Best Trimmer under 3000 in India: Hair Trimmers, Beard Trimmers for Men

Best Trimmer for men in India

Are you looking for the best trimmer under 3000 in India? If you work in IT and need to video call with clients on a regular basis, this is the device for you. Fortunately, by purchasing one of the best trimmers for men, you will be able to satisfy all of your grooming needs at home!

A handsome and well-trimmed beard not only enhances your personality but also boosts your confidence on your first date, first job interview, or other special occasion.

People spend thousands of dollars in the salon to obtain a dashing look with a fashionable beard, but going to the salon frequently for a stylish look is not healthy for your wallet.

What if you could acquire the look you want for your home without spending a lot of money?

In this case, you must choose the best trimmer that is loaded with all of the latest features while being affordable.

Let’s get started…

Best Beard Trimmer Under 3000 in India

There are different brands selling hair and beard Trimmers in the Indian market. Some of them are Philips, Bruan, SYSKA, Hatteker, Panasonic, Zlade Ballistic, Groomiist, Xiaomi, etc.

1. Philips BT3221/15 corded & cordless

The first poduct on the list from Philips Brand and it’s a Philips BT3221/15 is the Best trimmer for students in India 2021, A Philips trimmer ensure a 90 min run time of cordless use after 1-hour charging,

It has a long-lasting performance and is designed in a progressive way that is very classic and feels premium in the hand.

This product has a total of 20 adjustment settings. You can choose between 0.5 mm and 10mm to create the desired effect.

Let’s discuss charging and battery life. The Philips Bt 3221 has quick charging technology. One hour of charging results in a total of 90 minutes of runtime, which is extremely outstanding.

This blend’s Titanium-coated blades stay as sharp as they were on day one. This product has skin-friendly rounded-tip blades, no heating, and skin cuts.

And this product doesn’t come with waterproof features, But you can wash its titanium blade separately.

With the Lift & Trim technology, you can cut 30 %faster, and you can simply access it with the Travel and Storage Pouch.

It has self-sharpening Titanium Blades that provide excellent cutting performance and long-term sharpness.

Special Features

  • Corded and Cordless Use
  • 20 different length settings – get a 3-day

Finally, there’s Fast Charge, which includes a battery indicator, low/full/empty/charging/charging, and a 7-hour average battery backup.

2. Braun Beard Trimmer for Men BT5260, Cordless 

Braun Beard Trimmer

Hey, if you’re looking for a trimmer brand that doesn’t come from India, you can choose Braun Beard Trimmer, which can operate faster and more effectively on your beard, and you can access that Rechargeable Hair Clipper, your trimmer needs, and it can complete your essentials?

Therefore here is the Braun Trimmer BT5260 with the tagline of Braun Beard Trimmer for Men of the list and you know the complete detail of this product.

The Braun Beard Trimmers came with Cordless & Rechargeable Hair Clipper, this product came with Gillette ProGlide Razor, 39 length settings, 5min quick charge, and 100 min runtime.

A Precision reader should be combs, short features of this trimmer length 39, with the concern of an effortless trimming experience, short: 1-10mm, Long: 11-21mm.

For a close shave, you get a Gillette Fusion5 Pro-Glide with the quickest FlexBall technology. The Braun Beard Trimmer’s unique contribution to the prediction contour edging, as well as the ability to create accurate lines and edges on the neck and cheeks with the main beard trimmer head.

Special Features

  • Adapts to any beard with AutoSensing Technology
  • Short to medium beards & hair clipping
  • Long Lasting Lithium-Ion battery

This prodcut includes all of the necessary functions, including 39 length options with 0.5mm precision, lifetime sharp blades, hair clippers, and a complimentary Gillette hair remover.

Braun Beard Trimmer BT5240 includes a Li-ion battery and provides 100 to 120 minutes of runtime after a one-hour charge, which is absurd at this point.

Reason to buy

  • Long beard trimming
  • Contour edging
  • Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide razor

Reason to Avoid

  • 1 year warranty only

3. SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper 

Do you want a trimmer that supports super-fast charging? Check out the SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper, which has a runtime of 90 minutes, 20 length settings, 4 Stubble Guided Comb, and a few other intriguing features. For more information, read on.

This SYSKA HB100 hair clipper comes with a digital display that shows whether the battery is low, empty, full, or charging.

