Best Practices to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Bakery Systems


Bakery equipment are one of the most versatile equipment in the food processing industry & biscuit production lines that enables the production of a variety of delectable snacks and treats.

They facilitate the easy production of biscuits, cookies and crackers with high efficiency & performance.

Their smooth functioning is pivotal to baking consistent quality across batches that adhere to the highest of standards.

It’s also equally true that they are one of the most neglected systems when it comes to maintenance & servicing.

To get you sorted, here are some top tips that will ensure your production lines & systems run as efficiently as ever and stay in tip-top condition through the years.

Select the right machine for your production

First things first, with the right machine, one can almost bake the perfect product in the literal sense too.

Often, when selecting production lines & bakery equipment due diligence is not done, and compromises are done when it comes to quality often at the cost of pricing.

This makes machines perform well initially, but gradually, in the long run, the flaws come out & machines break down.

Having quality biscuit production lines is not a luxury, but a necessity if one needs systems that are long-lasting and reliable. 

Emphasize on the hygiene of your systems

Good hygiene and standard safety practices are key to keeping both your customers and employees safe & secure.

Good hygiene not only entails keeping the equipment and systems clean but also concerns the design, shape, materials used and ease of access of these equipment.

For example, machines with materials like stainless steel are less resistant to corrosion, tough and long-lasting.

Equipment that comes with removable coverings, especially for the flour or dough section are vital in preventing diseases such as baker’s asthma. 

Also, fewer malfunctions or room for error is there when it comes to machines that are designed to deliver enhanced ease of access for cleaning and maintenance. A well-engineered machine takes into account all these parameters and focuses on hygiene.

Have routine maintenance & servicing 

A well-maintained production line pays rich dividends in the long run. It hugely benefits from timely servicing, routine mock drills and proper audits & inspections.

It prevents the companies from experiencing any sudden shock due to a mechanical failure that could have a significant impact on production output.

Normal wear and tear would still be there, but any major untoward event could be at maximum avoided if proper checks and balances are in place.

For a good maintenance, daily and intermittent cleaning of bakery products equipment between production cycles is essential, visual inspections and daily safety reports also play a major role. Having a standard manual of practice for machine maintenance & safety would be a nice addition.

Ensure proper demonstration by experts

An advanced machine loaded with features also has the risk of being too complex for the staff to understand and implement.

As such proper demonstration of functions, new features, and capabilities by manufacturing brand experts is essential for ensuring bakery product equipment are in good working order.

A manual, video illustration or a set of rules containing the dos and don’ts of each system would perfectly suit the needs.

A machine that has a functioning that is understood well by the ground staff would pay significantly more rewards than the latest equipment with complex operations.

Training of personnel on matters of emergency, abrupt stopovers or any calamity would help prevent any major damage to both the machines and the workforce in case of any mishap.

Check for a proper operating environment

Human beings have the unique capability to adapt to a diverse range of climatic conditions, unfortunately, machines don’t have that privilege.

Biscuit, cookie & cracker systems that are operating in areas that have extremes of environment or climatic factors, need to pay more caution to the daily working of bakery equipment. 

It is often the case when the output or yield is low, the system is slow in processing or frequent bad batches are occurring, that operating conditions might be the real culprit.

In such situations, it is important to have timely expert assistance from the brand to prevent further damage.

They might suggest a workaround or schedule a visit of experts to tweak the system to perform as per prevailing conditions or environment.

In a nutshell:

Baking the perfect product is an art that has a host of factors running in the background. For smooth performing bakery equipment it is imperative to prepare a checklist basis point mentioned above and work on implementing it.

A well-maintained biscuit, cookie & cracker production line and bakery systems go a long way in ensuring consistent and efficient output & higher return on investment.

As such, looking for a player that has proven expertise in designing systems that have enhanced ease of access, class-leading features and dedicated expert assistance becomes all the more important.

Our recommendation would be, to go for New Era machines, India’s largest manufacturer of biscuit, cookie & cracker production lines.

With a specialization spanning six decades, ready spare part support & turnkey solutions, their production lines live up to the expectations of being user-friendly and of high quality.

They are showcasing their versatile offerings at Interpack, 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Do book an appointment with them to find a solution that caters to your needs.

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