10 Best Mosquito nets for bed in India (Machhardani)

Best Mosquito net for bed in India

10 Best Mosquito nets for bed in India (Machhardani)

Basically, mosquito net is a net or screen for keeping mosquitos & insects out. Mosquito net is one type of meshed curtain. It is circumferentially draped over a bed/sleeping area.

It offers protection against bites & stings from mosquitos, flies & other pest insects. Means it protects against many diseases to which they carry.

On other word the mosquito net protects from disease like malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, zika virus, Chagas disease and various forms of encephalitis, including the West Nile virus.

It acts as a physical barrier preventing mosquitoes from accessing your sleeping area. These super-fine polyester mesh netting prevents tiny insects from entering.

They are not harmful to people, if used correctly. In some cases, direct skin contact with the insecticide on a still wet net may cause a tingling sensation on the skin. Even it is not harmful for kids.

It must be fine enough to exclude such insects without obscuring visibility or ventilation to unacceptable levels. Research shows that mosquito nets are extremely effective method of malaria prevention during the period 2000 to 2015.

They are made from polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene. Normally, bed nets create a protective barrier around the people sleeping in it.

They keep bugs out best when pretreated with a parathyroid insecticide. It is observed that, many fly screens can obstruct between 50% to 80% of the airflow because of their fine-wire structure.

Best Mosquito nets for bed in India (Machhardani)

There are many brands selling Mosquito Nets in the market. Some of the leading brands are as bellow.

Superminis, DLK, SHAHJI CREATION, ans, Lifekrafts, Younique, Dryon, Story@Home, Amardeep and Co, HEALTHY SLEEPING, Creative Textiles, KONVIO etc.

1: Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed, Machardani

This is Classic mosquito net for king size double bed. This foldable machardani is made from polyester. This is 30GSM strong net with PVC coated corrosion resistant wire.

It comes in purple color. Main pack contains a king size product. It is suitable for 2 adults & 1 child. It comes with a star patch storage bag for adults & babies.

Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed

This superior quality net is made from strong, 50 deniers, 30GSM, tightly woven, see through polyester net.

It is washable & corrosion resistant. It has self-supporting, high strength, PVC coated steel spring frame. It is easy to install, fold down & wash.

This product is highly durable. It comes with long-lasting superior quality zippers & double-stitched lining. That stays like new after washing also.

This product is also available in two more different sizes. It is available in queen size double bed & single bed size.

2: Kuber Industries Mosquito Net for Double Bed

This is Kuber Industries foldable king, queen size double bed mosquito net. This standard product comes in blue color with free saviors. It is made from Nylon.

Main pack contains one main product. This blue net comes in standard size. This is a foldable & self-supporting product.

As it is easily foldable, means it is easy to use & wash also. It comes with a free storage bag to keep it after folding when not in use.

3: MESH Planet Mosquito Net for Window

This is MESH Planet Generic mosquito net for window. It comes with fiber glass mesh of 4/5feet(120/150cm) 48/60Inches. It comes with 1-year guarantee without stitched.

It comes in grey color. It is made from mixed materials. This is a mosquito net for window with Fiber Glass Mesh. It has 1 Year Guarantee without stitched.

It comes in grey color with 200 GSM. It is made from fiber glass, It is available in customized size as per the window size.

Main pack includes one mosquito net without stitched, one adhesive hook sticker, one normal loop & one cutter.

It is available in different colors like black, grey, ivory, white, green, blue & yellow. All of them are available in customized sizes.

4: Shahji Creation Double Bed 7X7feet Mosquito Net

This is Shahji creation double bed ivory mosquito net. This best quality mosquito net comes in 7X7 feet. It is made from other material.

This branded double bed mosquito net comes in ivory color. Actual product color can be different due to lighting on the photography. It is easy to hang. It allows 100% air flow.

5: Good knight Mosquito Net for Double Bed

This is Good Knight mosquito net for double bed. This strong 30GSM net is available in king size. It is High Durability, Foldable, Corrosion Resistant & Lightweight. It comes in blue color.

Main pack includes one good knight mosquito net for king size double bed. It is suitable for adults & babies. It comes in blue color with storage bag.

This superior quality product is made from strong 50 deniers, 30GSM, tightly woven &see through polyester net.

