26 Small business ideas in India that you can start from home with low investment

Small Business Ideas

List of small business ideas in India that you can start from home with as low as ₹50,000 and make profit.

Looking for some small business ideas in India with large profit margin?

Starting a profitable business is not hard. However, aspiring entrepreneurs often find themselves struggling.

Finding the the best small business ideas for starting a business in India is not that difficult and we have lot’s of home based business ideas out there which we can start.

we’ve some low-investment and large profit margin small business ideas for anyone who wants to run their own venture and start their entrepreneurial journey. Every idea is one of the best profit-making small businesses which you can start in India, Have a look:

SugerMint has drawn up a list of the best small business ideas in India that you can start with low investment.

This article covers all types of small business ideas including home based, easiest to start, high-growth, low investment, online, new businesses, part time, service, manufacturing, trading, steady income and a number of business ideas that you can start today and earn money.

On a side note, if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to kick-start your business, Business Fair Field is a great place to start with!

Table of Content:

  • Tomato Sauce Making
  • Dry Fruits
  • Start Stationery Shop
  • Ginger Garlic Paste Making
  • Online Dropshipping
  • Start Your School
  • Goat Farming
  • Toilet Cleaner making
  • Sanitary pad (napkin) making
  • T-shirt Printing
  • Black board chalk Making
  • School Uniforms or School Dress
  • Phenyl tablets Making Business / Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing
  • Flower
  • Cotton shirt selling
  • Import Export
  • Detergent Powder Manufacturing
  • Tiffin Service
  • Real Estate Business
  • Clothing Boutique
  • Food Parlour
  • Lawn care and Landscape
  • Game Parlor
  • Advertising Agency
  • Yoga Teacher / Instructor
  • Fish Aquarium Business

1. Tomato Sauce Making Business

In India, almost all people like to eat delicious and fast food very much. Nowadays people use tomato sauce with those dishes to further enhance the taste of all kinds of dishes.

The Tomato sauce has made us want it with almost every meal possible. Tomato ketchup or Tomato Sauce is demanded in its form across the globe. The widespread use of tomato Sauce as a ingredient, condiment, table sauce has been the reason behind its growth and expanding market share.

Tomato Sauce – Ketchup

India accounted for more than 10% of the total global production of tomato sauce. So let’s see how Tomato sauce making business opportunity for you.

The market for the tomato Sauce is a vast one because of its applications across various Indian cuisines. Its use is longing across the households to canteens, restaurants, fast food joints etc.

It can be used as an ingredient in preparing and cooking savoury dishes, condiment for chicken, fritters etc. It can be used with the fast food and used for street food preparations.

Types of tomato sauce

  • Sweet and spicy tomato sauce
  • Tomato ketchup
  • No garlic no onion tomato sauce
  • Organic tomato ketchup
  • Chilli tomato ketchup

So everyone is using tomato sauce and this is the reason that today there is a lot of development in the tomato sauce industry.

The target consumers for your tomato sauce manufacturing would be Take out food chains, Households, Street food stalls, Fast food chains, Retail stores and supermarkets, Restaurants, Bakeries, Canteens, and Cafés.

You required some raw materials to run this project like Glucose syrup, Spices, Tomatoes, Came or beet sugar, Water, and Vinegar.

Machinery required to set up a tomato sauce making business

  • Space grinding machine
  • Exhaust and processing machine
  • Tomato Pulping machine
  • Crown corking machine
  • Bottle washing machine
  • Boiler

The market competition in tomato sauce is quite aggressive with the already dominating strong brands how ever it is easy to capture a local market and cater to them. The competition to your tomato sauce manufacturing sector is Nestle, Patanjali, Heinz, Kisaan, Maggie, and many more.

You can also start tomato sauce making project from home and earn good money from tomato sauce.

To start tomato sauce manufacturing you need some raw materials and some machinery to start this profitable project and we can start this startup easily by arranging these things.

You can either rent out a space or start Tomato Sauce Making at home with a with a small capital of approximately ₹ 40,000 -₹ 50,000. The profits made from this tomato sauce manufacturing is ₹20000-25000 per month.

2. Dry Fruits Business

Dry fruits is used in everyone’s homes, everyone likes them very much, be it children or elderly people, it is very beneficial for health.

The dry fruits selling in India has been emerging in the form of wholesale, home based, retail, and online spaces because of the increasing health benefits of dry fruits.

Dry fruits are also used in Indian sweets. But in the past few years, adulteration of sweets has increased in a large amount, especially on festivals.

