Cadila Pharmaceuticals launches Tikacad®

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Tikacad

Ahmedabad: Cadila Pharmaceuticals launches Tikacad® in India, an antiplatelet drug-containing Ticagrelor, a P2Y12 platelet inhibitor indicated to reduce the rate of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, and stroke in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or a history of myocardial infarction (MI).  

One in 4 deaths in India are because of CVDs where ischemic heart disease and stroke is responsible for >80% of this burden.

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a syndrome (set of signs and symptoms) due to decreased blood flow in the coronary arteries such that part of the heart muscle is unable to function properly or later results into fatality.

To reduce this burden, Cadila Pharmaceuticals launched Tikacad® which has shown to reduce stroke incidence by 19% and ischemic stroke by 20%.

For at least the first 12 months following ACS, it superior to has shown better results compared to Clopidogrel.

“With the launch of Tikacad®, we want to give quality care and medications to heart patients.

Tikacad® is the next in the long line of Cardiac specialty drugs produced by Cadila Pharmaceuticals such as Nodon and Teli AM.

We are on a mission to keep serving the community” said Mr. Ravikiran Numburi, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

“Tikacad® is a ray of hope for patients of Cardio-vascular diseases. With Tikacad® we aim to reduce the suffering of these patients and help them lead a long and happy life.

We are committed to our promise of quality care and are constantly working towards finding the next innovative drug for our patients” said Mr. O.P. Singh, President -Sales and Marketing, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Tikacad is available in the form of 90mg tablets. Tikacad® containing Ticagrelor reduces the rate of stent thrombosis in patients who have been stented for treatment of ACS.

Ticagrelor can also be used for the primary prevention of stroke in patients with coronary artery disease as approved by the USFDA.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals has always been focused on making sure high quality, affordable and life-saving treatments are within the reach of patients.

Recently, Sepsivac® an innovative drug from Cadila Pharma received the pharma excellence award for being the most promising drug in the fight against COVID-19.

Cadila Pharma has also recently launched 4 biosimilar products in the past 2 months under the brand name Bevaro™, Ritucad™, Cadalimab™ and NuPTH for treatment of cancer and osteoporosis.

Cadila plans to launch multiple biosimilar products this year for the Indian Market. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ( is one of the largest privately-held pharmaceutical companies in India.

It has recently concluded and cleared USFDA inspection successfully in February 2020. Over the past six decades, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of affordable medicines and in making them available for patients across the world.

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Its innovation-driven drug discovery processes ensure the health and well-being of people around the world.