10 Best Lunch Box for office in India for 2022

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10 Best Lunch Box for office in India for 2022

Basically, a lunch box means a hand held container. It is used to transport food to school, work etc. Normally it is made of metal, plastic, glass etc.

They are reasonably airtight and often have a handle for carrying. Now, lunch boxes are generally made of plastic/metal/glass with foam insulation & an aluminum/vinyl interior.

Means they are much better at retaining their temperature but are less rigid/protective. However, metal lunch boxes are still produced.

Best Lunch Box for office

There are many brands manufacturing different kind of lunch boxes in the market. Some of them are…

MILTON, Cello, Signoraware, Borosil, Home Puff, Femora, House of Quirk, Beclina, Kuber Industries, FunBlast, Generic, VAYA TYFFYN, TREO, oliveware, Wonder, Dravizon, neelam, Magnus, FUTENSILS etc.

1: Milton Flexi Insulated Inner Stainless Steel Lunch Box

This is Milton flexi insulated inner stainless steel lunch box with the set of 4 containers. It comes in brown color. Capacity of all containers are 180 ml, 320 ml, 320 ml, 450 ml. Containers are made of plastic.

They are microwave safe. Inner material of container is made from stainless steel. Main package contains 4 – Pieces Tiffin Box (180 ml, 320 ml, 320 ml, 450 ml) with Carry Bag.

Dimension of the product in cm is (L x W x H): 180 ml – 12.7 x 12.7 x 4; 320 ml – 12.7 x 12.7 x 6.6; 450 ml – 12.7 x 12.7 x 8.3.

It is ideal for use in office/school/college etc. Containers are made from microwave safe material without lid. They are leak proof.

It comes with expandable soft insulated jacket for convenient usage. Containers are totally leak proof and they are microwave safe without lid.

Milton Lunch Box

It comes with a soft expandable insulated outer jacket. Its containers are air-tight, spill-proof and moisture-free. These storage containers keep your food fresh and tasty for long.

The product is travel mess-free as it is designed with separate leak proof food containers to keep dry and wet foods hot in the same container, without mixing them together until you decide to eat.

It is made from food-grade virgin plastic hence hygienic and odorless. It will let you carry multiple items of your choice and prevent them from leakage. Its jacket is designed to make it easy for you to carry anywhere.

2: Cello Seal O Borosilicate Microwavable Glass Lunch Box

This is Cello Seal O Fresh round borosilicate microwavable glass lunch box. It comes in brown color. It is a set of 3 glass containers 350ml each.

Its containers are air tight/liquid tight. It comes in solid pattern. All containers are 100% air tight & 100% leak proof. These are crystal clear glass container lunch pack.

It keeps food fresh & crispy for longer time. Its lock clip is made up of thick plastic & can withhold lakhs of open & close process on it.

You cannot detach it from body easily. Is four side snap lock lid preventing leakage. Its containers are up to 320-degree Celsius heat resistant.

They are made up of toughened glass. It cannot break easily. The containers are microwave safe without lid. They are scratch resistant and non-porous to stains.

All containers are ideal for dry/liquid/semi liquid food. Cover comes with high quality zip performance.Soft fabric woven lunch bag and belt are there for comfortable or pleasant travelling experience.

3: Signoraware Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Lunch Box

This is Signoraware slim high borosilicate bakeware safe glass lunch box. It comes in small size. Capacity of this clear product is 600ml.

As it is made from glass it is clear in color. The product is airtight, dishwasher-safe, freezer safe, microwave safe & vacuum tight.

Capacity of the product is 600 ml. This product is Airtight, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, Microwave Safe, Leak Proof, Spill Proof, BPA Free.

Its cover is made from virgin plastic. This item is made from 100% borosilicate glass. It is heat resistant up to 400-degree Celsius.

It is stackable and air/liquid tight. The product is ideal for use in School, Office, College etc. It is leak-proof & spill-proof. Main package contains one-piece clear glass lunch box of 600 ml capacity.

4: Borosil Feast Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes with Carry Bag

This is Borosil feast stainless steel lunch box with carry bag. It contains a set of 3 containers with the capacity of 400 ml X 1 & 250 ml X 2 containers. It is ideal for office, college, school etc.

Its carry bag comes in grey color & containers are made from stainless steel. It is recommended for hand wash.

Item Dimensions are (L X W X H) 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 Centimeters & weight is 420 grams. Containers are made from high quality stainless steel.

They are made from food grade superior quality stainless steel. It will keep your food fresh. The stainless steel of this product does not leach any chemicals or react with food type.

As the lid is spill proof, there will not any spilled over dal or dirty tiffin base. This insulated tiffin/lunch box is completely spill-proof. Its carry bag is washable. With this product, you can carry your lunch in a smart way.

5: Home Puff Insulated Stainless Steel Office Lunch Box

This is Home Puff double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel heat pro office lunch box for both men & women. This is an easy to carry leak-proof tiffin box with three container & free lunch bag.

Capacity of this rose gold product is 1.7L. It comes with 1-year warranty. Containers are made from good quality stainless steel. It comes with solid pattern.

Product weight is 1520 grams. It is recommended to hand wash this traditional style product. Whether you want to pack delicious, hot soup for lunch or a cold, colorful salad to enjoy later in the day, this convenient double wall vacuum insulated – stainless steel food jar will keep your meals at the right temperature until it’s time to serve.

It is ideal tiffin box for Office. It comes with superior technology to keep your food fresh at optimal temperature. It features a robust, top grade stainless steel interior (304-SS).

It comes with exterior with double walled vacuum insulation for superior temperature regulating and durability over time, lid with silicone lining for heat insulation. It is BPA-free & a perfect thermos tiffin.