Dry Fruits Business

In such a situation, people like to buy dry fruits rather than buying adulterated sweets. That’s why the selling of Dry Fruit is also increasing day by day.

Anyone can earn money by starting this startup. Nowadays, Dry fruits are also given as a gift on festivals.

Depending upon your area availability, capital capability, and size of operations you can establish your dry fruit business as:

  • Home based dry fruit
  • Online dry fruit
  • Retail dry fruit

It is commonly use in dairy, baking industry, hospitality industry, confectionery, and massive use as a form of packaged gifts on the occasion of celebrations, Indian festive and auspice.

The Dry Fruits selling can be initiated from home with low investment of approximately ₹ 15,000 – ₹25,000. The profits that one could earn from this dry fruit selling is ₹20000 – ₹30000 per month.

The target consumers for your dry fruits such as Desserts shops, Baking shops, Sweet shops, Catering services, Dairy and confectionery, Online grocery shops, and Cosmetic industries.

3. Start Stationery Shop

As we all know, nowadays there has been a lot of awareness among people about education and now most of the boys and girls are going to school and colleges to get education.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and start a stationery shop in your area with very low investment and this stationary store can run anywhere easily. If you want to earn money with very low investment, then you can start a stationery shop.

Nowadays, you get to see schools, colleges or coaching centers everywhere, in such a time, we can start the stationery shop that is in demand. In today’s time, there is a high demand for school or office stationary.

In the era of digital advancements, opening a stationery store is one of the best small business idea in India, however, some markets will never close down in India.

Papers and Pens are still very much in use in schools, colleges, and offices even in the age of laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Resumes and greeting cards are still preferred to be printed on paper in an old-fashioned way.

Also, there is more to stationery than just notebooks, papers, pens , and any stationery shop entrepreneur would gladly describe the items.

If you are someone interested to start a business with low investment, starting a stationery shop would be just the thing for you. Here are a some pointers on how to start a stationery shop in India.

Stationery Shop

Make a detail list of stationary items you want to sell. Following are a few stationery store ideas:

  • General stationery paraphernalia such as glue, scissors, tape, staplers, and gift wrappers.
  • School supplies starting from whiteboards, eraser, crayons, pens, Pencil Sharpener, geometry boxes, paints, notebooks, globes.
  • Office stationery paraphernalia such as to office supplies like White Papers, Highlighter Pen, folders, Envelopes, Organizers, Stapler, markers, files, Notepads, Whitener, Rubber stamp, and covers.
  • Art supplies in detail for all types of charcoal, paintings—oil, water paints, stencil, etc.
  • Ink cartridges, Computer software and printers, headphones, toners.
  • Craft supplies such as ribbons, glitter, buttons, beads, organza, and wool.
  • Party supplies such as confetti, balloons, crowns, masks, streamers, and candles.

Once you have an idea of what items you want to sell, create a portfolio and circulate it in your local area. This helps in giving your potential customers an idea of what the stationary store contains before they actually visit.


As with other small business ideas in India, you need to study the market before you start stationary shop. You can open your stationary store in a super mall, which increases your chances of sales.

A stationery shop should be accessible, located in a semi-residential area, and visible to people who are likely to be your potential customers.

Like any other small store or shop, you need funding for your venture. Your budget will need to cover the cost and expenses including rent of store premises, labor charges, staff salary, electricity bills, transportation, supplies, stocks, and various miscellaneous costs.

In today’s generation, most people prefer online shopping, create your online stationery store for stating your information such as your product range, missions, objectives, your location, about your store, objects you wish to sell, ownership and more.

Register your stationary shop like any other small store either as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC. Obtain necessary stationery store licenses and trade registrations such as the Shop and Establishment Act license. Register for taxes such as GST, apply for PAN and TAN etc.

The profits made from this stationery store is ₹40000-50000 per month.

4. Ginger Garlic Paste Making Business

We all know that the role of spices in Indian food is very important. Many types of spices are used in Indian cuisine and one of them is ginger garlic paste, which is used in all kinds of dishes.

Ginger and garlic is a crop that is produced in almost all the states of India. Therefore, the project of making ginger and garlic paste can be started in any part of India.

Because the essential raw material for this project is that ginger and garlic can be easily and found anywhere.

Ginger Garlic Paste Making is one of the most profitable small business ideas in India. Basically, ginger garlic Paste is an FMCG item.

It is getting immense popularity in the urban areas, small towns and rural areas also. Any entrepreneur can start ginger garlic paste making on the small scale with moderate capital investment. Even if you have some space at home, you can start this project.