It is corrosion resistant & washable. It comes with self-supporting, high strength steel spring frame. The product is easy to install, fold down & wash.

It is highly durable. It has long lasting superior quality zippers & double-stitched lining which stays like new even post washing.

It comes with extra features like, it has pockets to hold spectacles/ mobile phones with zippers for charging cable.

It has pop-open design for instant set up. It does not require any tying or nails. Just wrap underneath the mattress for complete seal. It is also available in queen size & single bed size. It is available in red & blue color.

6: LifeKrafts Foldable Baby Mosquito Net

This is LifeKrafts foldable baby mosquito net. This is bottomless net for infants. It is safe & easy to use. It ensures baby’s safe sleep.

It is suitable for babies & toddlers. It comes in ocean green color. This wire shaped product is made from polyester.

Highly durable see through mesh fabric used in this product to ensure breath-ability. It provides protection from mosquitoes and other insects.

It is designed to provide maximum space, creating a snug perimeter around the inside of the crib and making a “safe little home” for your baby.

This 100% fine premium honeycomb patterned mosquito mesh blocks even the tiny mosquitoes. It has wide breathable fabric cloth to cover wounds to prevent mosquitoes and bugs.

It comes with wide base support. Steel wire based support is available. It is anti-oxidation & abrasion resistance. It is safe & comes with fast & easy set-up without any tools. It is convenient to use.

7: Gesto Polycotton Machhardani / Mosquito net for Single Bed

This is Gesto polycotton machhardani/mosquito net for single bed. This is white insect protection net.
This mosquito net is also available for king size double bed.

It is made from premium quality material. This 256 mesh material is stronger than competing products. It keeps out mosquitoes, no-see-um, black flies, wasps, bugs and other pesky insects.

It can be hanged as a screen curtains or netting over a bed, crib or hammock. You can this extra fine mesh fabric as a natural protection.

It serves as a natural protection from insects. It is not treated with chemicals. It keeps small bugs out with good air circulation.

8: The 8 Sense Mosquito Net for Double Bed

This is The 8 Sense mosquito net for king size double bed. This is foldable 30GSM mosquito net. It is light weight & corrosion resistant. It is suitable for bed room & camping trips.

It is made from polyester. You do not need to install this product. This pop-up mosquito net is easy to pop-up. It will automatically pop-up & use right away.

This is extra-large pop-up machhcardani. It is big enough for 2-adults to sleep inside. It is suitable for king & queen size beds. It is safe for home & camping.

It is made from finest breathable polyester net cloth. It has dense & small mesh holes. It contains approx. 301 holes/inch. It insolates mosquitoes & protect you from biting.

It will allow you to have cool night & improve the sleep quality. It is compact, folding & portable. It will be convenient in storage & carrying.

It can be packed in 28inch suitcase at the tie of folded. This product has double door with two-way zipper. It has two holders. You can use it for placing mobile, water bottle etc.

9: Creative Textiles Polyester Mosquito Net for Double Bed

This is Creative Textiles portable polyester mosquito net for double bed. It is suitable for home & travel. This light weight & pop-up tent comes in white color.

This product is made from soft polyester. It is suitable for queen size double bed. With this product, you will not have any bug on your body.

It is foldable, portable & light weight. It will be easy to carry this machhardani at camping or traveling.

10: Amazinghind Mosquito net for Single Bed

This is Amazinghind mosquito net. This is a single bed machhardani with one gate. It is made from polyester. It comes in assorted colors.

This is a boat shaped single bed mosquito net. A single adult can sleep in it. It is ideal to be used on floor. This is a foldable product along with a carry bag.

The carry bag is more durable than other carry bags in the market. It is light in weight, means it will be convenient for the user to carry for traveling.

As it is easy to fold, it is more hassle free. It comes with large zipper gates on one side for easy & convenient entry & exit.

This corrosion resistant product is easily washable. It is a self-supporting net; it does not require any nail.

As this is fully closed from the bottom, it will make you completely safe inside. It durable & can be fold/unfold daily without any problem.

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After reading this article, we hope you’ve learned about some of the Best Mosquito nets for bed in India (Machhardani) and have a little better idea of what to look for when choosing one.