10 Best Part Time Business Ideas in India to Start with Low Investment

Part Time Business Ideas in India

10 Best Part Time Business Ideas in India to Start with Low Investment

There are a number of great part time business ideas in India that can be started with little investment and grow into a full-fledged business. Here are some of the best part time business ideas in India.

Are you looking to start a business but don’t have the time or resources to commit full-time? Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to dip your toe in the entrepreneurial waters with low investment. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered!

In this business idea guide, we’ll be sharing 10 of the best part-time business ideas in India that require minimal investment but offer maximum potential for success.

From online tutoring to reselling products, there’s something for everyone on this list. So why wait? Let’s dive in and discover which part-time business idea is perfect for you!

10 Best Part Time Business Ideas in India to Start with Low Investment

Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job and looking for ways to earn some extra income? Or maybe you want to start a business but have limited funds?

Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will share with you the top 10 part-time business ideas in India that require low investment but can yield high profits.

Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent or just looking for a side hustle, these ideas are sure to inspire and motivate you.

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into this exciting world of entrepreneurship!

1. Agricultural Businesses:

India is an agricultural powerhouse, and there are many opportunities for businesses in this sector. From farmland management to agro-tourism, there are a number of ways to get involved in the agriculture industry in India.

The agricultural sector in India is one of the most important sectors of the economy. It is estimated that the sector employs around 54% of the country’s workforce and contributes around 17% to the GDP. The sector is also a major source of foreign exchange for the country.

The government of India has taken several initiatives to promote the growth of the agricultural sector.

These include providing financial assistance to farmers, setting up agricultural research and development institutes, and establishing an agricultural insurance scheme.

The government has also created a special fund to support the development of new technologies in agriculture.

Despite these initiatives, the agricultural sector in India faces several challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the low level of productivity.

agriculture business

This is due to factors such as small landholdings, lack of access to modern technology and inputs, and poor infrastructure. As a result, Indian farmers are not able to compete with their counterparts in developed countries.

Another challenge facing the agricultural sector is climate change. Rising temperatures and changes in precipitation patterns are affecting crop yields in many parts of India. This is likely to lead to increased food prices and decreased incomes for farmers.

The government is working on a number of initiatives to address these challenges. These include developing climate-resilient crops, improving irrigation infrastructure, and providing financial assistance to farmers for adopting new technologies.

2. Tech Startups:

With a rapidly growing economy and a population that is increasingly becoming more technologically savvy, India is an ideal place to launch a tech startup. There are many areas where tech startups can thrive, from e-commerce to healthcare.

There are many reasons why a tech startup may be the best part time business idea for you. For one, tech startups are often very innovative and offer cutting-edge products or services.

This means that you can get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting, which can be extremely rewarding.

Additionally, tech startups tend to have high growth potential, so if your business takes off, you could see some serious profits down the road.

Of course, starting any business comes with risks and challenges, and a tech startup is no different. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is making your product or service stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With so many new startups popping up all the time, it can be tough to get noticed. However, if you have a great product or service and are able to market it effectively, you stands a good chance of success.

If you’re thinking about starting a tech startup, be sure to do your research and put together a solid business plan before taking the plunge.

But if you’re up for the challenge and have a great idea, a tech startup could be the perfect part time business for you.

3. Green Businesses:

With concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability on the rise, green businesses are in high demand. India has a vast amount of untapped renewable energy resources, making it an ideal place to start a green business.

There are many advantages to starting a green business. For one, you’ll be able to save on energy costs by implementing energy-efficient practices. You’ll also be able to appeal to eco-conscious consumers who are looking to support businesses that are making a positive impact on the environment.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some green business ideas to get you thinking:

  • Recycling company: Collect and recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfill sites.
  • Solar panel installation: Help homes and businesses transition to renewable energy sources.
  • Green cleaning service: Use eco-friendly products and practices to clean homes and businesses.
  • Sustainable fashion brand: Create clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials.
  • Organic farm: Grow fruits, vegetables, and other crops without the use of harmful chemicals.

4. Social Enterprises:

There is a growing trend towards social enterprises in India, as people become more aware of the need to give back to society. These businesses focus on solving social problems, such as poverty or illiteracy, and can be very successful if executed properly.

There are many social enterprises in India that are making a positive impact on society. Here are some of the best part time business ideas in India that you can start:

Start a recycling business: There is a huge demand for recycled products in India. You can start a recycling business where you collect waste from households and businesses and recycle it into new products.

Start a composting business: Composting is an excellent way to reduce waste and help the environment. You can start a composting business where you collect food waste from households and businesses and turn it into nutrient-rich compost for farmers.

Start an e-waste recycling business: With the increasing use of electronic devices, there is a growing demand for e-waste recycling businesses. You can collect e-waste from households and businesses and recycle it into new products.

Start a solar energy company: Solar energy is a renewable resource that is getting increasingly popular in India. You can start a solar energy company that provides solar panels to households and businesses.