As you know, garlic and ginger are the two most important spices for Indian food. Generally, people from the Asia Pacific region are the major consumer of garlic and ginger. However, the products have a wide consumption worldwide.

Ginger Garlic Paste

This activity comes under the agro-based industry. Food processing industries are the major commercial consumers of ginger garlic paste. Apart from domestic cooking, Take out food chains, restaurants, hotels, Fast food chains, Cafés, Canteens, Street food stalls, use the item for preparing different types of foods.

You can set up the manufacturing operation in fully-automatic and semi-automatic way. Fully-automatic setup is perfect for large-scale manufacturer. You can start a small-scale operation by procuring some machinery and equipment from reliable suppliers.

Raw Material & Packaging

  • Ginger and garlic
  • Food preservatives
  • Packaging consumables
  • Poly-pouch
  • Outer cartons

Equipment and Machinery

The requirement of equipment and machinery depends on the desired manufacturing size. However, here we have compiled a basic list of machinery and equipment for your reference.

  • Pulping Machine
  • Weighing Machine
  • Water Jet Washer
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Sealing Machine
  • Carton Packing Machine
  • Fruit Mill / Crusher
  • Packing Machine
  • Skin Peeling Machine

You can start Ginger Garlic Paste Making at your home with a small capital of approximately ₹ 20,000 -₹ 25,000.

5. Online Dropshipping Business

Friends, there are many small business ideas and you can earn money from home by doing those projects. Nowadays most of the people do online work from home; they make income in lakhs of rupees only through online marketing.

In today’s time, most people like to shop through online stores or online shopping websites and in this case dropshipping is also growing more and you too can start business from home.

What Is a Dropshipping?

In dropshipping , you can run your online store without ever holding any inventory. You’ll never need to worry about shipping, storing, and packaging your products.

You are not responsible for the costs of manufacturing and shipping. It is a low-risk business model. In the model, you sell the products of suppliers or manufacturers on your website under your own brand.

You don’t become overburdened with carrying inventory, cost of creating products, cost of employees, costs of maintaining unsold inventory, and for packaging and shipping products.

Dropshipping Business

Starting a dropshipping is the first step into entrepreneurship. You don’t even need to pay for product stocks until it’s sold to an actual customer.

You’ll be set your own product prices, market your very own brand, and able to sell products to customers. You can use Vantazo online invoice generator for easy accounting.

All entrepreneurs are unique, but it’s possible to generate a ₹50000-75000 monthly within 12 months working approximately 8 – 10 hours per week building your project.

When starting a dropshipping, you’ll need to invest time or money. As an entrepreneur, If you’re hoping for a six-figure income from part-time online work, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. As with any other profitable small business, building a dropshipping takes a long-term perspective.

If you have the option to work on full-time, it’s the best choice to improve your profit potential and chance of dropshipping success.

How do I start a dropshipping business?

  • Choos a Dropshipping Business Idea
  • Perform competitor product research using Helium 10
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Find a dropshipping supplier
  • Building a Dropshipping Store
  • Market your dropshipping

You can start Online Drop Shipping from your home with low investment of approximately ₹ 20,000 -₹ 25,000.

6. Start Your School

We need more and more good quality competent schools to increase the literacy rate and spread the social cause of education in India.

Opening a primary school or play school in India is not very challenging. The demand for schools is on the rise. Investing money in educational sector is a good business idea. If you are planning to open your own school but are daunted by the whole procedure, here we are with a guide.

The very first step to start a school is to make a plan on how your school is going to operate including faculty, the location, teaching subjects etc.

Start Your School

The second step is to arrange your finances. To open a play school in India, you need some investment. Plan your budget distribution in place, furniture, staff etc.

If you want to start business in educational sector and earn money, then you can open a school and make it profitable along with social service.

You will also have to provide all the education facilities to open your own schools and prepare a structure and blue print of your own school in advance.

To open a school you need a lot of licenses and permits, so first of all you have to contact a good lawyer and ask them for all your plans.

To open a school, permission has to be obtained from the Municipal Authority, Department of Education and Health Department. This is the only department in which you have to submit your application for approval and have to take permission from them.

The demand for school is high as well, and starting a school has become a lucrative small business idea in India.

7. Goat Farming Business

In today’s time, many people are making money by doing goat farming. This project is very profitable and can employ a large numbers of unemployed people in rural area.

Goat farming in India is becoming very popular. As goat farming is one of the finest small business ideas so, the popularity of goat farming is increasing rapidly in India. In India, It is established livestock management department. Goat has a great contribution in the rural economy of our country.

