Cadila Pharma launches Belmore to treat uncontrolled LDL-cholesterol

Cadila Pharma Belmore

Belmore, the brand name of Bempedoic acid, is a novel drug for the treatment of high LDL-cholesterol.

Ahmedabad-based Cadila Pharmaceuticals has launched a novel drug for the treatment of high LDL cholesterol for the first time in India.

To be sold under the brand name Belmore, Bempedoic acid is a one-of-its-kind drug for the treatment of high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol.

High LDL cholesterol can lead to serious life-threatening heart complications due to blockage in blood vessels.

As per published data, more than 30 % of adults in urban areas and 20 % in rural areas in India are suffering from this silent disease.

Statins are the group of drugs used to control LDL cholesterol but in more than 80 % of the patients, these drugs either do not give optimum control or are not tolerated.

“Belmore (bempedoic acid) provides additional benefits to patients, and all pre-launch studies have established this advantage.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

Belmore is one more addition to our fast-growing portfolio of indigenous innovations. We are committed to continuing our journey of making affordable drugs available to everyone,” said Jawad Zia, CEO , Domestic  Prescription Business, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest privately-held pharma companies in the country and has been engaged in the development and production of high-quality but affordable medicines for patients around the world.

The launch of Belmore, which helps in lowering LDL-cholesterol level and lowers the risk of heart ailments, is another important milestone in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

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