10 Best Travel Pillow in India for Train, Flights, Car Seat, and Neck Pain

Best Travel Pillow in India

10 Best Travel Pillow in India for Train, Flights, Car Seat, and Neck Pain

Basically, travel pillow allows cushioning the neck to provide support & comfort on long journeys. Normally it comes in U shape.

It can provide support for the neck & head. It alleviates some pain & discomfort during combating an upright sleeping position while traveling.

Basically, there are many things you can do to avoid/minimize neck pain during travelling. Travel pillow is one of the simplest & most effective methods.

With it you don’t need to keep on twisting and turning in a very cramped space to find a comfortable position.

The memory foam travel pillow can keep the neck straight.
It can be used during sitting straight up with decent neck support. Even it improves the quality of your sleep.

Best Travel Pillow in India for Neck Pain, Train, Car Seat, and Flights

There are many brands selling travel pillow in the market. Some of the leading brands are as bellow…

Trajectory, Duckback, Generic, Syga, United Colors of Benetton, Travel Blue, SHOPOPOYE, LOYAL EMPLE, Kuber Industries, ILU, linenaffairs, Oshotto, Sleepsia, Lushomes, NFI essentials, Viaggi, The White Willow, Intex, MARK AMPLE, Orka, AltriZo, Anomeo, TYNIMO, ZURU BUNCH etc.

1: Trajectory Supercomfy Neck Pillow for Travel

This is Trajectory super comfy grey neck pillow/rest cushion with velvet eye mask. It is suitable for travel in flight, car, train etc. It comes with 10-years warranty for sleeping for men & women.

This velvet product comes in grey color. It has semicircular shape. This super comfortable travel pillow comes with eye mask & earphones.

It will give you soft virgin filling. The velvet fabric will allow 360 neck support. It comes with hook for hanging.

It also has pocket for eye mask & ear phones. It will give you super soft virgin filling. Outer layer is made from nylex velvet & inner layer is made of synthetic fiber.

It comes with special features like snap on button, back hanging hook & U shaped design. It also contains premium velvet eye mask. The product comes with 10-years warranty.

2: Duckback Polyester Travel Pillow

This is Duckback polyester travel pillow. It comes in rectangular shape. It comes in blue color but it may be different also. This is an air pillow.

It is made with polyester. It comes with PVC cap for proper air pressure. This product is ideal for travelling. This synthetic pillow is made from latex free material. It is hand washable only.

3: SYGA Neck Pillow – Travel Head Pillows

This is SYGA neck pillow. This is adjustable travel pillow. It provides 360-degree chin support head rest. It comes in brown color. Its outer material is made from velvet. It comes in semicircular shape. It comes in standard size.

This product is soft & sturdy. It provides support to neck, chin & head. It is proven to be more comfortable than inflatable, microbeads & down neck pillows.

The cover of this item is made from soft velour. It is removable & washable. It makes cleaning a breeze and eliminating germs easily.

It can be attached on the head of the luggage or rolled up in to the drawstring bag. It saves space for other objects.

It is committed to complete satisfaction. With this product you can sleep soundly during the trip on plane, car, bus or even on sofa/couch. Main pack includes one travel head rest pillow.

4: United Colors of Benetton Beige Travel Pillow

This is United Colors of Benetton beige travel pillow. This beige product is made of polyester. It comes in semicircular shape. It is not water resistant.

The outer material of this item is made from polyester. It comes in rich beige color. This item is not water resistant.

It is not compatible to laptop. It is made from microbeads technology. The product does not contain any warranty.

5: Travel Blue Travel Neck Pillow:

This is Travel blue purple memory foam travel neck pillow. It comes in violet color. It is made from fabric. This is a round shaped & free sized product.

Outer material of this product is made from velvet. It comes in violet color. The product is not laptop compatible.

It comes with 2-years warranty from manufacturers. With this product you can enjoy good neck support. Your long journey will never feel the same. It is ideal for sleep or relaxation during travel.

6: SHOPOPOYE Neck Pillow for Travel for neck support

This is SHOPOPOYE NECK PILLOW FOR TRAVEL. It comes in a combined pack of neck pillow & eye mask. This is a memory foam pillow. It is a flight pillow for neck support.

This is a travel neck pillow for car, train, plane. Even it can be comfortable on sofa/couch also. It comes with an eye mask. It comes in blue color.

This rich blue pillow is made from fabric. It comes in round shape. The product is proudly made in India. It is recommended for machine wash. It is made from lead free material. It is recommended for sleeping during travel.

It will be pleasure to use this memory foam pillow. It comes in perfect shape that fits your neck. This product comes with perfect curves. Its ergonomic shape can better fix the neck.

It prevents head from falling forward. It is recommended for both men & women. It has an adjustable rope lock. With it you can adjust the angle & the size of the pillow randomly.

It easily meets different neck size requirements. It also can give relief from spondylitis, ortho. cervical & back pain issues.

With product you can say good bye to neck pain. Just sleep like baby during traveling. Because of its perfect shape & feather like softness, it will allow you to have perfect sleep during traveling also.

It is the most suitable flight pillow for neck. It has portable travel accessories plush kit with cover bag.
This product is proudly made in India. It is designed by travelers.

As it has made by taking suggestions & numerous challenges faced by travel community like BATI.
This is the best choice for travelers.

It is most suitable while you are traveling through car, plane, train or even bus. It is also comfortable to use at home while watching TV, reading etc. It is a good option for quick nap also. This is a great gift for travelers.

7: Loyal EMPLE® Velvet Soft Air Inflatable Travel Pillow

This is Loyal EMPLE® velvet soft comfort air inflatable travel pillow. It is a twin pack of blue pillow. It comes in rectangular shape. This product comes with soft velvet flocked finish.

It comes with air lock facility comfortable with I-beam construction. It comes in navy blue color. It can be used as back rest or cushion. It will comfortably provide lower back support. It is small and easy to travel.

8: Kuber Industries Blue Baby Travel Pillow

This is Kuber Industries blue baby travel pillow. It comes in blue color. It comes in rectangular shape. It has mustard seeds filling. It is very comfortable for use during travel. It is made of soft fabric. It comes in bright colors.

9: ILU Neck Pillows Travel Pillow for Flight Cars Home Office

This is ILU neck pillow, travel pillow, head rest for flight, car, home, office etc. It comes in pink color. It is made from memory foam material. It comes in round shape.

This product is machine washable. This pure memory foam pillow is easy to carry. It comes with special chin support design. It has soft & breathable case.

It will provide 360-degree neck & back support. The cover is machine washable. It is easy to keep this pillow clean & hygienic in compare to most travel pillows.

It has luxuriously soft velour cover so you can arrive rested and relaxed. It comes with the snap closure to keep it in place. It can be used to attach it to your luggage in transit.

10: Linenaffairs Travel Neck Pillow

This is linenaffairs memory foam travel classic plus pattern neck pillow. It comes with ultra-plush zippered velour washable cover.

It comes in light grey color. It is made from polycotton. This product comes in semicircular shape. It can be washed in washing machine.

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It comes in classic plus size. It will give you soft & luxury feeling as it is made from memory foam. Outer material is made from upgraded velvet; it is very soft while touching. The outer layer/cover has zip for easy washing process.