Goat Farming Business

In today’s time, many people are making money by doing animal farming.Any entrepreneur can start this project from home and earn money.

In India, goats are also very suitable for meat, fiber, milk, and skin production. They also produce high quality manure.

Benefits of goat farming

  • Production costs like treatment, feeding, and infrastructure are less.
  • Goats can produce meat, fiber, milk, skin together.
  • reach slaughter age faster.
  • It requires less space compared to cow and other livestock farming.
  • Established market for marketing your products.

The Goat Farming can be initiated from home with low investment of approximately ₹ 15,000 – ₹25,000. Wish your happy goat farming business in India.

8. Toilet Cleaner making business

You will find many types of toilet cleaners easily in the market, but all those bathroom cleaners will clean your bathroom for some time, but after cleaning, some dirt is left and then due to excessive chemicals.

If you want, you can make toilet cleaner at home with some ingredients. To start a toilet cleaner manufacturing we have to prepare some necessary row materials and a good strategy and then start it at a small level with minimum investment.

start a toilet cleaner manufacturing in India
Toilet Cleaner making business

You need to develop a product line of bathroom cleaners or toilet cleaners to start off. An approximate capital of ₹ 10,000 -₹ 15,000. will be required to purchase raw materials and packaging.

9. Sanitary pad (napkin) making business

Sanitary pads are a product that every woman needs, Women use sanitary pads during their periods. In Indian market, there are a variety of Sanitary pads and products related to women’s hygiene available.

So if you start a sanitary pad making, you can make a lot of profit in a short time. It is one of the best small business ideas in India for those who want to start the small-scale project with low investment.

To start sanitary pad making, you have to need your own budget and you will have to start a sanitary pad manufacturing.

Apart from this, you also have to understand that you have to make a proper strategy for this project and understand that there is a demand for sanitary pad napkins in the market.

Sanitary pad making business

After that, you make a list of all the raw materials and necessary machines and set your budget. You can also take training in making sanitary pads.

If you are looking to raise funds, then there is a loan schemes named Pradhan Mantri Employment Generation Scheme and Stand-up India loan scheme where you can approach and get loan for your startup.

Both loan scheme allow you to take loans between ₹ 10Lac to 1 crore from Nationalized Banks with subsidies. These loan schemes can take between 15 days to 6 months depending on your location (rural/urban).

10. T-shirt Printing Business

Entrepreneurs, if you are searching for start small project with low investment in India, then we have a lot of small business ideas for you, but today we will tell you about the venture which is in demand.

In today’s time, youngsters like to wear new designs and colorful full printed T-shirts. If you want to start small venture, you can start a T-shirt printing business with low investment and make money.

T-shirt printing has become a popular business opportunity, especially for entrepreneurs looking to explore a relatively low investment business to start. You don’t need any license if you sell printed t-shirts online.

T-shirt Printing Business

How do I start a T-shirt Printing Business

Tie-ups with trusted manufacturer or supplier for quality materials
Choose a niche to focus on
Mockup your t-shirts
Create your designs
Validate your designs

Keep in mind before you start a T-shirt Printing

  • Design
  • Niche
  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Inventory

Equipment is needed to start a T-shirt Printing

  • Screen printing
  • Heat transfer
  • Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

11. Black board chalk Making Business

Nowadays, technology has developed a lot and technology is being gradually used to teach students even in the field of education, but black board chalk is still used to teach students in our country.

Black board chalk Making Business

And it is a very old practice. In today’s time, the demand for black board chalk business is still there and if you want to start this type of business with low investment, then by starting easily you can start a business from home and earn money.

12. School Uniforms or School Dress Business

In today’s time, the level of inflation has increased very much in our country and unemployment is also very high, in which every person is willing to start his own business.

In such a situation, you can start a business of making uniforms from home with very low investment and earn good profits.

In today’s time and in the coming time, there is going to be a lot of growth in the clothing industry in our country and many people are also earning well from the clothing business.

School Uniforms or School Dress Business

The clothing trade involves many types of trade, such as the trade of women related clothes, the trade of clothes related to men and the trade of clothes related to children.

In this trade related to children, you can start the business of making uniforms and it is a very demanding business in the coming times and in this time.

13. Phenyl tablets Making Business / Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing

Friends, the use of naphthalene balls is considered to be very helpful in keeping the places of clothes and bathroom toilets in our homes safe from bacteria and also to remove bad odor.