The SYSKA blades have decent coated qualities, such as corrosion-resistant ceramic coated blades and stainless steel titanium finish technology, and they stay as sharp as they did on day one.

Special Features

  • Charging dock and travel lock

The Syska hair clipper comes with four multipurpose stubble combs. Each comb is arranged in such a way that you will achieve the desired look.

You can use the charging dock or the wire to charge the clipper. The safety lock on the HB100 hair clipper is useful for travel and storage.

Finally, the hair clipper features a charging indicator so you can readily see how much power is left in it.

4. Hatteker Professional Hair Trimmer

Here is the best all in one trimmer from the Hatteker brand, This Hatteker Professional can handle Hair Trimmer and as well as for Hair Cutting Kit for Men Waterproof whether any work so we consider as best Trimmer under 3000 in India, list for men, Then why are you delayed let’s grab the Hair of these amazing Trimmer? from below.

The Hatteker Professional is a good-looking, lightweight trimmer that came with the most recent Hair Cutting Kit for purchase. Waterproof with a unique advanced motor that delivers significant power and speed without adding heat or noise.

This HATTEKER product comes with a Home Barbers Hair cutting Kit that includes everything you’ll need for a perfect haircut at home.

Basically, this product is inbuilt of Hair Clipper * 1, Beard Trimmer Heard * 1, Detail Trimmer * 1, Precision Dial * 1, Guide Comb * 6, Battery * 2, Hair Comb * 1, USB Cable *1 Charger stand * 1, Clean brush * 1.

Special Features

  • It comes with self-sharpening ceramic precision ground blades.
  • Cordless and Corded Operation

Furthermore, the beard trimmer is great for completing the task by cleaning up the necklines, touching up sideburns, and trimming around the ears. For delicate trimming, the detail trimmer is appropriate.

Except for this, this product has a good battery life of up to 10 hours, So It comes under the Best Trimmer under 3000 in India 2021 list.

5. Panasonic ER-GB37-K44B Wet/Dry

With its totally waterproof ergonomic design, the Panasonic ER-GB37-K44B trimmer meets your everyday shaving and trimming needs.

When it comes to the setup of this product, first and foremost, it features the newest Precision Cutting Rechargeable Trimmer with Quick Adjust Dial for functioning better at any moment.

This product has a Cutting Angle with two stainless steel blades that have a 45-degree sharp edge for crisp and clean trimming.

This prodcut was widely known as a Compact and Portable in each trimmer correspondingly that Panasonic focuses on clean, precise, and delivers Wet and Dry Shaves and also with this product you receive a micro-edge type with the rapid touch up for your haircut.

Special Features

  • 19 adjustable settings with 0.5 mm precision

The waterproof casing of the Panasonic ER-GB37 is a nice feature. It may be used in both rainy and dry conditions. It works well with both wet and dry beards.

Let’s talk about charging and runtime. With an 8-hour charge, you can receive 40 minutes of runtime. Unfortunately, rapid charging support is not available, which is required on occasion.

6. Zlade Ballistic Manscaping Body Trimmer 

The next trimmer on our list is the Zlade Ballistic, which is a full-body groomer as well as a beard trimmer. It is particularly built with safe edge technology to guard against skin cuts and hazards.

The Zlade Ballistic is a good choice for men, since you may use it on their beards, bodies, and pubic hair for a longer amount of time with minimal response time.

Also included are two multi-length comb attachments for a great haircut and beard trim, a cleaning brush, and any normal oil for filling the bottle.

Get manscaped with accuracy with the ballistic body hair trimmer for guys, which comes with safe-edge technology that protects your skin and helps reduce nicks and cuts. One of the best trimmer under 3000 that a man may discover in India!

Special Features

  • Multiple Length Attachments for Beard and Haircut
  • rechargeable via USB cable.

The ultra-quiet operation and low vibration are designed to help you achieve your ideal length, handle coarse and curly hair without tugging or pulling, and create interesting visuals and shapes. Enjoy a low-vibration trimmer that has been specifically developed for sensitive areas.

Finally, there is a one-year warranty. Rechargeable, with a runtime of 60 minutes on a full charge and USB charging.

7. Groomiist Platinum Series

Groomiist Platinum is a little more expensive than other similar categorised brands, but it comes with unique features, so it was worth it to pay as a premium trimmer on the list.

