10 Best Pens in India for Better Writing Experience

Best Pens in India

10 Best Pens in India for Student, for Exam, & Writing

Basically, pen is a writing instrument that applies ink to a surface. Usually it works on paper for writing or drawing.

Earlier pens like reed pens, quill pens, dip pens & ruling pens held small amount of ink on the nib. Or it had small void/cavity for ink.

Now they are available for a specialized use like illustration & calligraphy. Ruling pens were used for cartography & technical drawings.

Now they are replaced by Rapid graph. Now, modern pens contain internal ink reservoirs. They do not need to be dipped in ink at the time of writing.

Best Pens in India for Better Writing Experience

There are different types of pens available in the market.

  1.  Ball Point Pen
  2. Gel Pen
  3. Rollerball Pen
  4. Fountain Pen
  5. Felt-tip Pen
  6. Brush Pen
  7. Stylus Pen etc.

There are many sellers selling pens in the market. Some of the leading brands are as bellow.

Cello, Parker, Reynolds, Pentonic, Pilot, Classmate, Linc, Uniball, Luxor, Cross, HAYMAN, Generic, Staedtler, Hauser, Waterman, Faber-Castell, Pentel etc.

1: Cello Signature Carbon Ball Pen for Smooth Writing, Gift

This is Cello signature carbon ball pen. It is a pack of single blue ball pen. This is a premium/best ball pen for smooth writing. It is a great gift idea.

It comes in black color with blue ink color. It is made from metal with fine point. This product is meant for an ultra-smooth writing experience.

It is a stylist companion with classy all-black look & matte finish. It has a twist mechanism that works with a single twist to enable easy use. It is a perfect gift for working professionals & others.
It features 0.7 mm fine tip for fine writing.

2: Parker Vector Standard Calligraphy CT Fountain Pen

This is Parker Vector standard calligraphy CT fountain pen. It comes in blue color. It is available with blue ink. Outer material of this product is made from ABS plastic.

Its point is specially made for calligraphy writing. It comes with glossy finish. Its body material is made from good quality ABS plastic & stainless steel.

3: Classmate Octane Gel Pen, Black

This is Classmate octane gel pen. It comes in black color. This is a pack of 20 pens. Outer body of this product comes in black color.

It contains black ink inside. This is a fine point pen. It comes with stylist sculpted design. It contains Japanese waterproof black ink.

4: Uniball UNJSP217BL Jetstream Roller Ball Pen

This is Uniball UNJSP217BL Jetstream Roller Ball Pen. It is a pack of single blue pen. Outer body of this product is blue & it contains blue ink.

It is made from good quality plastic. It has fine point for better writing experience. It contains stainless steel tip, 0.7 mm tungsten carbide ball, plastic and elastic rubber barrel.

It is mostly used for addicting smoothness, crisp dense lines & extremely quick drying. Body color of this product is blue. Country origin of this product is Japan.

5: Luxor 1236 CD/DVD/OHP Marker

This is Luxor 1236 CD/DVD/OHP marker pen. It comes in black color. His is a box of 10 pieces. It contains black ink inside. It comes with fine point.

Outer body color of this item is also black. Item weight is 8 grams. It is ideal for home, school, offices & business use. It is a perfect gifting solution for students. Country origin of this product is India.

6: Faber Castell Pitt Artist Color Pen Brush Set

This is Faber Castell Pitt Artist Color Pen brush set. This is a set of 24 pens. It contains different 24 colored pens for perfect painting experience.

As this is a full box with 24 pens it contains multicolor inked pens. It had fine point for accurate painting.

It comes with long life. It is convenient to use. It contains Indian ink, that is extremely fade-resistant & water proof.

7: HP MPP 1.51 Stylus Pen

This is HP MPP 1.51 stylus pen. It is compatible for HP Spectre x 360 13, Spectre x360 15 Convertible PC/ Laptop with Microsoft Pen Protocol.

It comes with 2 customizable buttons. It is compatible with desktop & laptop. Product dimensions are (L X W X H) 14 X 1 X 14cms.

The device requires batteries; batteries are not included in the main packing. With this device, you can get your finest points across.

You can jot, sign, doodle or draw on this Microsoft compatible pen that is accurate and has a natural, true-to-life feel.

You can customize your pen controls with 2 personalized buttons via the HP Pen Control application. You will experience pen-point accuracy with only 9g of pressure, means you can edit, draw, write, doodle, and more.

This pen is compatible with HP Spectre x360 13 and Spectre x360 15 Convertible Laptops.
Draw, jot, or sign with this Microsoft compatible pen that works seamlessly with your HP laptop.

You can edit, draw, write and doodle with a true-to-life feel pen that has a precision tip and pen-point accuracy.

It comes with up to 18 months of battery life, work the way you want. Actual battery life may vary with use and environmental conditions, it may naturally decrease with time and usage.

8: Parker Classic Anti Microbial Stainless Steel Ball Pen

This is Parker classic anti-microbial stainless steel ball pen. It is CION coated pen. It comes with blue ink. This device is made from stainless steel. It comes with micro point.

It comes with special antibacterial copper ION plating that removes 99.99% bacteria and prevents bacteria from staying on Pen’s surface.

It comes with streamlined style with Iconic arrow clip for a fresh take on the Parker Classic design. It features a push mechanism closer and closes with a satisfying click.

It will match your style and gives you a smooth writing experience, you can write wherever and however you want. This product comes with 2-years warranty against manufacturing defect.

9: JETTER PRESTIGE Lightweight Ball Pen

This is Raynolds Jetter prestige BP 1 CT Box blue light weight ball pen. It comes with comfortable grip for extra smooth writing. It can be used at school, collage, offices etc. This is a blue ballpoint pen with blue ink. It is made from plastic.

It is recommended for pressure free writing. They are designed to give a perfect grip that enables pressure-free writing.

It is perfect for long writing. As it is light weight, you can write for hours with it. It comes with laser tip to enable fine writing.

It is smooth & smudge free. It has high quality ink which ensures smudge-free and smooth writing at the same time. It lasts twice as long compared to other ball point pens.

10: Staedtler Textsurfer Classic 364 WP8 Highlighter Pen

This is Staedtler textsufer classic 364 WP8 highlighter pen. It is a multicolor pack of 8 pens. It is a multi-pack of 8 pens with 8-different colored ink. It has chisel point.

It comes with lightfast pigment ink. It is suitable for paper, fax & copies. The product is inkjet safe, it will not smudge. It comes with fast drying quality.

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It can be washes out of most textiles. With this pen you can highlight from 1mm to 5mm. It comes with twist cap. The product is made in Germany.