Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming in India that you can buy for your laptop & PC

Best Wireless Mouse in India

Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming in India that you can buy

Computer mouse/mice are a hand-held pointing device. It detects two-dimensional motions relative to a surface. This motion is translated into the motion of the pointer on the display.

That allows a smooth control of the graphical user interface of a computer. Basically, a wireless optical mouse is a convenient choice of many computer operators.

Wired/wheeled mouse can collect dirt, dust & debris inside the wheel trap. That can cause problem in operating it.

On the other hand, wireless mouse uses an LED to sense the movement of mouse. It transmits data via radio. Some type of mouse can be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming in India that you can buy

There are many brands selling wireless mouse in the market. Some of the leading brands are Logitech, HP, ZEBRONICS, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, iBall, Microsoft, Live Tech, Razer, Logitech G, Generic, SteelSeries, Quantum, Cosmic Byte, Casotec, Corsair, Microware, iClever, Glorious PC Gaming Race, havit, Zebion, 3nh, HEATZ, NUBWO, Elecom, Red Champion etc.

1: HP Bluetooth Mouse with 1 Year Warranty

This is HP Bluetooth mouse 250. It comes with adjustable DPI up to 3600, 4.2 Bluetooth® connectivity, 15-Month Long Battery Life and Safe Encryption Technology.

It comes with one-year warranty from the date of invoice. It can be connected through wireless Bluetooth. It is compatible with HP PCs with Bluetooth® 4.2 connectivity configured.

It has special features like optical, wireless Bluetooth & ergonomic design. It has optical movement detection technology.

It stays unbound & stay in control. With this device, you can stay worry-free with its 15-month long battery life.

It has advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology to secure your mouse from data breach. With this device, you can enjoy lag-free Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity & adjustable DPI setting up to 3600.
Its ergonomic design will fit in your hand perfectly.

2: Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse with 12 Months Battery Life

This is Logitech B170 wireless mouse. It has 2.4 GHz with USB Nano Receiver, Optical Tracking, 12-Months Battery Life, Ambidextrous, PC/Mac/Laptop. This wireless device is compatible with laptop.

This product has optical movement detection technology. It has reliable wireless connection. You can enjoy a wireless connection up to 10m away.

It is just because of a plug-and-forget USB mini-receiver. It comes with advanced optical features. It is enable to ultra-precise moves on almost any surfaces.

It comes with USB port, which requires Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, macOS 10.5 or later, Chrome OS, Linux Kernel 2.6+. It has 12-months battery life. So you don’t need to worry about constant battery changing.

Logitech brand is expert you can trust. For more than 30 years, they have created high-quality corded, cordless and Bluetooth products that help you get the most out of your Windows computer, laptop, Mac or MacBook.

It comes with reliable wireless connection. With this device, you can enjoy a wireless connection up to 10m away thanks to a plug-and-forget USB mini-receiver.

The USB receiver will be provided with the wireless mouse. Its advanced optical tracking features enable ultra-precise moves on almost any surface.

3: Zebronics Wireless Mouse with Plug & Play Usage

This is Zebronics Zeb-Dash plus 2.4GHz High Precision Wireless product with up to 1600 DPI. It comes with power saving mode, Nano receiver & plug n play usage.

It can be connected through USB & wireless also. It is recommended for office use. It is compatible with laptop & personal computer.

It comes with special features like it is wireless, ergonomic & optical. This is a wireless mouse with ergonomic form factor. It has 4-buttons like Left/Right/Scroll Click/DPI Switch.

It has USB Nano receiver. This is 2.4GHz high precision product with power saving mode. It has 800/1200/1600 DPI Optical Sensor. It is best for laptop/PC/Mac.

4: Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse

This is Lenovi 300 wireless compact mouse. It has 1000 DPI optical sensor, 2.4GHz Wireless Nano USB, 10m range, 3-button (left, right, scroll) up to 3M left/right clicks & 1yr battery, Ambidextrous & Ergonomic design.

It can be connected through USB. It is compatible to laptop & personal computer. It has wireless laser as special feature.

Its wireless USB can be connecting to laptop/PC. It has 1000 DPI pointing device resolution. This is a 3-button USB laser mouse. It has 10-metres wireless reception range.

It comes with 12-months warranty from the date of purchase.  In case of Wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse.

5: Dell WM118 USB, Wireless Optical LED 3-Button Mouse

This is Dell WM118 USB, wireless optical LED 3-button mouse. It is recommended for office use. It is compatible with personal computer.

With this device you can enjoy the freedom of an easy and reliable wireless connection. It is designed to enhance daily productivity. It has long & efficient battery life.

6: Offbeat RIPJAW Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is Offbeat 2.4Ghz rechargeable wireless gaming mouse. This is a silent click buttons mouse. It has 7D buttons its DPI is 1600,2400,3200. This is a mouse for PC/Laptop/Smart TV & Mac. This is a light weight product.

It can be connected through Wi-Fi. This gadget is recommended for gaming. It is compatible to laptop, PC, notebook, tablets & computers.

It has some special features like dual gaming mode, rechargeable wireless mouse. It has aluminum bottom plate.

It does not require any external battery and it has an in-built Rechargeable Li-ion battery. Once the battery drains you can play it in wired connection simultaneously charging, hence you don’t need to for charging it differently or waiting to get new batteries.

It comes with plug & play feature with auto-sleep. Its integrated time-sensing technology will automatically place your mouse in sleep mode if it is left idle.

