Best SEO Plagiarism Checking Tools for Content Writing Start-ups

Plagiarism Checking Tools

Best SEO Plagiarism Checking Tools for Content Writing Start-ups

Plagiarism checking is one of the most important tasks when it comes to content writing. That’s because there is a fair chance that a writer can duplicate some content from other sources unknowingly.

When 4.4 million blogs are published every day, it does not seem too far-fetched to think that what you wrote is very similar to someone else’s writing.

However, plagiarism in any capacity is not really tolerated by the world in general. Search engines lower the ranks of pages that have duplicate content, which is obviously bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, any content writer has to make sure that there is not even an ounce of plagiarism in their work.

Now, we all know that the best tools for the job always cost money, and that may be a bit difficult for startups to afford. However, in this article, you will find three free tools that allow you to check for plagiarism effectively.

3 Best Plagiarism Checkers for beginners and experts

The tools discussed in this list were selected due to their accuracy and because they can be utilized for free.

1. Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

Prepostseo is an online platform that provides various utility tools. The plagiarism checker free by Prepostseo is good for content writing startups because of a few reasons. The number one reason is that it has a free version that provides many good features.

There is a premium version as well, but since startups don’t have a lot of capital to spend, they can utilize the free version to save some money.

When it comes to features, this tool does not disappoint. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Detailed plagiarism report
  • “Exclude Quotes” option
  • “Exclude URL” option

The “Exclude Quotes” option lets you choose whether you want the quoted parts of your text checked for plagiarism or not. If you tick the box, then the quoted text will not be checked.

The “Exclude URL” option lets you stop the tool from comparing your content against certain online sources. Any link that you provide will be ignored and your content will not be checked against it.

The plagiarism report is the highlight of this tool. It provides plenty of information and it makes it very easy to remove any duplication that is present in your write-up.

First of all, it shows the percentage of plagiarism as a graphic. It underlines all the text that is duplicated, and it also provides links to all the sources that had the matching content.

Its only downside is that in the free version, only 1,000 words can be checked in one session. However, this restriction can be lifted in the premium version, which allows you to check up to 25,000 words per session.

The price of the premium version starts at $10 a month and goes up to $350 a year.

2. Plagiarism Checker by Plagly

The plagiarism checker by Plagly is a great tool for content writing startups. The biggest reason for that is that it has a very serviceable free version. This tool is also quite feature-rich and provides plenty of utility to its users.

Some of its best features are listed below:

  • Checks your content against 20 billion sources
  • Shows the word count
  • Very user-friendly plagiarism report
  • Very generous limitations in the free version

The sheer number of sources this tool compares your content against is astounding. This makes the results of this checker very reliable.

The word count is good for making sure that your entire content is being checked at once or not.


The plagiarism report is very brief, but it contains all the information that you need. First of all, it only shows the parts of the text that had some plagiarism in it.

Then it highlights the specific sentences that have duplicate content. The sentences that are unique are highlighted in green.

The links of the sources are not presented in a separate box or field. Instead, they are written right below the sentences.

This is a useful feature, as it allows you to instantly recognize which part of your content was copied from which source.

There is a premium version of Plagly as well that grants access to more tools, and removes many restrictions such as the monthly usage limit. It costs $10.

3. Check-Plagiarism

There are various kinds of content optimization tools available at One of them is the plagiarism checking tool. This tool can be utilized for free, but users can upgrade to its premium version as well.

The layout of this plagiarism checker is very simple and intuitive. It is easy for even beginners to understand how to use it.

It has some great features in the free version which makes this tool an excellent choice for startups. Overall, it is a great tool to check plagiarism in your content.

Some of the best features of this plagiarism checker are listed below:

  • 2,000-word limit
  • Exclude URL option
  • Easy to read plagiarism report
  • Option to download plagiarism report

The plagiarism report highlights how much content is unique and how much is plagiarized in big colored figures. Red color signifies the percentage of plagiarism while green signifies the percentage of uniqueness.

This tool provides the results in a sentence-by-sentence format. The sentences that are unique are written in green while the duplicated ones are written in red. This immediately shows the user which parts they need to edit.

The matched URLs section shows the links to the sources along with a similarity index. The similarity index shows how much of your content matches each source.

The premium version of Check-Plagiarism is available in two plans; a $20 per month plan and a $125 per year plan.

The premium version simply removes the word limit and usage limits from the free version. Additionally, it also grants unlimited user seats. So, a content writing startup only has to buy one premium version and their entire team of writers will be able to use it.


Content writing is a lucrative field for a few reasons. The simplest reason is that e-commerce has had a massive boom in recent years and many businesses now operate online.

These businesses need content writers to create copies for them which they use for marketing and advertising.

Thus, a content writing startup is great for meeting this demand and earning good money in the process.

However, the content that is generated needs to be unique. To do that, startups can utilize the three plagiarism-checking tools discussed in this article.

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