10 Best Power Banks in India with Fast Charging

Best Power Bank in India

10 Best Power Banks in India with Fast Charging

Basically, power bank is a portable charger. It has been designed to recharge the electronic devices. It can be small enough to fit in your pocket or they can be larger with a higher capacity.

They are used to charge mobiles, laptops, tablets, speakers etc.It can be defined as a battery charger or recharger. It stores energy in a battery by running an electric current through it.

The charging protocol of a power bank depends on the size & types of the battery to be charge. Simple power banks must be manually disconnected at the end of the charge cycle.

Other battery types use a timer to cut off when charging should be complete. They cannot withstand over-charging, becoming damaged, over heating or even exploding.

The power bank may have temperature or voltage sensing circuits and a microprocessor controller to safely adjust the charging current and voltage, determine the state of charge, and cut off at the end of charge.

A power/ battery bank is a portable device that can supply energy and power from its built-in battery, typically through a USB port.

They have various sizes and typically contain 18650 battery cells. The smallest power bank comes with a single cell.

They usually recharge with a USB power supply. Now, power banks use USB-C and may feature an additional USB-B micro port for backwards compatibility.

It includes a control circuit that both regulates charging of the battery and converts the battery voltage to 5.0 volts for the USB port. It may be able to detect a connection and power on automatically.

Best Power Bank in India with Fast Charging

There are many brand selling power banks in the market. Some of the leading brands are…SYSKA, URBN, PHILIPS, Anker, ZEBRONICS, Belkin, Gionee, Generic, Vaku Luxos, ROMOSS, Powerup stay charged, Candytech, Bluei, Toreto, Biaba Collection, khanka, Electronic Spices, 3nh, BRUMAL, V-Walk, Fronix, INVENTO, Ambrane, CROMA, Realme, Redmi, Mi, URBN, Anker, UGREEN, Smartcell etc.

1: Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank with 20W Fast Charging

This is Ambrane 20000mAh power bank with 20W fast charging. It has triple output. It has power delivery with type C input. The product is proudly made in India.

It comes with multi-layer protection with Li-polymer & type C cable. It comes in blue color. This blue power bank is compatible with IPhone.

It can be connected through USB. Battery capacity of this device is 20000. Its massive 20000mAh Lithium Polymer capacity allows you to charge your devices multiple times.

It can charge iPhone 12 for 4.6 times, Samsung M11 for 2.6 times & iPad for 1.4 times. It comes with 20W fast charging output.

It has powerful 20 Watts PD and QC output for exhilarating charging speed. That will be a great favor in case of an emergency.

For instance, it can bring your new android or iPhone device back to 50% in as quickly as 30 minutes. It can charge iPhone 8 up to 50% in 30 minutes or Redmi Note 9 up to 30% in 30 minutes.

Even it has 20W fast charging input. The device itself can charged in 7 to 8 hours as it comes with power delivery Technology that supports 20W fast charging input via Type C port.

It can charge 3-devices at the same time. With its 2 USB C port for output it is possible to charge 3-devices at a time.

2: CROMA Power Bank with 10 Watt Fast Charging

This is CROMA 10000mAh lithium polymer power bank. It comes with fast charging. It comes in black color. It can be connected through USB & micro USB. Battery capacity of this device is 10000 milliamp hours.

Amperage is 2.1 Amps. This is a 10000mAh power bank with lithium polymer battery. It has fast charge dual USB outlet to charge two devices at the same time. It has fast charging capacity with 2.1 Amp current output.

CROMA 10000 mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank

It has dual fast charging outputs. It comes with Type-C & micro- USB ports., durable anti-scratch aluminum casing & elegant rounded curves.

The product is proudly made in India. Main box includes one main unit, manual & micro USB charging cable.

3: Mi Power Bank with 18W Fast PD Charging

This is Mi power bank 3i 20000mAh. It has 18W fast PD charging. It comes with triple output & type C & micro USB input. It comes in sandstone black color.

It can be connected through USB & micro USB. It comes with 20000mAh lithium polymer battery. It comes with 18W fast charging & triple port output.

It takes 6 to 9 hours in charging. It gives power delivery. This device is available with 12-layer chip protection. It has smart power management. The device has 6-months domestic warranty.

4: URBN lithium Power Bank with 12 Watt Fast Charging

This is URBAN 10000mAh lithium power bank. It comes with 12W fast charging. It comes in camo color. It can be connected through USB & micro USB with 5 volts.

The product is proudly made in India. The gadget can charge a 3000mAh phone battery up to 2.4 times & It can also charge a 4000mAh phone battery up to 1.8 times.

It comes with dual USB output 2.4 Amp 5v fast charge. It has ultra-compact body along with smooth touch finish. It will give a premium look to this device. 

Weight of this device is only 181g. The main pack contains main unit with one Type-C USB cable, manual & warranty card.

Charger is not included in the pack. It has micro USB input. It takes 5 to 6 hours to charge. The gadget comes with 6-months replacement warranty.

5: Redmi 20000mAh Power Bank with18W Fast Charging

This is Redmi 20000mAh Li-polymer power bank. It comes in white color. It comes with USB Type C & micro USB ports. It has 18W fast charging. It is compatible with iPhone.

It has USB & micro USB connector. Battery capacity of this device is 20000mAh. It has high-density advanced Li-polymer batteries that makes it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency.

It can charge Redmi K20 Pro for 3.5 times, iPhone XS for 4.7 times & Redmi Note 7 for 3.5 times.
It will give you 18W fast charging.