It has advanced gaming grade 2.4 wireless connection experience with zero delay between the thoughts & action. Its sensor works exactly with the same speed of 180 inch/sec with a 45 acceleration providing a response time of 1ms.

Its 7D buttons will give you many options in your one hand to tackle around any situation irrespective of the game genre or gamer style.

It has pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons and an easy-to-use scroll wheel. It will give you multiple choices to set the sensitivity parameters suiting your style in best way from 1600-2400-3200 DPI.

This ergonomically light weight designed gadget comes with naturally curved grooves for fingers and thumb.

It will make you feel comfortable. You can hold it for infinity without fatigue. It is handy & easy to operate in compare to other gaming mouse.

7: Portronics Toad Wireless Optical Mouse for Notebook, Laptop, Computer, & MacBook

This is Portronics toad 12 POR-987 wireless 2.4G optical mouse with ergonomic design. It requires USB receiver for notebook, laptop, computer, MacBook, windows & MacOS.

It comes in yellow & white color. It can be connected through wireless & USB. It is compatible with laptop, computer, MacBook & other device.

One battery is required. Its connectivity is 2.4GHz. This wireless device comes with 6-months warranty. It comes with optical movement detection technology.

The overall shape of this device is full with 3D ergonomic design. It can effectively reduce the hand fatigue.

This gadget ensures stable connection, precise tracking, fast data transmission speed, up to 33ft / 10m working distance, eliminating interference.

It is easy to carry when travel, works for all laptops, desktops and Notebooks running Windows, Mac OS X etc.

6-month battery life will help you to go longer between battery changes (battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions).

It is easy to operate. It is convenient, no need any driver, plug and play directly. It’s powered by 1 X AA battery; batteries are not included in the main pack.

8: Matlek Wireless Mouse for Laptop & PC

This is Matlec wireless mouse. It comes with 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It has mini USB receiver. It has 1200 DPI, ambidextrous. It is compatible with PC, MAC, Laptop etc.

It can be connected through USB. It is recommended for office use. It is compatible with Laptop, PC, computer etc. It comes in black color. This plug & play mouse is easy to use.

It does not require any driver to be installed. Its 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology provides a powerful and reliable connection up to 33ft.

This is a portable & noiseless mouse. Portability of this devise makes it easy to store in bag for traveling Its responsive buttons provides very soft click with less noise, no more disturbing for others with the loud clicking sound.

The device requires 2 nos. AAA batteries. Batteries are not included in the main pack. It will turn to sleep mode tin 10 minutes of inactivity for energy saving.

It can be easily activated by clicking any button. This is a PC Mouse with Universal Compatibility. It works perfectly for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4 etc.

Make sure this mouse is connected by USB receiver, hence it will not compatible with MacBook Pro or other devices which only have Type C ports.

9: HARRY & JAMES® Wireless Mouse for Laptops

This is Harry & JAMES® wireless mouse for laptops. It is 2.4GHz portable slim optical mouse. It has 3-level adjustable DPI; it is compatible for computer & MacBook.

This multicolor wireless mouse is compatible with desktop. It can be connected through USB. This device is recommended for office work & gaming.

It is compatible with laptop & PC. This wireless device comes with special features like portability, ergonomic design & LED lights.

This device is highly sensitive. You only need to switch DPI levels to meet both ordinary & gaming needs.

It has advanced optical tracking technology that ensures greater sensitivity for precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.

It is tested over 5 million times clicks lifespan ensures long-term and stable use. It is quieter & silencer to click. It will make you concentrate on your work without disturbing others around you.

With its slim ergonomic design and smooth frosted surface, this wireless Bluetooth mouse will fit comfortably and perfectly in your hands. It will also provide incredible user experience.

Its 2.4Ghz wireless technology can provide a reliable connection, eliminating delays, dropouts, and interference. The range of this cordless mouse is up to 8m.

2.4GHz mode works with laptop, simply plug the USB receiver, desktop or any device with USB port, plug, and play.

It is well compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8, and Linux, etc. It is fit for desktop, laptop, mac, computer, surface pro, MacBook Air, Chromebook, and other devices. You can use this device in the office or at home for gaming or working.

To save power and for long-term usage, this wireless mouse will automatically enter into the sleep mode after 8 minutes of inactivity; it can waken up by clicking any button.

10: FKU Slim Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

This is FKU slim rechargeable wireless mouse. This is a 2.4G Portable Optical Silent Ultra-Thin Wireless Computer Mouse with USB Receiver and Type C Adapter.

It is compatible with PC, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop. It comes in silver color. This device is well compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Vista and Linux etc.

It is fit for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook and other devices. This wireless device comes with special feature like portability. It is soundless & rechargeable.

This rechargeable device is environment friendly. It has built-in rechargeable battery with charging cable. It does not require any extra battery.

You do not need to replace the battery. It is convenient & reduces the environmental pollution of the battery.

This device comes with special soundless design for the right and left buttons. It is quieter and easier to click. It allows you to concentrate on your work without disturbing others.

It will be in sleep mode in 8 minutes of inactivity. Press any button to wake it up. Smart auto-sleep mode of this device saves power.

It comes with well compatibility with Windows XP/7/8/10, Vista and Linux etc. Fits for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook and other devices.

It is strong & durable with long working distance. It has passed 5,000,000 times keystroke test to guarantee extra durability.

2.4GHz wireless technology and professional chip of this mouse ensure longer working distance, reaching up to 33ft (10m). It is widely compatible with Windows XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / ME / 2000 / Mac10.x, etc.

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