light by using light-emitting diodes (LED). They are significantly more energy efficient than equivalent incandescent lamps & most fluorescent lamps.

Commercial LED lamps are available with the efficiencies of 200 lumens/watt. Commercial ones have longer life spans in compare to incandescent lamps.

They require an electronic LED driver circuit to operate from main power lines. LED lamps come to full brightness within no time.

These lamps are drop-in replacements for incandescent or fluorescent lamps. LED Bulbs may use multiple LED packages for improved light dispersal, heat dissipation, and overall cost.

Normally, LED stands for light emitting diode. They produce light up to 90% more efficiency in compare to incandescent light bulbs.

An electrical current passes through a microchip, that illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and the result is visible light.

Using LED light is better than incandescent bulb, because LED used less energy. LED used more than 75% less energy in compare to incandescent lighting. In case of low power, the difference is larger.

Best LED Bulb Brand in India

There are many brands selling LED bulbs in the market. Some of the leading brands are bellow.

PHILIPS, SYSKA, wipro, Halonix, Panasonic, Crompton, Havells, Murphy, Generic, Mufasa, eveready, Bajaj, Groeien, CITRA, D’Mak, Errol, Saish Solutions, VRCT, ambert, EcoEarth, VEEKAYLIGHT etc…

1: Philips Wiz Wi-Fi Enabled B22 9-Watt Smart LED Bulb

This is Philips wiz Wi-Fi enabled 9-watt smart LED bulb. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. It comes with 16M colors + shades of white + dimmable + tunable features.

This 9-watts LED bulb can be used indoor. This white bulb can be connected through Wi-Fi. It can be controlled through IFTTT, Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.

You can operate this multi-functional bulb by setting scenes, Rhythms and Schedules, dim the light and switch between millions of colors with the Wiz App.

Philips Wiz Wi-Fi Enabled LED Bulb

It requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection. You can control it from anywhere with Wiz app.

Even you can operate this light remotely even when not at place. It can be also operated by voice control. You may control it by using your voice with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

With Wiz Click you can access two favorite light modes at the flick of your switch and adjust the brightness at power on. It comes with 1-year warranty from the date of invoice.

2: Syska FAB-4001 Fan Shaped Base B22 40-Watt LED Bulb

This is Syska FAB-4001 fan shaped base B22 40-watt LED bulb. It comes in white color. It is energy efficient device for indoor only. This 40-watt device will give cool day light.

It has push button type controller. Bulb base is made of B22D. 2-years warranty is available with this product from the date of invoice.

This low heat device comes with folding mechanism with hinge type. It has wide operating voltage. Working hours of this gadget is more than 15000 hours & CRI is greater than 70. It comes with ingress protection IP20 without mercury.

3: Wipro Garnet Base B22 40-Watt LED Bulb

This is Wipro garnet base B22 40-watt LED bulb. It comes with cool, white day light. This energy efficient device is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.

This 40-watt LED bulb comes with push button controller. Bulb base is made of B22D. Main pack contains one main unit & connecting wire.

This 40-watts bulb has 4000 Lumen & 6500 to 7500K cool day light. It is made from plastic. One-year warranty is provided from the date of invoice. It has LM 80 tested LED technology.

Its 240-degree beam angle provides glare free and wide spread of light. It comes with wide voltage range of 100-300V AC. Its zero mercury content makes the disposal easy.

4: Halonix 9-watt Bluetooth led Speaker Music LED Bulb

This is Halonix 9-watt Bluetooth LED speaker music bulb. It does not require any cable or charging. It provides white & yellow light.

This energy efficient product is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. This 9-watts product comes with white light. It can be connected through Bluetooth.

Bulb shape size is A15. It can be controlled by iPads, Amazon Alexa, IOS & Android. Bulb base is made of B22D. This 9-watts Bluetooth Smart product has base-B22 & input Voltage is AC220~240V with 50Hz.

This led Bluetooth speaker light Music product is a Wireless enabled, Dual color, energy efficient smart LED bulb.

It can be controlled through your smart phone or tablet for playing music. It comes with 1-year warranty from the date of invoice.

It comes with dual light mode 9-w cool day light for relaxing & 0.5W yellow light as a night bulb. Speaker will also work on dim light mode.

