Best Tips for writing a plagiarism free Essay

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Essays is one of the most crucial pre-requisites for academic goals of learners in various disciplines. Traces of plagiarism within an essay could jeopardise a student’s academic career.

You should know that plagiarised essays or papers could drive your professor mad, which can cause your instructor to give you extremely low marks or negative markings in some situations. More and more students prefer to pay for papers rather than write them themselves.

Low grades or negative marketing can cause a student to fail a particular course and might cause them to take the same course again in the next academic year.

Hence, an essay that is free from plagiarism is a must when it comes to accomplishing academic success.

Learners who fail to understand the requirements of writing an academic essay might end up submitting a plagiarised essay.

Researchers have revealed that the majority of the students who are not able to complete their essays on time tend to copy information from the Internet without rephrasing it in order to complete the word count.

The easiest way a learner could escape from submitting a plagiarised essay is by asking for assistance from an essay writing service.

There is a several academic platforms that aims to deliver essays and dissertations that are 100% free from plagiarism.

Several students in the United Kingdom, Canada and UAE hire essay typer from our company to write an essay that is free from plagiarism, which eventually helps them achieve good grades in the end.

Some of the tips that our experts follow in order to write an essay that is free from plagiarism are:

Analysing numerous academic papers and journals related to essay’s topic 

Research is perhaps the best thing a student can do to submit a high-quality essay that is free from plagiarism and errors.

Our writers tend to analyse several academic papers and journals to obtain enough information on the essay topic, even if they do not have sufficient knowledge about the topic.

Including innovative ideas within the essay

Critical thinking is one of the most prominent prerequisites for writing an essay that is free from plagiarism.

Our experts reflect on various information sources along with their thoughts and knowledge related to the essay topic.

However, using innovative ideas within the essay does not just guarantee that the essay is free from plagiarism but also helps to show your instructor that you have obtained a good understanding of the topic generally.

Using citation

To avoid submitting plagiarised work, our experts focus on referring to the sources that they have utilised for the dissertation or essay.

By giving credit to the authors, our writers are able to verify the credibility of the work. Our experts have extensive understanding and knowledge about various referencing styles and formats usually specified by majority of the universities worldwide.


In order to make an essay interesting, our experts tend to quote other authors works. When quoting someone else work, you do not need to make any changes or paraphrase the content.

However, you will need to be aware about the demand of your college since majority of the colleges do not approve quoting quotes that comprises of more than 50 words.  

Proofreading and editing

TheDocumentCo has an entire team that consists of 5 to 7 proof readers who have expert knowledge in different fields, such as Engineering, Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Economics, etc.

To check and correct any mistakes made by the writer within the essay, which is helpful as it helps gain information that is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Using plagiarism checkers

After writing the complete essay, our writers tend to upload the essay on the Turnitin plagiarism checker multiple times, which helps them to produce an essay that is free from plagiarism.

One of the main reasons as to why our experts using the Turnitin plagiarism checker instead of other plagiarism checkers available in the market is because this plagiarism checker assesses each sentence within the essay and identify even minor similarity that alludes to the original essay.

Experts understands that it is difficult for you to choose the most dependable online assignment writing service as there are several services in the market that promise you they will write a dissertation or essay for you, that is 100% free from plagiarism but might end up breaking their promise by delivering plagiarised work.

The Document Co is a dependable online writing service, which hires only qualified and experienced proofreaders and writers who will complete your essay according to the instructions you provide.

This agency also provides dissertation help to students who finds it difficult to complete their final dissertation project.

In case you find it difficult to write an essay that is 100% free from plagiarism, you should try our services.

As we will try to submit your essay on time regardless of how close your deadline is and what are the requirements of writing the essay.

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