Boost Your Profits Every Week: Unveiling Stake’s Exclusive Bonus Offers

Stake is one of the best online casinos known for its wide selection of promo codes and contests. provides their customer with Monthly, Weekly, and Daily bonuses.

Every Week provide their loyal users weekly bonus to engage more people. So, here’s let’s know about the list with Stake weekly bonuses.

What Is The Weekly Bonus On Stake?

The weekly bonus on Stake is a bonus that provide their VIP customers every week. With this bonus, the players can enjoy a $75,000 prize pool.

This weekly bonus is announced every Saturday at 1:30 pm GMT. This bonus is calculated using the player’s activity over the last 7 days.

To get this weekly bonus a player must participate in the games. A minimum of $1000 wager needs to place to secure a ticket.

You can book unlimited tickets. If you have a high number of tickets the chances of winning are high. After this, the winners are selected and the prize money of $75,000 is divided among 15 players within 1 hour. Players can use this prize in both the casino and sportsbook sections.

How To Claim Your Weekly Stake Bonus?

The weekly bonus is for their existing players. Players will be rewarded with this bonus every Saturday at 1:30 pm GMT.

To claim this weekly bonus you need to have an account. If you do not have an account in you can create one. So, here see below the steps to claim a weekly bonus.

To claim the weekly bonus first you need to log in to the stake account and go to the Promotion section.

After that start wagering. You need to keep wagering to get yourself into the VIP club.
After that, you have to join a Telegram group to receive the Stake weekly bonus link.

In this link, you will know the lucky winners. Next, you have to follow the instructions given in the link.

The winners are declared at 1:30 pm GMT, and the prizes are giveaway at 3:00 pm GMT. The calculate their winners with the help of Google generator. That makes the winners fair.

How To Calculate Stake Weekly Bonus?

Stake uses mathematical formulas and a Google generator to select the winners to make the competition fair.

But the users are unaware of how stake calculates the winners. to help the users to get a high chance of winning we4 are giving the formula to calculate the weekly bonus on Stake. See this below…

The Stake weekly bonus winners are based on some factors. These are your VIP level at stake, Wagers in the last 7 days, and the bets you win. Let’s know in detail.

The high VIP level has a high chance to win the weekly bonus. so, if you want to win the weekly bonus you need to level up your VIP account.

To Level up you need to spend more wager in Stake. So, the high the VIP level is the chance of winning is high.

Spending is also a major factor that affects winning. The Weekly bonus depends on how much wager a user spends in the last 7 days. The more you spend in 7 days the higher the chances of winning will get.

And lastly, the result of your bet affects the winning. The more bets you win in the Stake the more your winning chances get closer.

So, from this, we get to know that you need to spend more and more wagers in Stake games and win more bets to win the Weekly bonus.

The exclusive bonus cannot be claimed by anyone who does not have a account. To be eligible for the bonus, a $50 minimum deposit must be made following the confirmation.

Within 24 hours of making a deposit and looking over the account, the 200 percent bonus of up to $1,000 in total will be credited.

All games at the casino and sportsbook can use your bonus.’s general terms and conditions are combined with the bonus.

What Are The Stake VIP Levels?

As you can see Stake has VIP programs that have levels. These Levels help you to get chances of winnings.

There are different types of VIP levels. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum I-III, Platinum IV-VI, and Diamond.

To level up you need to spend more and more wager. Players of higher levels have a high chance of winning and getting better and bigger rewards

The wager amount of the VIP Bronze Level is $10k,
 The wager amount of VIP Silverand and Gold Level is $50k-$100k
The wager amount of VIP Platinum I-III Level is $250k-$1M
The wager amount of VIP Platinum IV-VI Level is $2.5M-$10M
The wager amount of VIP Diamond Level is $25M

Who Can Participate In The Stake’s Weekly Bonus?

Anyone can participate in any of the weekly contests as long as they have an active account at online casino is available in all 45 states in the United States. The main exemptions are that inhabitants from Washington, New York, Nevada, Idaho, and Kentucky can’t play on the site.

In addition, you can’t play casino games or open an account unless you’re at least 21 years old. The will offer bonuses to its most loyal players more frequently. As a result, compared to new players, players at higher levels receive greater rewards.


This is the guide of list with Stake weekly bonus. From this guide, we get to know how to win Stake weekly bonus.

The winning chances are simple. Spend more and more wagers and win most of the wagers to get a high chance of winning at weekly bonuses give exclusive rewards to their loyal players. Every week the bonuses get more and more impressive. So, play stake to get more bonuses and rewards.

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