Start an electric vehicle charging station: With the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads, there is a need for more electric vehicle charging stations. You can start an electric vehicle charging station where people can charge their cars while they are on the go.

5. Education Businesses:

The education sector is booming in India, as parents aspire to give their children the best possible start in life. 

There are many opportunities for businesses in this space, from setting up schools to providing educational services or products.

Education is a lucrative industry in India. The country has the second largest population of students in the world, with over 260 million people enrolled in schools and colleges.

This number is expected to grow to 320 million by 2030. The education sector is worth $91 billion and is projected to reach $1.96 trillion by 2025.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the education sector. Here are some ideas for businesses that cater to the education market:

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or replace your full-time job, there are plenty of opportunities in India’s education sector.

With a growing economy and an expanding middle class, the demand for quality education is higher than ever before. Here are some of the best part-time business ideas in India for those in the education sector:

English Tutoring

With English becoming increasingly important in the global economy, there is a growing demand for English tutors in India.

If you have native-level fluency in English and a passion for teaching, this could be the perfect business idea for you.

You can start by offering private tutoring services to students in your local community. Once you’ve built up a good client base, you can expand your business by offering online tutoring services or setting up group classes.

Test Preparation

Students in India face increasing pressure to perform well on exams such as the IIT JEE and the NEET.

If you have expertise in a particular subject area, you can start a business helping students prepare for these exams. 

You can offer private tuition or group classes, and you can also develop online courses or e-books to reach a wider audience.

Educational Consulting

With more and more parents wanting to ensure their children get into the best schools possible, educational consulting is a rapidly growing industry in India.

Online tutoring: 

With the rise of online learning, there is a growing demand for online tutors. You can start an online tutoring business catering to students of all ages and from all over the world.

Educational app development: 

Develop educational apps for children or adults. There is a huge market for such apps, as more and more people are using mobile devices to access information and learn new things.

Development of educational content: 

Create engaging and informative content for websites, books, magazines, or even TV shows related to education. This could include articles, blog posts, infographics, video tutorials, etc.

Starting an educational institute: 

If you have the necessary experience and qualifications, you can start your own school, college, or training institute offering courses in various fields such as management, technology, design, etc.

6. Tourism Businesses:

India is a pinnacle of culture and beauty, making it an ideal spot for tourists from all over the world. 

Businesses in this sector can thrive if they are able to provide unique experiences for visitors or services that make their stay more enjoyable.

There are numerous business opportunities in the tourism industry in India. Not only is the sector one of the fastest growing industries in the country, but it is also one of the most lucrative. With the right planning and execution, a tourism business can be highly profitable.

Some of the best part time business ideas in India for those looking to start a tourism-related venture include:

Starting a tour company: This is a great option for individuals with a passion for travel and good organizational skills. 

A tour company can offer a variety of services such as sightseeing tours, adventure tours, cultural tours, etc.

Becoming a travel agent: This is another good option for individuals who are passionate about travel and have good people skills.

As a travel agent, you will be responsible for helping clients plan their trips, make reservations, and provide other assistance as needed.

Setting up a bed and breakfast: If you have extra space in your home and enjoy hosting guests, then this could be the perfect business idea for you.

Bed and breakfasts are becoming increasingly popular with travelers who are looking for an intimate and unique experience.

4. Renting out vacation properties: Do you own a vacation property that you don’t use all year round? Why not rent it out to travelers?

This can be a great way to earn some additional income while providing visitors with a comfortable place to stay during their trip.

7. Food-Related Businesses:

India has a vibrant culinary scene, and there is no shortage of business opportunities related to food. 

From traditional restaurants to food delivery services, there are a variety of ways to get involved in this sector.

Starting a food-related business is a great way to earn extra income in India. There are many different types of food-related businesses that you can start, from catering to food delivery. Here are some of the best part time business ideas in India for food lovers:

Start a home-based catering business: If you love cooking and entertaining, then starting a catering business from home could be the perfect side hustle for you.

You can start by offering your services to family and friends, and then expand your clientele by marketing your business online or through word-of-mouth.

Launch a food delivery service: With the growing popularity of food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, starting a food delivery service is another great way to earn money from your passion for food.

You can either work with existing delivery apps or set up your own delivery service by partnering with local restaurants.

Create your own line of gourmet products: If you have a knack for creating delicious, gourmet foods, then why not turn your talent into a business?

You can start by selling your products at local farmers markets or online through platforms like Etsy. As your business grows, you can even open up your own brick-and-mortar store or specialty food truck.

Start a home baking business: Are you an avid baker? Then starting a home baking business could be the perfect way to make money from your passion.

8. Healthcare Businesses:

With a population of over 1 billion people, India needs more healthcare solutions than ever before. 

There are many untapped opportunities in the healthcare sector, from setting up clinics to providing medical equipment or supplies.

Healthcare businesses are some of the best part time business ideas in India. They offer a great way to earn income without having to put in long hours or make a large investment.

There are many different types of healthcare businesses you can start, from providing home health services to setting up a small clinic.

