Success Story of Surinder Rawat & Manish Kumar – Founder BootesNull, India’s Best Software Development Outsourcing Company

Surinder Rawat - Manish Kumar – Founder BootesNull

Mr. Surinder Rawat & Mr. Manish Kumar, entrepreneur and founder of BootesNull, India’s best software development outsourcing company. Both were born and brought up in the North region of India.

Once completing primary education, they opted for a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology for higher education.

After completion of a Bachelor’s degree, the lads started a career in the IT industry as software engineers. Although they took small steps to move ahead and build a successful career, they always dream big.  

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In 2013, Surinder and Manish met each other for the first time in an IT company where they joined as full-stack developers.

Later, they were team-mates and worked together for years. As a team, they developed multiple applications, products, websites, etc. for small-scale to enterprise-level businesses. 

After working for 7+ years together, they realized both possess great skills, vast experience, and technical expertise in software or web development. One day, they had a conversation regarding a business start-up together.

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Initially, it was just a rough thought but the entrepreneur inside Mr. Rawat & Mr. Kumar was ready for the new journey as a young and talented business tycoon.

However, they were well-versed with the fact that “A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish.” So considering the same fact, they started planning while working in a company for a full 9-5 job.

Since the beginning of the career, both were cultured with planning, execution, and implementation along with result-driven outcomes via utilizing the full resources accurately.

It definitely took them more than 2+ years to establish their own business but they never ever had a second thought about it. This is one of the biggest qualities of Manish and Surinder which help them accomplish their goal.           

Finally, in 2019, they started a web development company with the name “BootesNull”. The term Boötes is a constellation in the northern hemisphere containing one of the brightest stars in the night sky, Arcturus and Nullrefer to having no legal or binding force or nonexistent

At first, they preferred to take small steps. Therefore, they worked themselves on the projects. Gradually, they hired other developers, designers, QA, etc.

But both of them always believed in young and passionate talent. Fortunately, a couple of young people with the zeal to learn technology were found.

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With tiny steps, a million efforts, and huge beliefs, both were moving ahead in the entrepreneurial journey. In the time span of just 2 years, they successfully built a big and strong team. Also, delivered multiple successful projects to clientele worldwide including Canada, UK, USA, etc.

Presently, the organization “BootesNull” and both the entrepreneurs, Mr. Surinder Rawat & Mr. Manish Kumar have a very renowned name in the global IT industry.

In fact, clients across the world seek software development outsourcing services from them because they never compromise with the quality of the work even at the most competitive price.

The entire crew in the organization is highly talented and dedicated. As a result, in such a short duration of time, BootesNull obtained huge success and made a unique impact globally.

Although it is an IT firm still, the work environment is very happening instead of boring. Additionally, there are often parties, games, outings, etc. to boost the enthusiasm of employees.

The 2 successful entrepreneurs Manish and Surinder thoroughly understand that fun activities are extremely vital for a positive work environment and result-driven upshots.  

In the upcoming future, Mr. Kumar & Mr. Rawat see themselves as the top entrepreneurs of the world especially, in the IT industry.

In order to fulfill the aim, they plan to move into AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things), etc. Because they very well understand the importance and value of technology in the future by living in the present.

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