This easy to use product does not require any cable or charging. Even you do not need to download any app. Just connect with your phone Bluetooth & it is ready to use.

5: Panasonic 7W LED RGB LED Bulb

This is Panasonic 7-watt RGD bulb. It has multi-color light. It comes with special feature of color changing. It is suitable for both outdoor & indoor use. It has RGB light color.

It can be connected through infrared technology. It can be control through push button. Main package includes a pack of one RGB bulb & one remote with battery. It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This is a remote-controlled and color-changing product. It fits multi-purpose in life. It is very easy to use and adjust color and brightness with its remote.

It comes with 12 colors to choose from & 3 levels of brightness to adjust. It provides setting on various light effects fulfilling different environmental needs and reflecting different moods.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorations including bars, stages, clubs, casinos, restaurants, cafes, birthday parties, banquets, holidays, etc.

6: Crompton B22 LED Lamp

This is Crompton B22 White LED lamp. It comes with 30-watt power. Its energy efficiency is its special feature. It is suitable for outdoor & indoor use. This 30-watt product will give white light.

It can be controlled through push button. It can be operated through corded electric power. Main pack includes LED lamp of 30-watt.

It comes with 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Its power factor is lesser than 0.9 & lumen is 3000lm. Its lumen maintenance factor is greater than 95 percent at 2000 hours.

7: Havells 30W B22 LED Light Bulb

This is Havells 30W B22 LED cool day light bulb. It is energy efficient. This LED product is suitable for indoor & outdoor use. This 30W product gives cool white light.

It can be controlled through push button. Power source of this device is corded electric. It comes with 2-years warranty from the date of invoice.

This modern technology equipped product enable an improved efficiency with low maintenance cost. With long lasting and energy efficient features offered by this product, brand Havells have dedicated themselves to develop a better nation for the society.

This energy saver Florid device saves up to 85 percent energy in comparison with ordinary Incandescent Lamp Long Life.

These lamps are designed to last exceptionally long 25 Years. It is suitable for Home, Corporate Office, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotel, Modern Gym, Spa, Exhibition Area, Educational Lighting, Ceiling down lights, Task Lights etc.

8: Murphy 30W B22 LED Bulb

This is Murphy 30W B22 LED bulb. It will provide warm white light. It has a special feature of energy efficiency. This 30-watt LED bulb is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.

It will provide warm white light. It can be controlled through push button. This modern style product works on electric power source.

It delivers high Brightness & Excellent illumination Instant Light with no delay. It is flicker free & maintenance free for long period. It has good payback period.

9: Mufasa E27 Glass Round Shape LED Light Bulbs

This is Mufasa E27 glass round shape filament Edison style LED light bulb. This 4-watt bulb provides warm white light.

It comes with special feature as it is dimmable. This 4W LED light will provide warm white light. It has E26 bulb base. Light source wattage is 4-watts & voltage is 130 volts.

It works on corded electric version. It comes in round shape. The product can provide premium vintage ambiance. It adds an elegant, historic touch to your house with its antique style Edison bulbs.

It will provide the warm lighting of this classic Thomas Edison light bulbs recaptures the glorious days of antiquity. These meticulously crafted Edison light delivers a classic ambience to any space.

You can turn any light fixture into an instant conversation piece. This is an all-purpose light bulb. It is inspired by the style of Thomas Edison bulbs.

These dimmable clear glass vintage filament bulbs feature an alluring vintage squirrel cage filament design that makes them more versatile than the standard Type A bulb. It can easily fit to standard home lighting sockets.

It fits into either an E26 or E27 screw base which means it fits standard home lighting sockets as well as any pendant light fixtures and wall sconces, commercial string lights, ceiling fan lamps, chandeliers etc. which use an E26 / E27 socket.

Base type of this 40W product is E27 (thread style). Its dia.is 85mm. Main pack includes one bulb.
This Vintage Round Shape Edison lamp is built with an attractive straight filament design! It produces a Warm Amber Glow.

10: Eveready Brightest BX 14-Watt LED Light Bulb:

This is Eveready brightest BX 14-W LED light bulb. This 14W LED lamp will provide cool day light. It is battery powered product. It will provide 1400 Lumen brightness.

Main pack includes 1 main unit with 2 Eveready ultima batteries. This non-returnable product will provide cool day light. It is brightest 1400 limens LED bulb.

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