You can also start a business that provides products or services that help people stay healthy, such as a fitness center or a health food store.

No matter what type of healthcare business you decide to start, you’ll need to be sure to have the proper licenses and insurance in place.

You’ll also need to create a business plan and marketing strategy. But if you’re ready to put in the work, starting a healthcare business can be a great way to earn extra income.

9. Manufacturing Businesses:

As India’s economy continues to grow, so does its need for manufacturing businesses. 

Whether it’s producing goods or offering services related to manufacturing, there is plenty of room for growth in this sector.

There are many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that form the backbone of the Indian manufacturing sector.

These businesses provide employment to millions of people and produce a wide range of products for both the domestic and international markets.

The Indian government has been supportive of the development of the manufacturing sector and has put in place various initiatives to promote its growth. The Make in India campaign is one such initiative that aims to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

There are many small manufacturing businesses that can be started in India with a small investment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Food and beverage manufacturing: With the increasing demand for healthy and organic food, there is a great opportunity for starting a food or beverage manufacturing business in India. You can start by manufacturing healthy snacks, drinks, or even baby food.

Cosmetics manufacturing: The cosmetics industry is growing at a rapid pace in India, making it a great opportunity to start a small manufacturing business in this space. You can manufacture natural and herbal cosmetics or even start your own line of makeup products.

Clothing and textile manufacturing: India is home to a large number of clothing and textile manufacturers.

If you have an interest in fashion, you can start your own clothing or textile manufacturing business. You can manufacture traditional Indian wear or even start your own line of eco-friendly clothing made from sustainable materials.

Furniture Manufacturing: There is a growing demand for well-crafted furniture in India. If you have an interest in woodworking or carpentry, you can start your own furniture manufacturing business. You can make everything from beds and tables to cabinets and chairs.

Jewelry Manufacturing: India is also home to a large number of jewelry manufacturers. If you have an interest in design and craftsmanship, you can start your own jewelry making business. 

Food Processing: India is a food-rich country with a large agricultural production. There is a huge demand for processed food items, both in the domestic and international markets. Setting up a food processing unit can be a profitable business venture.

Textile Manufacturing: India is one of the leading producers of textiles in the world. The textile industry provides employment to millions of people and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. starting your own textile business can be a viable option.

Automobile Components: With the growing automotive industry in India, there is a large demand for automobile components. Setting up an automobile component manufacturing unit can be a profitable business venture.

Pharmaceuticals: India is home to a large number of pharmaceutical companies that cater to the domestic and international markets. 

10. Online Businesses:

There are a number of online businesses that you can start in India. These businesses can be started with a small investment and can be operated from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best online businesses that you can start in India:

The internet has revolutionized the way we do business, and online businesses are becoming increasingly popular in India as well.

Whether its e-commerce stores or providing digital services, there is ample opportunity in this sector.

  • Online tutoring: You can start an online tutoring business by setting up a website or blog and offering your services to students who need extra help with their studies.
  • Online consulting: If you have expertise in a particular field, you can start an online consulting business and offer your services to clients from all over the world.
  • Online selling: You can sell products or services online through an e-commerce website or blog. This is one of the most popular online businesses in India.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can promote and sell products or services of other companies on your website or blog and earn commission on every sale that you make.
  • Freelance writing: You can offer your writing services to clients from all over the world and get paid for each article or project that you complete.
  • Be an affiliate marketer – Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where you earn commission for promoting someone else’s products or services on your website or blog.

What are the Chances of Success with These Business Ideas?

There is no one answer to this question. Every business idea is different, and so are the chances of success.

However, there are some general things that you can keep in mind when considering the feasibility of a business idea.

First, make sure that the business idea is feasible in terms of your resources and abilities. If you don’t have the necessary skills or resources to get the business off the ground, it’s likely that it will fail.

Second, consider the demand for your product or service. Is there a market for what you’re selling? If not, it’s unlikely that your business will be successful.

Third, think about your competition. If there are already established businesses offering similar products or services, it will be difficult to compete.

Finally, create a realistic business plan and budget. This will help you to determine whether or not your business idea has a chance of being successful.

How to Get Started with These Business Ideas?

If you’re looking for unique business ideas in India, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want to start an online business or a brick-and-mortar shop, there’s bound to be an opportunity that suits your interests and skills.

To get started with these business ideas, it’s important to do your research and develop a business plan.

Once you have a solid plan in place, you can start working on building your brand and marketing your products or services.

With a little effort and dedication, you can turn any of these unique business ideas into a successful venture.


Starting a part time business can be a great way to make some extra money and find financial freedom. We hope this list of the 10 best part time business ideas in India with low investment has given you some inspiration for your next venture.

With just a bit of effort, research and dedication, any one of these businesses could potentially become an excellent source of income.

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or the next step towards achieving your financial goals, these 10 best part time business ideas in India could be just what you need to get started on the right path.

If this article has inspired some entrepreneurship within you but you aren’t sure where to begin, take advantage of our free resources available online and begin your journey today!

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