10 Best Yoga Mat in India for Home, Gym, Outdoor Workout and Yoga Exercise (Men & Women)

best yoga mat in india

Best Yoga Mat in India for Home, Gym, Outdoor Workout and Yoga Exercise (Men & Women)

Basically, yoga mat is a mat that is especially made for performing yoga. It provides cushioned & non-slippery surface to perform yoga easily, safely & comfortably.

They are also known as sticky mats. It provides cushioning & traction to perform yoga pose. Even you can take it on a rent from yoga center, but it is advisable to purchase own.

They are specially fabricated mats to avoid hands and feet slipping during asana practice in modern yoga as exercise. Earlier, they were made from rubber. It was pioneered by the yoga teacher Angela Farmer in 1982.

Earlier meditative yoga and hatha yoga were practiced on bare ground, sometimes with a deer or tiger skin rug.

These modern mats are suitable for energetic forms of yoga are made of plastic, rubber, and sometimes other materials including hessian and cork, trading off cost, comfort, grip, and weight.

These mats are not compulsory but it may be used to avoid fatalities while performing yoga, you definitely do need a stable mat-like material that will help you with your exercises.

Best Yoga Mat in India for Yoga Exercise & Gym, Home Outdoor Workout

There are many different brands selling yoga mats in the market. Some of the leading brands are as bellow.

STRAUSS, AmazonBasics, Generic, VIFITKIT, Kobo, Fitness Mantra, Adidas, STAG, Reebok, IRIS, Boltt, ARNV, Aerolite, Aprodo, Wiselife, gaiam, The Cube Club, Manduka, ALP, ProsourceFit, Yoga Direct, Retrospec, MagFit etc.

1: PROIRON Yoga Mat, Exercise Mat for Home Gym Fitness Mat for Workout

This is PROIRON yoga mat. This is an exercise mat with free travel carry bag for home gym fitness. This is a non-slip gym fitness mat for workout. It comes in blue color. This product is made from polyvinyl chloride.

This product is made from eco-friendly PVC. It is free from phthalate & lead. As it has non-slippery surface, you can perform all kinds of yoga poses.

It comes with a premium carry bag for easy transportation. This 100% brand new & high quality mat is easy to clean.

It has double sided non-slippery textured surface. It is water proof, dust proof & easy to clean. As it is light weight, it is easy to carry.

It has great slip resistance & flexibility. Even you can perform sit-ups, push-ups, aerobics, yoga on it. It can be used for outdoor use & even for picnic also.

This yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries. It is made of comfortable thickening memory foam; exceptional resilience allows you to keep your balance during any exercise style.


Its moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soapy water. Easy strapping and light weight feature are added to this product for easy transport and storage.

2: Strauss Anti Skid EVA Yoga Mat, Exercise mat

This is Strauss anti-skid EVA yoga mat with carry strap. This 6mm exercise mat comes in grey color. It is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. It should be washed by hand only.

This 6’ long & 2’ wide product ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. As it is made from highly durable material, it comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

It comes with a strap for easy carrying. It is light in weight means easy to transport & storage also. This is an anti-skid mat with textured grip.

It comes with double sided non-slip surface. It has an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries and perform any move with confidence.

It is extremely durable. It lasts more than any other plastic mat. It is free from toxic material.
The product is proudly made in India. 

3: AmazonBasics Thick TPE Yoga Mat for Home Workout

This is AmazonBasics 6mm thick TPE yoga mat. It comes in pink color. This product is made from rubber. This is a premium yoga mat for at-home yoga practice or in-studio classes.

It is useful for Pilates, stretching, meditation, and other strengthening, toning, or restorative floor exercises.

The product is made of soft yet durable, rubber-like, high-density TPE. It offers gentle elasticity and reliable break-resistant strength.

It has cushioning thickness and grippy surface to provide added stability, comfort, and safety when holding or moving through poses. The product comes with 1-year limited warranty.

4: Vifitkit Yoga Mat For Home Gym & Outdoor Workout

This is Vifitkit anti-skid yoga mat with carry bag for home gym & outdoor workout. This 3mm thick product comes in blue color.

It is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. Only hand wash is advisable for this item. It is made from eco-friendly material.

This excellent quality product is eco-friendly. It is made from non-toxic material, that will prevent sweat & dirt from absorbing into the mat.

It has ergonomic & functional design for a perfect yoga asana or workout drill. Its anti-slip technology ensures perfect grip & stability. It is easy to clean.

Its moisture-resistant technology and good quality makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water. It comes with a durable and lightweight carry bag with a stretch closure for easy and safe travels.

5: Kobo Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga and the Gym, Home Workout

This is Kobo NBR athletica yoga mat. This is multi-use thick exercise mat. It is non-slip & anti-tear. It is perfect for hot yoga & the gym, home workout, Pilates, physio & camping.

