Interview with Bhavna V, Co-Founder of

Bhavna V

An exclusive interview with Bhavna V, Co-Founder of Pioneering Self-Heating Technology

In the realm of innovative solutions, stands out as a trailblazer, introducing pioneering self-heating technology that has captured the imagination of consumers globally. At the helm of this transformative venture is Bhavna V, the Co-Founder of

With a passion for pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking, Bhavna has played a pivotal role in bringing cutting-edge self-heating technology to the forefront of daily life. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Bhavna’s insights, experiences, and the journey that led her to revolutionize the way we experience warmth and convenience through’s groundbreaking products.

Can you provide an overview of for our audience?

Bhavna V: is a platform conceived and conceptualized by us, to be able to connect with our end users, and to be able to deliver them the gift of nature in the form of our most ingeniously crafted self-heating products. Heat has always been an integral part of our age-old healing and comforting processes. And what makes our product range distinctive and efficient, is that all our products heat up on their own, just by coming into contact with our surrounding air.

That’s where we specialize and differ from the conventional techniques of providing heat and warmth to the body. Heat may be needed while traveling to colder destinations, for protection from cold weather, for comforting the body, as well as for getting relief from troublesome pains and aches. Hence, at we provide a complete range of self-heating products that work towards the betterment of human lifestyle.

Can you tell us about your background, your inspiration, and how you became involved in the founding of

Bhavna V: Being a workaholic and belonging to, as well as married into a family of business runners, I successfully steered several business ventures, before happened a few years back. Apart from simply working, I always wanted to do something that added value to other people’s lives. About 8 years back when my husband’s company developed a unique self-heating product made out of all naturally sourced ingredients, we decided to take this further and present this boon to society.

This initiated my involvement in the evolution of this idiosyncratic product, named Warmee. Over the years we delved deep into the development and improvisation of Warmee, making it more and more user-friendly, with constant innovations and better application of science. Serving society with life-enhancing alternatives is our passion and the driving force behind the inception of and making our entire product range.

Can you highlight some key products from the portfolio offered by

Bhavna V: The self-heating product range at falls under 2 categories, viz; Warmee and BluHeat. Warmee consists of various peculiar products in the form of Hand Warmers, Foot Warmers, Body Warmers, and more, where the unique shapes and sizes are designed for each body part, to provide warmth and comfort to people during cold weather conditions or while traveling to colder destinations.

Whereas, BluHeat is a self-heating pain-relief patch, with different products catering to specific concerns like muscle and joint aches or menstrual cramps and more. Hence, the underlying purpose of each product offered at, is to make lives more comfortable and better with the application of simple science.

We have also been constantly improvising on the usability, packaging, resourcing and other aspects of our products to make them more and more fruitful for our end users.

With constant research at our in-house R&D facility, we endeavor to keep expanding our range of products even further, for the sole purpose of serving a wide spectrum of users with their individual needs for relief in the form of comforting heat.

Q. How does differ from other platforms in the market?

Bhavna V: We are proud to say that every product offered at is a result of the diligent efforts and expertise of our core team. Right from ideating and researching to manufacturing and marketing, every process is based on originality and hard work.

Our products are designed for specific needs, especially BluHeat, which is made to seamlessly embrace various contours of the body for fast and effective relief. We pioneer in providing such one-of-a-kind products, wherein individuals can experience alleviation from their pain and discomfort in the most safe, quick and easy way.

All our products are made using natural ingredients, making them harmless for use, and they do not require any external source of energy for heating, thus delivering comfort anytime, anywhere. This is a novel innovation that we endeavor to cater to mankind to ease woes and improve life quality.

How do you stay competitive in the market with other similar products available?

Bhavna V: Our products and ideas are born out of our very own research and expertise. With our prowess and application of some basic scientific principles, we have been able to formulate the most exclusive and revolutionary products that are superior to anything similar.

Our products surpass the basic means of warmth and pain relief because of their distinctive attributes like easy availability, ease of use, natural ingredients that are safe for the skin, and many more. Our ideas are fresh and new, and that at times causes a hindrance in creating product awareness, as people have witnessed such innovative ways of heating solutions for the very first time. This all the more adds to our thrill and gusto of offering the finest solutions to our end users.

How does contribute to the community or society at large?

Bhavna V: Our products are solely designed to ease certain lifestyle woes and enrich the lives of people and society as a whole. Warmee helps to add warmth and value to the travel experiences of people, while BluHeat infuses the right kind of heat and comfort into the body for aiding much-needed relief from pains and aches, right from young children to the elderly.

While another product from the same category works as a trusted savior for women during their menstrual cycle by alleviating their pain and discomfort. So, the wide spectrum of applications that our products offer, is a boon to the society at large.

The well-being of the community is the crux of all our endeavors at We are a constantly innovating company, where research and improvisation never ceases. We envision to continue making lives happier and more comfortable with our superlative and avant-garde products.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation with Bhavna V, Co-Founder of, it becomes evident that her vision and dedication have propelled the company to the forefront of innovation in self-heating technology.’s commitment to redefining comfort and convenience is a testament to Bhavna’s leadership and her team’s relentless pursuit of excellence. With self-heating products that resonate with the modern lifestyle, Bhavna and are not just offering solutions; they are crafting a new standard for warmth and ease in our daily lives.

The journey of, guided by Bhavna’s entrepreneurial spirit, continues to shape the landscape of self-heating technology, promising a future where warmth is not just a necessity but a seamless, indulgent experience.

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