As it comes with thoughtfully designed 3 separate leak proof food containers, it keeps dry and wet foods hot in the same container, without mixing them together until you decide to eat.

It fits perfectly into the double wall vacuum insulated jar. So with this product, you can finally forget about nasty food spillages in your bags or backpacks.

It is high on convenience & low on maintenance. Every Homepuff Lunch Box comes with bag, that unzips into a tablemat.

This bag is made up of specially coated material, which repels water and food stains. It is perfect for Office Men, Women and Kids to School.

It protects your hands from heat. With a handy, stay-cool exterior it will not allow the inside temperature to diffuse.

It will keep your hands safe from burning at all times. It also decreases outside condensation in colder temperatures, so you can carry it with ease.

6: Fuleza Electric Lunch Box Electric Tiffin Box for Office

This is Fuleza electric lunch box. This is a multicolor, electric tiffin box for office. It is made from good quality plastic.

It contains wire for heating. Dimension of this modern style product is (L X W X H) 23 X 12 X 12 cm. This is an electric lunchbox with separate vegetable container.

It requires 40-watts power. This portable lunch warmer is convenient to take the meal with you. It contains warm indicator & auto cut off. Spoon is also available with spoon warmer.

7: Femora High Steel Rectangle Storage Container Lunch Box

This is Fermora high steel rectangular storage container lunch box with camel bag. It comes in a set of 3 boxes. It is descripted for kids.

The product is dishwasher safe. Capacity of the item is 350ml. It comes in solid pattern. Item weight is 850 grams.

The product includes compartments of rectangular containers of 550ml (one), 350ml (two) & a camel bag. It is a healthy option to use this product instead of using plastic lunch boxes.

It will keep your family safe by using BPA free & toxic free stainless steel lunch box. It is suitable for use in school, college, office etc.

As it comes with liquid tight lid, it will assure you that your liquid food will not create mess. It includes a double sealing element which ensures that no liquids leak out.

Dimensions (cm) & Capacity (ml/gm) of the product are, I- 6×12.5×17 cm – 550 ml(1Pc), II- 5x11x14.5 cm – 350 ml(2Pc), plus a Camel Bag.

As it is made from stainless steel it is easy to clean in dishwasher. Even it can be cleaned with normal soap & water also.

As the containers are made with high quality stainless steel, it will have sparkling shine after every wash.

The rectangle containers can be stacked one inside the other, making it easy to store. Brand Femora Assures 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty.

8: Beclina Eco-Friendly Lunch Box for Kids and Adults

This is Bexlina eco-friendly lunch box with cup & linen carry bag in beige color. This is environment friendly food container with cutlery set.

It is suitable for both adult & kid. Capacity of this product is 1100 ml. It is suitable for hand wash only.
Main package contains rectangular lunch box, cutlery set, cup & a bag.

Item Dimensions are (L X W X H) 29.5 x 12 x 8.5 Centimeters. This rectangular wheat straw bento lunch box is airtight and leak-proof. It keeps food fresh for hours.

It comes with a cup, wheat straw lunch box, cutlery and carry bag. It is compact & it comes with an easy-to-carry linen pouch bag. It makes it convenient to carry it to school, office, for travel, etc.

The item is made of high-quality material with a tight lid that is safe for food. This highly durable lunch box is made to last for a long time.

It can be used to pack different foods, including soup, coffee, sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, rice, etc. It is made for a complete meal. It is easy to wash, just rinse and clean like any other cookware.

9: Kuber Industries Lunch Box Tiffin for School & Office

This is Kuber Industries floral printed lunchbox/tiffin for school/college/office with inner stainless steel. This two compartment food container comes in red color. Its outer is made from plastic.

It comes with air tight feature. It comes with floral pattern. Item weight is 200 grams. The product is dishwasher safe.

Main package includes one insulated lunchbox with stainless steel inner. Product dimensions are 13cm x123cm x 9cm, Small Container- 12cm x 12cm x 2cm.

It is ideal for school/college/office etc. It is perfect for all carrying lunch while travelling, camping or hiking. Its two side easy to open and close locks to prevent spills.

The product can be perfect solution for your food demand on an outdoor picnic. It is airtight and leak proof.

Its leak proof feature ensures that there is no spillage or leakage of the food item or any liquid from the box even if your kid moves the box in any direction.

10: FunBlast Lunch Box – Stainless Steel Lunch Box for Office

This is FunBlast lunch box. This is stainless steel lunch box/tiffin for kids with spoon & fork. It is suitable for kids, men & women. It comes in blue color. Main package includes one lunchbox with one spoon.

Item Dimensions are (L X W X H) 15 x 21 x 6 Centimeters. This is a stainless steel lunchbox for kids. It will keep the food fresh. You can pack the lunch in the morning, it will stay warm until lunch time.

It has an airtight lid. With this product, get your kids free of worries. It is easy to keep in lunch bags, backpacks or handbag.

It is made of food grade SUS304 + PP material. Size of this stainless-steel tiffin lunch box is 15X21X6 cm. It comes with a beautiful Breathable button design and seal ring design.

It prevents freshness and overflow or leakage. Its inner surface is very smooth. The meal preparation container is also easy to clean.

The built-in water injection feature of this product makes it easy to heat or cool. Simply add hot or cold water into the bottom basin before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Its bottom bowl is made of food grade PP and can also be used to hold fruits or salads.

The product itself does not have a long-term heat preservation effect. It needs to be added with hot water to achieve heat preservation and the heat preservation time is about 1 hour.

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Make sure, lunch box sections are not Segregated. So food can mix. It is advised to pack dry/semi liquid food only.