The Groomiist Platinum trimmer was going to be the best choice for large battery lovers because it has around 600mAh Lithium Battery, with a Powerful Motor of LED Light Indicator Technology along with 120 Minutes Charge Time, 60 Minutes of Cordless Usage.

The design of this product is really great, with a perfect grip for holding, and its build quality is made of hard plastic, which gives it more durability. The size of this product is also ideal, neither too long nor too short.

The Groomiist platinum cordless trimmer comes with four attachments and 20 length settings, as well as a charging dock, extra combs, an oil bottle, and a two-year warranty.

After using a trimmer, you can easily wash its head because it is completely waterproof, so there’s no need to be concerned. The blades are also very easy to detach and clean.

Special Features

  • 600mAh Lithium-ion battery. 1 hour
  • The trimmer comes with an LED indicator.

As it is a full-body trimmer with several characteristics and a 2-year warranty, you will not feel cheated if you purchase this device. Please stick to your budget if you have one.

8. Xiaomi Corded + Cordless Beard Trimmer

As we all know, Xiaomi is a large tech company that has completely captivated the Indian market with their smartphones and other devices, and they recently debuted the Mi beard trimmer, which is one of the Best Trimmer under 3000 in India, which is why it is on this list.

First of all the primary processor is the boss for all configurations so in this product you get a Cordless Beard Trimmer 2 powered by the Corded, you have to believe it in this list first device has a Corded + Cordless for a long time working with 40 Length Settings.

The design is very Compact Matte Black Design and it weighs around 161 gm. And the Length is 40 Settings 0.5mm Trimming Precision. A Xiaomi standard that styles the baddest beards to the most subtle stubbles.

You can easily find out the LED display to know exactly how much charge is on your trimmer. You know most of the people using in 22centry for C type cable to Charging mobile and much more, So this MI trimmer offers the same Universal Type-C Charging Now charges your trimmer, like your smartphone!

Special Features

  • IPX7 Rating – Fully Washable Body

In this product, Xiaomi provides Stainless Steel Blades, 90 mins Cordless Runtime for Travel Lock, and I know that Travel Lock Enabled makes a big save battery while you travel! , So we are picking this on a Xiaomi Corded.

Finally, if you are on a tight budget, your search has come to an end. Mi beard trimmer is for you since it offers excellent value at an inexpensive price and is loaded with all of the functions that the Best product should have. As a result, it is worthwhile to purchase in every way.

Best Trimmer Under 3000 in India Buying Guides

Hey, bro, Are u an adult 18+, and are you planning to buy the newest best trimmer in India, Then hold a min do you really know? The brands like design, features, battery and more.

Then wait around to the end to learn about the variables that went into choosing which trimmer was best for your needs in 2021.

You must focus on specific factors:


Most companies provide a minimum of one year and a maximum of 3 years warranty for their products.

Philips offers a maximum of 3 years warranty for all its latest and old trimmers, and the after-sales service is very good. This is why most of the trimmers in our list come from Philips.

Corded and cordless use

This is a must-have feature for any trimmer. When you are in an emergency situation such as an interview or an important meeting, the importance of this feature will increase.

Hair consistent and fast charging trimmers can help you get a stylish look in a short period of time.

Waterproof body

If you want to use the trimmer while bathing in the shower and want to provide an easy and simple cleaning solution for your trimmer, then you must purchase a prodcut with a waterproof body.

Charging / running time / fast charging

3000 rupees is a good budget, you can quickly charge in the trimmer and extend the running time, but some top brands have launched some trimmers that do not provide fast charging.

At the same time, some other brands also provide them. If you don’t want to regret it later, you must cross-check whether this feature is available.

Trimming blade

The blade is the soul of the trimmer, and you will see two types of blades in many trimmers on the market. Like we found there are 2 types 1 is  Stainless Steel Blade and another one is Titanium Blade.

The difference between is Stainless steel blades are very common and you can see them in most trimmers, but few models offer titanium-coated blades, especially Philips uses titanium-coated blades in a few of its models.

The main advantage of titanium-coated blades over stainless steel blades is that it reduces heat generation more effectively than stainless steel blades.

The problem occurs in the summer when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. After using a normal blade to shave or trim three to four times, you will feel warm.

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