Bunaii | House of Knits and Krafts

Bunaii - House of Knits and Krafts

To craft something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail – Giorgio Armani 

Born with the vision to embrace and revive the dying art of knitting, crochet & handcraft Bunaii has been passionately working towards reviving the intricate art form, while simultaneously helping enrich and empower lives along the journey.

Inspiration& Initiation | Revival of a Dying Art

Founders Prerna Ukani and Tshiden Lama realised that they could bring together two things that were close to their heart; helping rural women and reviving a dying skill.

They noticed a gap in the market for delicately handcrafted knit and crochet products that were also customisable; making it both niche and unique.

Given Prerna’s deep connection to her hometown Kurseong, where handicraft is an essential skill, this struck a chord in her. She wanted to not just hold on to the dying art form, but also to modernise it to be better than ever before.

And there was no better way for a woman to do so than by collaborating and empowering other fellow women. So in 2019, Prerna with her corporate background, and Tshiden with a degree in Design joined forces to launch Bunaii; House of Knits and Krafts.

Product Portfolio – Handmade, Custom and Artisinal 

Having initially launched bed runners, cushion covers & coasters, Bunaii now has a much more extensive product portfolio and they offer personalised and customized products as well.

Every Bunaii product is lovingly crafted with the utmost care, skill and thoughtfulness to bring the clients the best-handcrafted experience. 

Some of the bestsellers at Bunaii include colourful cushion covers from their home décor collection; and fashionable bralettes, berets, sweaters, mufflers and caps from its wearable category. Creative and unique tea sets, office sets and adorably crafted baby items, bags and Totes are also quite popular.

Empowering Independent Women | The Women of Bunaii

Female empowerment lies at the very core of Bunaii’s philosophy. It has always been Bunaii’s mission to give the local women a platform to utilize their skills and take charge of their financial well-being.

By collaborating, inspiring and working closely with the team, Bunaii creates products that showcase the craftsmanship and skill of these artists.

At the start of their journey, Bunaii collaborated with women of the Darjeeling District and North East India to beautifully and skillfully handcraft each product.

Today, Bunaii’s team has expanded to regions in Gujarat, working with the women there and providing them similar support to showcase their craft and enhance their livelihoods.

The Journey So Far

What started as a small business born out of a passion for a dying art form is now taking on bigger and grander projects. Bunaii as a startup works towards the development of the knitting community and its welfare.

A percentage of revenue earned from sales goes towards the welfare of the knitting community. Besides helping the local women find their financial independence, Bunaii also imparts training to unskilled people who are interested in pursuing a new vocation.

Bunaii’s work model is a perfect fit for these women as it allows them the opportunity to work from home. 

While Bunaii is constantly working towards enriching lives and enhancing the livelihood of artists, Bunaii also has plans to further expand and grow by identifying areas of collaboration. 

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Bunaii products range from INR 50 to INR 15,000. Bunaii also accepts custom orders to give you the best customer experience.