Business Opportunities in Vietnam for Indian Entrepreneurs: A Comprehensive Guide

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Business Opportunities in Vietnam for Indian Entrepreneurs: A Comprehensive Guide

Indian entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing the vast potential of Vietnam as a destination for investment.

With its vibrant youth population, fast-growing economy, and strategic location in Southeast Asia, there is no shortage of money-making opportunities to leverage.

This article takes an insightful look into why the S-shaped country has become such a promising hub for investors from India – along with some key sectors and attractive business opportunities in Vietnam for Indians.

Why do business in Vietnam?

Vietnam offers Indian entrepreneurs an array of advantages that make it a top choice for investment. Firstly, the country’s rapid economic growth and steady political stability make it an attractive environment for investors to explore.

Its young population and overwhelming support from the government have been key catalysts in driving the nation’s economy at such a rapid pace.

Additionally, Vietnam is recognized as a cost-effective manufacturing hub in Southeast Asia with its advantageous labor costs, relatively mature infrastructure, and numerous privileges provided by government policies aimed at incentivizing foreign investments.

Top 6 business opportunities in Vietnam for Indians

The sectors open to foreign investment in Vietnam are diverse – ranging from energy and retail to food production and tourism to name but a few. Here are some of the top business opportunities in Vietnam that Indian entrepreneurs should consider:

1. Online retailing

With over 50 million Internet users, Vietnam has long been an attractive market for virtual retail. The sector has seen steady growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic – and it’s forecasted to remain profitable in the long term.

For Indian entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this market, launching an e-commerce business is a great place to start.

You may either start with well-established local marketplace platforms such as and Shopee – or launch your independent e-commerce website.

2. Food production

Vietnam is known for its diverse cuisine – ranging from mouth-watering street food to hearty homestyle dishes.

The country’s rapidly growing middle class is driving demand for a variety of processed and packaged food items – making it an ideal sector for Indian entrepreneurs to tap into.

If you are considering a business in the food production industry, there is no shortage of opportunities at hand.

From setting up an organized restaurant chain to launching packaged snacks and drinks – the possibilities are endless.

3. Tourism

The tourism sector has seen a massive resurgence in Vietnam in recent years – in fact, the country is set to become one of the top destinations for travelers from India.

Statistics from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) indicate that the number of Indian tourists visiting the country increased by 13.2% in 2019 alone – hence, it’s no surprise that investors are hoping to capitalize on this growth.

For those looking for a business opportunity in Vietnam, starting a travel agency or setting up tour packages is an option worth looking into.

You could also consider launching a hospitality venture such as a boutique hotel or resort – complete with unique cultural experiences and customized services to make your guests’ stay more memorable.

4. Digital marketing

Vietnam’s digital landscape is expanding exponentially, creating a wealth of opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs to explore.

With investment from the government in advanced digital infrastructure, businesses have access to a variety of innovative tools and services which can be leveraged to set up or expand their presence online.

For instance, businesses can establish a digital marketing consultancy to offer services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content marketing.

5. Software development

Vietnam is home to a burgeoning tech industry – characterized by an increasing demand for software developers.

There is also a high demand for application development services and mobile app development – which makes it an ideal space to foray into.

One of the greatest benefits of starting a software development business in Vietnam is the ability to tap into the abundant local talent.

This way, you are more likely to find a pool of skilled and experienced professionals who understand the local market – enabling them to quickly develop robust and scalable software solutions.

6. Professional training

Vietnam is quickly becoming a hub for highly skilled professionals, due to its booming economy and rising population.

This results in ample opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs to take advantage of the corporate training and development services available in the country.

Whether it be providing soft skills courses or launching executive education programs, there are many ways Indian businesses can get involved in this sector.

One way to do so is by offering their services independently as consultants, where they meet with clients one-on-one and provide valuable advice on how to improve their professional skills.

Another option is to collaborate with renowned local training providers like ITD World Vietnam, which offers custom business solutions tailored to the varying needs of the local market.

In addition to this, they also offer high-quality corporate training programs that help individuals develop their professional skills.

Tips on how to navigate the Vietnamese market successfully

  • Understand the regulations: Ensure that you have a firm grasp of the local laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues. This is especially important in the food production, tourism, and digital marketing sectors – where many stringent policies are in place.
  • Do research: Take some time to do extensive research on potential business opportunities as well as the competitive landscape in Vietnam.
  • Foster relationships: Building strong relationships with local stakeholders is key to success. Make use of networking opportunities and create a network of reliable partners and suppliers who can help you along the way.
  • Find an appropriate partner: Consider finding a local partner who is familiar with the dynamics of the Vietnamese market as they can provide invaluable insights and guidance.
  • Get support: Lastly, take advantage of the various government schemes and initiatives to help you navigate the Vietnamese market. For instance, the India – Vietnam Relations – Ministry of External Affairs provides a comprehensive list of assistance programs and support services.


Is Vietnam a good place for Indians?

Yes, Vietnam is an ideal destination for Indian entrepreneurs seeking to expand their operations abroad.

With a population of over 95 million and a thriving economy, the country offers vast opportunities in numerous industries.

Moreover, the cost of living is lower than in other Asian countries, making it an attractive option for business owners.

What are the benefits & challenges of doing business in Vietnam?

Doing business in Vietnam offers a wealth of potential for foreign entrepreneurs. The country boasts a rapidly expanding economy, driven by increased industrialization and strong government support schemes.

With low operational costs, investors can take advantage of attractive incentives that help to offset the risk of doing business in Vietnam.

In addition to access to a vibrant and growing economy, Vietnam also offers an abundance of talented local professionals well-versed in the domestic market. The local workforce is typically well-educated.

Despite these advantages, some challenges may arise when doing business in Vietnam. Entrepreneurs must navigate complex legal systems and regulations, find suitable partnerships, and keep up with their competition while operating within the country’s unique cultural environment.

How can I explore and research potential business opportunities in Vietnam?

Research is paramount to identifying potential markets, assessing competition, and evaluating the feasibility of a particular venture.

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a great starting point for researching business opportunities in the country – and gathering information on the legal, financial, and economic aspects of doing business in Vietnam.

In addition to VCCI, local newspapers, and websites are also great resources for conducting research, as they contain valuable information about the latest news and trends in your industry, which can help you pinpoint potential opportunities.

Final thoughts

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Navigating the Vietnamese market can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By following the guidelines above, Indian entrepreneurs should be able to take advantage of the various business opportunities in this country.