Bootstrapped Assamese Jewelry Brand – Kharikajai puts its indigenous jewelry on the world stage with its Kahini collection

Kharikajai Kohini collection

Guwahati: Assamese jewelry mirrors its rich cultural history, one that is largely unearthed and not recognized by jewelry enthusiasts.

Being amongst the seven sister states of the north east their jewelry is native, handmade by local artisans whose work has largely been the skill learned handed down over several generations.

One brand that has taken upon itself the mantle to take Assamese Jewelry and their culture on a global scale is Kharikajai by Shivani Sharma.

The Jewelry collection at Kharikajai reflects the flora and fauna of Assam’s virgin land, and its cultural identity.

The work finds mention of local artisans, who have been involved for years, hand making the jewelry that can be paired timelessly for numerous occasions.

This is what inspired Kharikajai founder Shivani Sharma to come up with her first collection aptly called Kahini – Stories of the Golden Era.

With Kahini, Shivani has kept her mission and vision clear i.e. “To be the first Bootstrapped Assamese Jewelry Brand to find global recognition”.

The Kahini collection is her first and with the assortment of rings, bracelets, bangles, neckpieces it allows for great jewelry shopping especially for women who like a more natural taste.

Shivani Sharma Voices “Much of the handmade jewelry at Kharikajai is a work of art with the karigari skills sometimes going back to over 100 years.

I have personally picked and chosen pieces for the Kahini that women having a liking for natural taste would enjoy wearing. Moreover, the pieces do not have nickel which makes them skin friendly and can be worn for a longer duration”.

 The pandemic has taught us to dwell on the journey inwards, a little pause on extravagant luxury.

In that light staying in the shade of nature inspired jewelry would be a great way to begin the New Year and brands like Kharikajai are surely moving ahead in the right direction.

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