The device supports 5.1V/2.4A, 9V/ 2A MAX and 12V/1.5A MAX charging outputs. It ensures efficient & quick charging for the gadget.

It comes with classic dual port for Type C USB & micro USB. With this smart charging the power bank intelligently adjusts power output up to 18W to deliver fast and efficient charging for each connected device.

It is crafted with quality material. It comes in classic white & black color. Its anti-slip edge texture offers a great hand feel and prevents pesky falls and drops.

It comes with 12-layers circuit protection. It has advanced level of chipset protection. It ensures protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge & discharge etc.

Its two-way quick charge ensures faster charging for the device & connected devices. It takes approx. 6 to 7 hours for charging with 18W charger & standard USB cable & approx.

10 hours with 10W charger & standard USB cable. It charges not only mobile but tablets, BT speakers, earphones, headsets, fitness bands etc.

The product is proudly made in India. It is fully manufactured in India & pass through stringent quality tests and checks.

It is designed as per Indian usage. It is made for carry it on-the go. It has minimum weight for easy portability.

6: Syska P055OX 5000 mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank

This is Syska P055OX 5000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank. This blue device comes with dual input & dual output. It can be connected through USB & micro USB.

Battery capacity of this 5W device is 5000mAh. This gadget has prolonged battery life, Intelligent Multipurpose Circuits, Advanced Current Shunt, Overcharging and Discharging Protection.

And it is Multi-Compactible. This pocket sized device comes with dual input & dual output. It has Type C Input of DC 5V (2.1A) & Micro USB Input of DC 5V (2.1V).

The main pack included one main unit, one USB charging cable, manual & warranty card. Make sure that charger is not included. It has 6-months manufacturer warranty. Total output of this device is part 1 + part 2 is 2 DC with 5V DC.

7: Belkin Pocket Power 10,000 mah Power Bank Charges

This is Belkin pocket power 10000mAh power bank. It charges 3-devices simultaneously up to 15W. It is suitable for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel 4 apple watch, apple air pods etc.

It has 2 USB & 1 USB C ports. It comes in black color. It is compatible with pixel & iPhone. Battery capacity of this model is 10000mAh.

Brand Belkin is an established accessories market leader creating high quality, innovative tech solutions for over 35 years.

Make sure to charge at up to 15W when using all 3 ports, adding up to an additional 40 hours of battery life for your smartphone.

Two USB-A ports and one USB-C port of this device keeps all your devices charged. It provides up to 15W of power for your smartphone and two other devices. An LED light indicates when power bank needs recharging.

8: Anker 15600 mAh Lithium Ion Power Bank

This is Anker 15600mAh lithium Ion power bank/power core. This fast charging device comes in black color. It is compatible with Samsung SCH A790. It can be connected with USB.

By purchasing this 5W device, you can join the 10 million+ powered by the leading technology. This high capacity device charges the iPhone 6 for 5 times, Galaxy S6 for 4-times or the iPad air almost one and a half times.

It comes with the fast-charging technology. PowerIQ and voltage boost of this device combine to deliver the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 4.8 amps overall, input – 5V/2A. 18-months warranty is provided by the manufacturers.

9: UGREEN Mini Power Bank

This is UGREEN mini power bank. This is 10000mAh portable PD USB-C & USB-A fast charger battery pack. It comes in blue color.

It is compatible with A70, Huawei P40, Google Pixel, note 7, S10, P30, Samsung S20, Note 9, iPhone, Moto, Xiaomi etc. This is 12volts device can be connected with USB.

Thanks to PD 3.0 technology, this USB C Power Bank will charge your PD devices up to 2.5X than conventional portable chargers.

For example, iPhone 11 can be charged from 0% to 50% in 0.5hr. In addition, it can be fully recharged in 3.3hrs with a 18w charger adapter.

It comes with multiple quick charger choice. It provides up to 4x faster charging speed for your devices via the USB A port.

When charging 2 devices simultaneously, the total output is 15w. It has 10000mAh mini external battery.

That provides enough power to keep you going for daily use, for example, this power bank provides 2.4 times charge for iPhone 11.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to grab and go even in your pocket. It comes with universal compatibility.

It is compatible with iPhone SE 2020/11/11 Pro/X/XR/XS/8/7, iPad Pro, Samsung S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/Note 9/Note 8/A80/A70, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9/Redmi Note 8/Redmi Note 7/Mi 10, Google Pixel 4/3A, HUAWEI P40/P30, Moto G8/G7/G6 etc.

Built-in intelligent chip-set and multi-protection system of this gadget makes it ultra-safe. This gadget provides a safe charging experience for your devices and you.

10: Smartcell PB-1021 Power Bank 10000mAH Fast Charger

This is Smartcell PB-1021 power bank with 10000mAh. It will allow original fast charging through Type C port + micro USB. It comes in white color.

It is compatible with all mobiles, smart phones, tablets, music players etc. It is specially recommended for smart phones. It can be connected through micro USB & Type C.

It can be widely used in major applications like Smart Phone, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Music Players, etc.

This device is tested & qualifies accordingly as per Indian Requirements IS-16046 and also BIS approved & licensed.

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This gadget is 100% safe & can support for wide operating temperature range of Indian Conditions. Following are some special features of this device.

  • Capacity: 10,000mAH
  • Input: 5V, 2A (Max)
  • Output: 5V, 2.1A (Max)
  • In Port: Micro USB -1 & Type C – 1;
  • Out Port: USB A -1
  • Cell Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year from the Manufacturing date
  • Color of the actual product may vary.