Best Possible Ways to Beat Fear of Government Exams

Fear of Government Exams

Many candidates start biting their nails when the exam date comes closer. This is because of the pressure to crack the exam.

Are you combating exam phobia and is it becoming hard for you to kill it? If yes, then keep your worries at bay.

We can help you to annihilate stress, anxiety and tension of government exams. It is advisable to abide by the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

We assure you one thing that if you follow these tips by heart then for sure you can beat fear of exams.

Also, you can always keep your chin up while preparing for the exam. Keep on reading this article to know about those miraculous tips. 

Be it the SSC CGL exam or civil services exam, it is highly important to keep your nerves calm while studying.

You can perform better in the exam with a cool and poised mind. It is quite normal to feel anxious while preparing for the exam.

But, there are various ways to cope up with the tension of exams. It is advisable to never let these tensions overpower your ability to crack the exam.

Every candidate who is going to appear in the government exams needs to follow the tips and tricks mentioned here. 

Go through the following points to know some of the best possible ways to beat fear of government exams:

Before going through the following points, we would like to tell you that it is essential to acknowledge the things that build up fear in you.

Make sure you kill each and everything that makes you anxious. Here are soulful tips that can aid in calming your nerves while preparing for government exams. 

1. Build optimistic mindset 

We all are well versed with the wonders of positive thinking. When the fear of exams starts getting on your nerves, then make sure you counter them with positive thoughts.

Keep on telling yourself that you can pass the exam with flying colours. However, never let positive thinking make you overconfident. Never shun hard work because your efforts can only help you to taste success in the exam. 

Additionally, make sure you’ve done the ideal preparation. This doesn’t mean you’ve just been reading notes all day.

You should also practice previous year question papers as well. Don’t just ignore it if you can’t complete any part of a question on a past paper; call a friend or, better yet, contact your mentor/tutor.

Remember that if you have trouble answering a question, chances are that other candidates will as well. Never feel anxious when you are unable to solve a question. Instead, ask for help. 

2. Relax

It is important to relax while preparing for exams. You may find this advice lame. But, it’s actually great to feel relaxed while preparing for exams.

You should take short breaks frequently to rejuvenate your mind and regain focus. But, never use your short breaks to use social media.

Choose a productive alternative. For example: You can have a power nap of at least 10 minutes. Also, you can go for a short walk with your family member or a friend. 

However, make sure your short break is not exceeding a certain time limit. If you’ll extend the time of your short break, then there are high chances you’ll waste your time. So, use your time optimally to ace government exam preparation. 

3. Follow healthy routine 

Make sure you follow a healthy routine while preparing for the exam. It is imperative to add brain foods in your diet while preparing for the exam. Here are some healthy food items you need to add in your daily diet:

  • Choose to eat food rich in Omega-3. Such as fish, seaweed, walnuts etc. 
  • Add green leafy vegetables to your diet.
  • Instead of consuming caffeine drinks, you can drink enough water all day to keep yourself active. 
  • Eat dark chocolate when you crave something sweet. 

Additionally, spare some time for exercise as well. It can help you to maintain ideal weight while preparing for exams.

Also, avoid eating junk food as it can cause serious health issues. For sure, you would never like to spoil your exam attempt because of health issues. 

4. Eschew comparison with others 

Comparing yourself with others can actually make you anxious. Candidates usually phone their friends and discuss their exam preparation (progress, amount of planning, and so on).

When they watch their fellow candidate’s success and improvement, they start feeling worried.

So,  pay attention to your preparation and don’t make a big deal about what others are doing to overcome this.

You can easily avoid negative thinking by not comparing yourself with others. Make a timetable suitable for you. When you start doing what’s best for you, for sure you will notice positive outcomes. 

5. Sleep for ideal hours 

You should sleep for ideal hours while preparing for exams. It is advisable to sleep for at least 7 hours in a day.

When you sleep for ideal hours, it can actually relax your mind and help you study in the best possible way.

Note that a restless mind can never let you do tasks with utmost efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to give rest to your mind.

Also, make sure you get quality sleep. Here are some of the excellent ways to improve the quality of your sleep:

  • Sleep in a cool and dark room. 
  • Switch off every digital device at least an hour before going to sleep. 
  • Have a warm water bath before going to sleep.
  • Diffuse some aroma oils in your bedroom. 

6. Ask for help 

Most of the candidates choose to prepare on their own for government exams. It is also a truth that you will not have knowledge of each and everything while preparing for exams.

So, seek help from a trustworthy source while preparing for exams. Either download an exam preparatory app or approach a reputable coaching institute.

Are you struggling to prepare for SSC exams? If yes, then choose to enroll in a brilliant institute that can provide SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


Aforementioned are some of the marvellous ways to beat fear of government exams. We hope that these tips can work wonders for every candidate who is going to appear in upcoming government exams.

Additionally, candidates can search for other ways as well to overcome the fear of exams. 

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