Boost Your Productivity with G&G Jumbo Toner Cartridges

Jumbo Toner Cartridges

In a busy office, the last thing anyone needs is the constant disruption of a “Low Toner” message during printing tasks. To address this common problem, G&G provides a high-yield version of toner cartridges – Jumbo series. Designed specifically for high-volume printing, Jumbo cartridge is a good choice for those who seek more efficient printing experience with substantial printing needs.  

Extended Page Yield

Talking about printing, one of the biggest needs is to save costs without compromising quality. By adding more toner and reinforcing the components, G&G has developed their Jumbo printer cartridges. This series comes with an impressive page yield of up to 25,000 pages, giving you lower cost per page.

Exceptional Print Quality

Beyond sheer volume, the quality of prints matters. G&G Jumbo cartridges use top-quality toners, ensuring that all documents come out looking sharp and professional every time. They help you save costs, all while ensuring you can get the best print results.

Less Downtime, More Productivity

One of the primary headaches in office printing is the frequent need to replace printer cartridges. Jumbo series is designed for high-volume printing with its extended page yield. This means there is no more frequent replacements disrupting your workflow. With Jumbo printer cartridges, your team can focus on the task at hand without the constant worry of running out of toner. They are the perfect solution for keeping your office running smoothly.

Smart Chips for MPS Applications

The cartridge chip can only keep track of a certain number of pages. Once it hits that limit, it can’t track more, and a “Low toner” message will be sent to the MPS (Managed Print Service) suppliers.

But it doesn’t mean the toner is really low; it’s just because the chip can’t read the supply status beyond its limit. This can lead to changing supplies too early and creating unnecessary waste.

To fix this, G&G developed smarter chips that can track up to 25,000 pages. This ensures accurate tracking of supply levels, so MPS suppliers know exactly when to replace cartridges—no more unnecessary replacement.

Tailor to Your Industry

Whether you work in finance, government, healthcare, or education, printing plays an important role, because the printed documents and images influence how others think about you. Both efficiency and quality matter. And G&G Jumbo cartridges are tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry, whether you seek higher productivity or top-quality performance.

Choosing G&G’s Jumbo printer cartridges means you can print more, replace less, and enjoy uninterrupted productivity. Make the smart choice today!

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