Most of the people know this naphthalene balls by the name of phenyl pill, you can earn good profits by doing this business too.

Phenyl tablets Making Business

You can start a business of making and selling phenyl tablets from your home. In most urban areas, naphthalene balls are used in almost all areas used to destroy bacteria.

14. Flower Business

Friends, due to Corona virus, there was a lot of recession in the flower business, but now, all kinds of flowers related business have started again and people are now earning well from this business.

If you are looking for a profit-making business with very low investment, then you can start the flower business today.

You can start this business in many ways. You can sell different types of flowers by putting them in the shop by giving them the form of a bouquet or you can also sell them to a big seller.

Flower Business

If you want, you can earn profits by selling flowers on different days as well, like selling a particular flower every day. Apart from this, you can take orders for flower decorations on weddings and special occasions and then make a profit from this business.

15. Cotton shirt business

We all know that in today’s modern and fashion era, people like to wear the best and quality clothes. Almost both men and women like to wear cartoon clothes.

The demand for cotton clothing increases in most of the summer season and in such a situation, we can start the cotton clothing business.

To start this business, you have to first contact the manufacturer who make the cotton shirt. By doing this, you will get clothes at wholesale rate and cheap prices, now you can do the job of selling these clothes as wholesaler to other shops keeping your margin.

Cotton shirt business

If you start your own manufacturing, then you may have to invest a lot in this business. That is why you have to contact the manufacturer of cotton shirts or clothes near you and buy clothes at cheap prices from them. In this way you can easily start wholesale business of cotton shirt and earn money.

16. Import Export Business

If you do this business, you can earn good profits for a long time and this business is itself a very professional business.

Import Export Business

Friends, before starting Import export Business, we have to think a little bit, we can connect this business through any company or if someone has his manufacturing, then he can also add his import-export business. To start this business, we also have to take some legal orders and then we can start it easily.

17. Detergent Powder Making Business

Friends, if you want to start business with low investment and earn money from home, then you can start a business of making detergent powder from home.

In today’s time, many big companies and brands such as Surf Excel, Ariel, Nirma Washing Powder, Hipolin Detergent Powder, Tide, Wheel, Henko, Patanjali Herbal Wash and more.  All companies are making very good profit from the business of detergent powder.

Detergent Powder Making Business

You too can make a good profit by starting washing powder business, because the demand of this business will always be there. Selling detergent powder is also not a very difficult task and such business is very profitable.

18. Tiffin Service Business

By eating outside food every day, our health is also not right and in such a situation, the business of tiffin service is developing very much in today’s time.

If you are a woman or if you want to start any kind of low-investment business at home, then in this case, the Tiffin Services business may be the best for you.

Tiffin Service Business

Business can be of many types, such as visiting the homes of people to serve tiffin, calling the customers at their shop and providing them with home-like food. You can start this business in your own way.

19. Real Estate Business

To develop your small business idea, you should be have enough knowledge of the area you’d like to set up your real estate business.

A real estate business deals with the management, buying, operation, selling, or investment of land, offices, and buildings.

The real estate market is enormous. If you want to start your own successful real estate business, there is a lot to consider.

When starting a new business, consider what specific niche is right for your firm to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

Ensure you set up your real estate business to meet a specific niche’s requirements to avoid underwhelming all of your potential customers.

Some real estate business niches

  • Rental Property
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial properties
  • Vacation homes
  • Resort and Villa
  • Warehouse and Godown
  • Property management

As a real estate agent, you can help people find their dream home or property at a price that fits their budget.

20. Clothing Boutique

If you are planning to open a cloth boutique, this is one of the most profitable business idea for women entrepreneurs. You can start clothing boutique with low investment. Clothing market is always up because of latest fashion trend.

You have many options in cloth boutique and have to decide in which you are interested. Like- Men Boutique, Female Boutique, Kids Boutique etc.  

Clothing Boutique doesn’t need any qualification or diploma it’s all about your interest. Do the business, where you are interested. Interest enhances the quality of your work.


A boutique is a small store where you can sell stylish clothes. The clothes of trend or we can say design that is different from others.

In India we use to follow Bollywood celebrities, their wearing style and design. Celebrities have their designer and boutiques.

Designers too have their boutique, where they manufacture and sell their clothing. Some boutiques only sell other designer designed clothes. 

If you have a good idea of design, trend and cloth then your boutique is going to rock.

21. Food Parlour

A daily essential that you can’t live without. Life without food and taste is difficult. So If you are finding a low budget investment, food parlour is the best small business idea for entrepreneurs. The good thing is, initially you can start with less budget and later can plan for big.

