Brinton Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Announces to Expand Global R&D Lab in the UK

Brinton Pharmaceutical Ltd

Key features:

  • Brinton is committed to developing innovative formulations for consumer healthcare as well as specialty care in Dermatology, Paediatric, Respiratory & Family physician specialities as well as nutraceuticals. The organization has introduced 14 unique formulations in India to address unmet patient needs of people in the country.
  • The company is planning to use its global research and development centre in the UK to create affordable novel products using niche technologies.
  • The team understands the critical importance of the highly skilled sector human capital available in the UK which can help them in developing an innovative portfolio of products for the global life sciences market.
  • Brinton Pharmaceuticals has ambitious growth plans for the UK and wants to be a key partner in the UK healthcare ecosystem to synthesize world class research and innovation interventions leading to the making of top medical products.
  • The company will also be creating high value job opportunities across the various domains and skill set of the life sciences industry in the UK.

April 22, 2022, Pune, Maharashtra, India: Brinton Pharmaceutical Limited, which has a strong presence in India & globally in 24 countries has decided to invest in a global research and development center in the United Kingdom.

The company plans to invest GBP 30 million over the next five years to strengthen its product pipelines, create 300 highly skilled jobs and develop innovative products for its global consumers.

The proposed life sciences research and development centre in North of England region of UK will support acceleration of the company’s research in the areas of biotechnology, health and life sciences. The investment helps the company engage in a thriving life sciences ecosystem, supporting their global ambitions to build next generation healthcare products.

UK-India Collaboration:

  • The company looks towards UK as a partner to achieve its international aspirations. UK provides a collaborative business environment which is dedicated to nurturing science and innovation with access to some of the finest pharmaceutical talent, excellent global connectivity and a broad range of opportunities across the healthcare and life sciences sector.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Trade and investment between the UK and India is creating good jobs and sustaining livelihoods in both of our countries. I’m very pleased that Brinton Pharmaceuticals has decided to join the legions of Indian companies investing in the UK, boosting our healthcare sector and driving economic growth.

RahulKumar Darda, Chairman and Managing Director of Brinton, said, “Our long-term business plan is based on research and innovation. The primary objective is to generate a high-quality portfolio of niche-differentiated products that answer unmet needs. This is a significant step in our long journey to growth and we are quite excited.

We continually strive for unparalleled operational excellence by harnessing on research and development, production, quality, and regulatory compliance standards. Our Global Capacity Partnership Pool (GCPP) ensures significant operational synergy in bringing innovations to life, Darda added.

Brinton has recently been in the news for its strategic alliance for Heritage Brand Krack Cream and Globally No. 1 Scholl’s footcare range of products.

Market Needs:

  • The UK is a global life sciences leader providing companies with the right business environment to help them invest and build their global identity in the industry. The country provides a very high-end dedicated research infrastructure to support companies who want to develop cutting-edge therapies and treatment pathways for patients.
  • The UK government is supporting research, development and overseas investment in the life sciences sector with its proactive interventions. The government is looking to increase R & D spending to 2.4% of GDP by 2027.
  • UK’s public healthcare system, National Health Service (NHS England) is a key partner to life sciences companies who are keen to enhance the healthcare amenities and patient care services offered to people in UK. The NHS has some of the finest hospitals and clinicians who can help companies in their efforts to create affordable, world-class patient care systems. Initiatives around innovation, research and development.

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