Best Video Interview Software For Online Recruitment

Video interview software guide

1. WebPipl

Webpipl is an all-in-one talent-hiring platform that helps speed Recruitment with cutting-edge technology.

The company has multiple recruitment tools like Video Interview Software, Applicant Tracking System, Online Skill Assessment Tool, iLearn, IConsult, and IDo.

Webpipl also provides services like Interview as a service, Recruitment as a service, recruitment automation, and recruitment marketing. Some of the best features of the video interview software of Webpipl include:

  • The video interview tool helps recruiters with instant interviews backed by excellent feedback systems.
  • It helps speed up the recruitment process seven times.
  • The software helps save at least 83% of recruitment hours
  • Studies show Webpipl’s interview software helps save roughly $4000 for every hire.
  • The software has a panel of more than 5000 qualified panelists with a great deal of experience in hiring qualified candidates.
  • The software allows intelligent scheduling, provides easy integration, and features a robust security system. 

2. Kira Talent

Kira Talent helps provide a holistic solution for people pursuing higher education. It helps students transform their admission process with timed video and written assessments produced on demand.

Using this software, users get a holistic view, save time, and help make unbiased decisions that help the organization in the long run. Some of the key features of the live interviewing software include:

  • Easy-to-use interface and interviewee scheduling within minutes
  • The application shows a structured review you will get all in one place.
  • The software helps generate peace of mind, is dedicated to success, and provides expert guidance.

3. Screening Hive

Screen Hive is one of the best online video interview software that comes with multiple features to ease the work of hiring personnel.

The software helps the user prepare templates of the questions required to ask, helps in the creation of the perfect Interview, helps to send invitations for the required video interview to the required candidates, helps review the answers, and also helps in rating the candidate’s performance, and also helps track all the necessary interviews.

In addition, the user can share the same using a public link. The key characteristics of the video interview software by Screening Hive include the following:

  • The software is easy to use and has an excellent and smooth interface.
  • The software allows sharing of video interviews in the form of recordings.
  • Screen Hive helps produce testing practice, retake an interview, or skip something.
  • The platform is highly secure with advanced modes of security.

4. HireVue

HireVue is a hiring platform that helps provide a fast, fair, and flexible hiring process with cutting-edge technology.

The software gets easily integrated with any form of HR system. Top companies like Unilever and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital trust the platform.

The platform helps hire talent for all purposes, and the best part is AI powers the software. Some of the critical characteristics of the video interview software include the following:

  • The software helps conduct structured interviews that ensure consistent assessment of the required talent in the candidate, which helps in unbiased Recruitment.
  • The platform features a text-powered automated system, which helps accelerate hiring.
  • The platform is integrated with ATS and Calendar, which helps automate hiring.
  • The platform helps provide flexible solutions to the hiring team for better hiring of candidates.

5. HireFlix

Hireflix is one of the most user-friendly, affordable, and robust one-way video interview tools. Thousands of companies use the software to recruit candidates worldwide seamlessly.

Hireflix’s talent recruiting system has thousands of excellent and positive reviews online and is trusted by top companies like CoinGecko, Travel Perk, PGA Tour, etc. Some of the reasons why people should use Hireflix includes the following:

  • The software frees the user from scheduling and dealing with the hassle of organizing interviews
  • The platform helps companies recruit potential candidates in no time.
  • A feature in Hireflix allows the sharing of video interviews in a recorded format.
  • The software also gets integrated with any ATS system easily.

6. Talview

Talview is an Ai-powered interviewing platform that helps students with their assessments and also helps in exam delivery.

The platform has a network of more than 91000 active recruiters. Multiple companies trust the platform, including City Guilds, Mphasis, etc.

The unified system of the online interviewing tool helps people screen faster, take online assessments seamlessly, get analytics and insights of the candidates being interviewed, and also remote proctoring of the ongoing assessment. Some of the best features of the online interview tool include the following:

  • The software helps simplify the process of hiring, screening, and assessing top talents.
  • The platform claims to be the most configurable solution that fits the needs of every hiring official.
  • AI powers the platform and provides real-time insights and intelligent data analytics.
  • The platform is highly protected with no compromise to data security and candidate and recruiter’s privacy.
  • The platform has excellent adaptability on mobile phones and was made keeping mobile first in mind.

Benefits of using video interview software for recruiters and HR managers

The use of technology in Recruitment and fast-forwarding recruiters’ work isn’t a recent phenomenon. The use of video conference tools has been there for many years.

However, companies shifted to remote work during the pandemic, and everything had to be done from home.

Thus, the recruitment mode in almost all the companies in the world has become remote. Multiple benefits of remote Recruitment weren’t clear in the pre-pandemic era. Some of the vital reasons why recruiters nowadays use online interview tools to schedule and conduct interviews are as follows:

1. Power of AI

Most of this software is AI-powered, which helps recruiters with their scheduling burden and screening multiple resumes at once to find the best candidates among many.

2. Candidate Tracking

This software helps improve tracking of a candidate’s performance if multiple stages are involved in the recruitment process.

3. Online Assessment

Gone are those days when there used to be physical written assessment tests. With the advent of Ai-powered online interviews and recruitment tools, candidate assessment can be done over the Internet using specialized data and insights.

4. Removes Bias

Using online interview tools helps remove recruiter biases. Thus, candidates don’t get the scope to complain that the other candidate was chosen because the recruiting panel favored the person more.

5. No Small Talk

Interview tools help reduce the amount of small talk done during the interviews.

6. In-built Questions

Most of this software comes with in-built questions, which helps recruiters save time preparing questions and the required answers.

7. Appealing to the candidates

Using online interview tools shows the company in a positive light, showing how technologically adapted and advanced the company is. It looks appealing to the candidates looking forward to working with the interviewing company.

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