It including carrying strap. This item is perfect for ladies & gents. It is made from rubber. It is 8 mm Thick and 180 cm by 60 cm high density NBR foam.

It is comfortable and easy to use for any exercise and activity, providing maximum cushioning from impact for legs, knees, backs, and ankles.

The product is slip proof and waterproof. It stabilizes your posture and allows you to practice your favorite exercises without fear of slipping and falling. It is perfect for reducing the likelihood for injuries.

It comes with free easy carry strap, that makes it easy to pick up your favorite mat and be on your way to your preferred exercise method. This is tear proof and damage free.

Because of the resistant material of this product, it will last through any kind of exercise and wear – from yoga, to stretches, to camping, picnicking, or simply standing upon to cushion your ankles during long periods of being on your feet.

It cushions and protects your knees, hips, back and elbows as you exercise. It is especially useful to provide much needed comfort and protection against hard gym floors. The product is made from non-toxic, latex- free and phthalate-free NBR foam.

6: Fitness Mantra® Yoga Mat for Gym Workout and Exercise

This is Fitness Mantra® yoga mat with strap for gym workout & yoga exercise with 6mm thickness. This is a unisex anti-slip yoga mat for both women & men. It is available with free carrying strap.

It comes in purple color. It is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. It should be washed by hands only; machine wash is not recommended.

This is an eco-friendly & anti-tear mat with single sided non-slip surface. It comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries.

The manufacturers believe in creating finest eco-friendly products that are safe for your body, mind and spirit. This recyclable EVA mat is made from biodegradable silicone material.

It is 100% non-toxic and safe to people. Its good quality material will prevent sweat and dirt from absorbing into the mat, it will be easy to maintain.

The product is easy to clean due to its moisture resistant technology. Its high Quality material make it to be easily washed with soap and water.

Its exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style. Even its moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water.

They are very photo degradable and can become brittle if exposed to direct sunlight or put in car trunk of high temperature for extended periods.

Gently bath the product with mild soap and water and a soft cloth. Never place in washing machine or dryer.

It is comfortably thick for a better work out. This 180cm long 60cm wide item ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes.

It comes with high density eco-friendly material. This 6mm thick premium product comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors while keeps you balanced.

7: Adidas Yoga Mat for Home Workout and Yoga Exercise

This is Adidas ADYG-10100VG yoga mat. It comes in vapor grey color. It comes in 8mm thickness. The product is made from ethylene vinyl acetate.

It should not wash in washing machine, only hand wash is recommended for this product. It is compact & rollable.

This item is easy to transport & store. It is ideal for yoga & Pilates. It is made from lightweight, PVC free material. It comes with printed Adidas logo. Main box includes one yoga mat.  

8: Stag Designer Yoga Mat for Workout and Yoga Exercise

This is Stag designer yoga mat. This item comes in yellow & black color. This 4mm thick mat is made from foam.

It produces exceptional resilience and incomparable cushioning. It offers terrific slip-resistance even with perspiration on the mat.

This product is ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning workouts etc. It is washable & easy to store.

It provides proper support to the body. It is durable & flexible for regular use. Main package includes one yoga mat with bag.

9: Reebok Double Sided Yoga Mat for Home, Gym Workout

This is REEBOK double sided yoga mat. This black/desert dust colored product comes in 6mm thickness. It is made from polyvinyl chloride foam.

It is comfortable with rooted contact. It comes in reversible design. Its non-slip base aids stability. It is lightweight and rollable. Carry string included in the main package.

10: IRIS Fitness Foldable PVC Yoga Mat

This is IRIS fitness best travel yoga mat. This is 4mm PVC foldable product. It comes in green color. It is made from polyvinyl chloride. It is recommended for hand wash only.

This 4 mm Premium Foam yoga mat design to improve grip while sweat in exercise and fitness! Its special waterproof layer forms a hygienic barrier to prevent odors and dirty.

Throw it into cool water hand washable and air dryer. This foldable yoga mat is suitable for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts.

As it has a sticky texture, it provides stable footing on the go. This is a folding mat for traveling fitness & exercise.

Mat is measures 24″ x 68″. It is just 4mm thin and weighs approx. 2 lbs. This large folding product is lightweight and compact.

It can foldable easily into a suitcase for travel. It can be carried in the park or on the beach by folding or Rolling into bag or backpack. It is ideal for beginner traveler.

It fits in carry-on bag. It folds to 12”X10” rectangle. It can easily fit in the carry-on or overnight bag. It is also a great alternative to a traditional rolled mat to save space.

This is a perfect product for sports lovers. You can practice with peace of mind that you are not placing your health or the environment at risk.

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