How Big Bazaar online Grocery Store becomes India’s largest retail chain of hypermarkets and discount department store

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar Success Story

The name itself is the story, A Big Bazaar! You can get all your needs, from vegetables to groceries, clothes to footwear, men’s and women’s wear, kids’ wear and their footwear, electronic items, vessels, and many more on one roof.

Going big Bazaar makes me excited because you can get what you want for your daily life. It’s a fashion statement or home accessories, all in one place.

You can get many offers that attract you. This Bazaar is famous for attractive offers and deals are given by the company. By this, you can get profit in your shopping.

The shopping place where you can get the stuff of all generations. The real pleasure of shopping with loved ones can be done here. The place for all from upper-Income groups to lower Income groups is Big Bazaar.

When we think to buy things within our budget, the place first comes in our mind is Big Bazaar. Here you buy your monthly grocery within your budget with good discounts and attractive offers.


The concept of the work came from the mind of Kishore Biyani, who is the owner of Big Bazaar. This person has a big dream to take his business high.

This businessman is from a business family and wants to do something new to achieve good height in business.

Aiming for a good quality product at an affordable price. He gives a new turn to the retail business. Many ups and downs came in the business but Kishore Biyani never gives hope and moves forward with a new hope. Big Bazaar gives a u-turn to his life.

How it all Started

The company was started in 2001. The dilemma is inputting the name. First, they thought ‘Bazaar’, which means Indian mandi, later they thought that this is a big retailer market. So, they put the name ‘Big Bazaar’. The bigger and cheaper bazaar that every class can reach.

How they introduce the Company

At first, they took big cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. Later in 2003, they started in Nagpur with the bang with the welcome of 10 million people.

Such a big opening! There they launch all the household products that are needed for daily use. The customers gain much profit from the regular schemes of Big Bazaar.

Business Model

Big Bazaar operates a B2B business model. The place where all class of people can buy their daily needs.

The place where you can get daily needs to grocery, fashion, electronic items, vegetables, etc in one place, with the lowest price. This megastore is loved by the customers with its exciting offers.

Big Bazaar Campaign

For marketing company gave the punch line ‘Isse Se Sasta Aur Accha Kahi Nahi’. The company also maintains the tagline saying, and yes! it was true, this retail market was the cheapest.

Later in 2005 the company again gives a tag line for a day ‘Sabsey Sasta Din’ and this tag line works. The day was over full by the customers. It’s like half of India is in the store.

By the success of the tag line, the company comes with one more tag line in 2007, they initiated ‘Power of one”, this is the fund campaign that the company was collecting for “Save the children in India”.

The company gets a good response from the customer with its tagline. In 2008, they come up with ‘New Look with a fresh new section fashion@ Big Bazaar’.

This is a new strategy of Big Bazaar where they make actress Asin and the heart of cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni a brand ambassador. Many customers attract to the campaign and get a super profit.

Kishore Biyani – Founder of the Future Group

Now the Company brings a new tag line with new strategies. With the tagline Faces of Fashion@ Big Bazaar, The new ambassador Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhavan rock the event, and the company gets much profit in the event.

In 2010, the company choose Vidya Balan as a Brand ambassador for the tag line ‘Price Challenge’. With this new tag line and strategy, a brand gets the 6th rank among the top 50 service brand in India.

Later in 2011 company has changed the logo and Tag line with a new come-up. The new and appealing Tag line is ‘Naye India Ka Bazaar’. And get connected with Hindustan Unilever.

As all the tag line comes up with the great profits. The company marketing strategies makes the brand up with their rivals.

Big Bazaar Growth

The growth was all dependent upon the strategies taken by the company with every new campaign. Sometimes it increases by 50% and many times it was also seen the decrease of 13% according to the market.

Big Bazaar Competitors

There are many competitors in the market, but at the top are DMart, Bigbasket, and Grofers.

As DMart is also a retail supplier and gives a good discount with many attractive offers, stands first in the race of competition with Big Bazaar. DMart office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and was founded in 2000.

The second Top rival was Bigbasket as the company all things in one place and is an online portal, where customers easily avail all offers, only by sitting at the home.

But still, BigBazaar comes 1 step forward by BigBasket, as still a big population still relies on self-shopping besides online one.

Gofers is also the top competitor of BigBazaar. The company was from Gurgaon, India.

But with her smart marketing strategy company comes up one step forward.

Big Bazaar gets new logo, the tag line on completion of 10 years

Big Bazaar! The biggest retail chain and lifestyle format has decided to change its logo and tagline after 10 years.

The new tag line is “Naye India Ka Bazaar”. The new tagline with new features and with new development.

They make a new tagline by replacing the old one” Isse Sasta Aur Accha Kahin Nahin”.

The new Tag line gives a new turn to the company. This marketing strategy works and attracts many customers to the store.

Big Bazaar- Future Plans

Now Big Bazaar is planning for the expansion of the company with new strategies and new products. It is willing to expand into the tier-II cities of India including Agra, Bhavnagar, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bhiwandi, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Gorakhpur, Guwahati, Indore, Jaipur,Jodhpur, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Nashik, Varanasi, and Vishakhapatnam.


The best shopping market for the customer, where they all daily needs in one roof. The biggest retail store with new and attractive schemes and strategies that give saving to the customers. The company expands its business by opening 250 stores in 120 cities across India.

The main thing that Big Bazaar wants to promote is its Large Bazaar style. The place where the customer gets all its daily needs.

The Customer of all statuses can come here and buy their daily need with amazing saving schemes.

The Company has also smart marketing strategies with Tag lines and a brand ambassador that makes the customer attracts to the Big Bazaar store.


What is Big Bazaar?

Big Bazaar is a retail departmental store that provides all daily necessities in one place with good discounts and attractive offers. By this customer can save money on their monthly expenses. All needs under one floor.

Who is the founder of Big Bazaar?

Kishore Biyani, the mind behind big Bazaar and the founder of the company.

When was Big bazaar Founded?

In 2001 the Big Bazaar come up with all strategies.

Who is the CEO of big Bazaar?

Sadashiv Nayak is the CEO of Big Bazaar. The man behind all success.

Why Big Bazaar gives a new marketing Tag line every time with a new scheme?

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The big bazaar plays a new strategy to attract its customer. The new Marketing Tag line comes with a new offer and with a new brand ambassador. This attracts the customer and they come to store to avail offers.