Buy branded furniture online at Durian store, home and office furniture company in Mumbai, India

Buy branded furniture online at Durian store

When it comes to choosing furniture, or say anything in general for your house, you choose brands that provide qualitative and reliable products. One such brand that got appreciated for its aesthetic, qualitative, innovative products and customer service is Durian. Started with the retail and wholesale trade of plywood in 1981, the company put up its production unit in Maharashtra in 1995.

Durian, made it to the internet, to kick start its e-commerce in the year 2015. People have entrusted Durian with the responsibility to add a flavor of luxury and class with their branded products.

Features and Specifications:

  • Durian has been lauded for creating innovative designs, keeping in mind the comfort of the customers.
  • The qualitative products have been making people fall in love with the brand itself. Customers are loyal to the brand that stays loyal to them. The designs and durability of Durian products are quite impressive.
  • A variety in the collection, giving a person a whole lot of choices to choose from, is yet another reason why people love Durian.
  • With good discounted rates during festivals and sales and convenient sit-at-home shopping, it has made Durian the first choice.
  • From prompt delivery, easy installation to good customer service, Durian leads in the furniture domain.
  • The good service of the staff has been the cherry on the cake. This has had a huge role in maintaining a long-term relationship with the customers.

Why should you try the Durian store to buy branded furniture online?

Although there is no reason for you to not try it, let us help you out. Durian lifts your home to a whole new level with its branded, elegant products. As compared to any other brand in the same domain, Durian has managed to build trust with its customers by delivering good-quality products, good service at a very good price. The durability of Durian products has indeed added credibility to their work and maintained transparency with its customers.

Durian Reviews:

“I always suggest Durian plywood to all my clients for their furniture. We have purchased in large quantities a variety of plywood for various parts of the home and offices we have designed over the last 10 years. The ply that Durian makes is of good quality and finish helping us stay stress-free because we know there will be no complaints.” -Amarjeet Syali

“Purchased office chairs 5 years ago. Found them to be aesthetic and durable. Currently still using the same products.” -Madam Singla

It is very well understood that anything you invest in, should be worth your money. Durian products have had a good history, with them being durable, being in good condition for a minimum of 10 years at least.

From comfort to variety, using good leather to being the leading trader of the best-quality plywood, Durian has become a one-time solution to a lot of problems. With the summers hitting in, and the festival of guests coming over, make your home look like a palace with the beauty and elegance of Durian products.

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Once experienced, you’ll realize that not just you, but all your coming generations would be in love with Durian too.