A food parlor place where we can enjoy snacks, desserts and shakes with our family and friends.

Food Business Idea - Food Parlor

Now a days people become more foody and if you can give them a good taste, you are on the top of the customer list, and the customer will also do your mouth marketing and that will help to increase your business.

There are many tips by which you can increase your business. and also the marketing tips.

22. Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design

This is the new trend in market, and in demand too. If you are planning for the business with less investment, Lawn care and Landscape is counted in small profitable small business ideas for entrepreneurs and startups.

The landscape business needs less equipment, so less investment. Most of Bungalow Garden or Farm House is going for landscape design. They want to design their land beautifully, with well-organized plantation.

Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design Business

Government also needs lawn designer for their green revolution project. So, there are lots of opportunity in this field. Landscape business is a profitable business if done properly.

There are many tips by which you can understand the types of landscape and how can you increase the profit.

21. Game Parlor

Game Parlor is most demanded among kids and youngsters. It is a unique small business idea for young entrepreneurs. These games prices are very high, that’s why parents or guardian can’t effort that amount of money. That is why they prefer to send their kids in a game parlor.

You can go for game parlor with high Initial investment or little high investment but later you can generate good revenue.

game parlour business

Before entering in this business, you have to examine the market, about the trend between the kids.

There are many important things that you have to keep in your mind before you enter in this business like the type of machinery, about market, the process, license and registration, risk in business etc. you have to check all this before jumping in the business.

24. Advertising Agency

It is one of the most profitable small business idea for entrepreneurs and startups. Advertising agencies or creative agencies had grabbed the market now. After the pandemic of year 20- 21 most of business is dependent upon the marketing and social media.

If you have the knowledge of the designer software, digital marketing and have advertising skills, this is the best lucrative business idea for you. This is in demand. Now a days every business need Advertising agency to be established in the market.

Advertising agency

In simple words, an advertising agency or digital marketing agency is a firm that aware of the company of marketing strategies.

How a new company has to start-up? And what steps or design have been given to attracts the customer?

All the lookout was for an advertising agency. They have specialized skills and knowledge who are well versed in marketing, advertising, Social media marketing and consumer behavior.

You can start-up your business in low budget later you can move forward with more equipment and paid software. If you are planning to start Advertising Agency or digital marketing agency, this low-cost business idea for you.

25. Yoga Teacher / Instructor

Yoga is too much in the air these days, and career in yoga is take you in a profitable business, with less investment.

As we know Yoga is for mental and physical relaxation. Nowadays many people all over the world diverted to this practice because of its health goodness. It is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that helps one attain inner peace.

Yoga Teacher

In today’s busy world, more and more people are becoming health conscious. In recent years, yoga has gained a lot of popularity not only in India but also abroad.

Seeing the goodness of health and mental benefits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started Yoga Day on June 21, 2015.

This a right time to opt. this business. There are many things that you need to become a yoga instructor. That are described in this article.

26. Fish Aquarium Business

Another small business idea for Indian entrepreneurs. The aquarium business is also a profitable business that you can go for. Fishes are the symbol of luck and money.

Nowadays, people are interested to place the aquarium in their home for good luck and money and some keep it as a hobby and for their interest.

Some arrange small and some go for the big and stylish one, all depend upon their budget. There are many types of fish which we can put in our aquarium. Some fish’s lives in pair and some alone.

You can also make a good profit in the sale of aquarium accessories. Customers invest much to decorate their aquarium like- aeration equipment, substrate, tanks, ornaments, and fish food. 

So, if you want to do a Fish aquarium business that can give you a good profit. But before entering the market you have to survey and learn about the market.

Fish Aquarium Business

Like- what type are fish can be put in the aquarium? What combination of fishes can be put in the aquarium?

Some fishes live in their type of groups, and they didn’t let survive other fishes in the aquarium, so the right selection is a must.

The knowledge of fish is a must. To study the market and check how others are taking profit with this business.

How they contact the client and what facility they are providing. This knowledge is much if you want to open a profitable fish aquarium.

The second most important part is licensing and permission for aquarium. For opening an aquarium licensing is a must. That you can do online or contact the C.A. 

You can open an aquarium shop in two ways. 1. With your own brand 2. Buying a franchise. In India, many companies provide franchises it all depends upon the investment that you can do. Select the franchise wisely.

This is a profitable business that you can do. As for the fish aquarium, the trend is not going anywhere and you can earn good profit in this business.

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