Cameleo Fashion, India’s first ever interchangeable sandals for women launched in India

Cameleo Fashion

~  One shoe, multiple stylish looks in just 3 simple steps ~

Amp up your footwear game this season with the newly launched brand Cameleo Fashion, India’s first ever interchangeable sandals for women.

The amazing innovation in footwear is sustainably designed to deliver comfort and provide inevitable love for options.

The detachable straps, soft soles and fabric uppers let you change on the go according to your mood. 

Flaunting a new pair of fashionable sandals everyday is now just 3 steps away. All you need to do is choose the comfort of your sole, mate it with the perfect strap and add it to your wondrous collection.

Cameleo Fashion allows you to effortlessly style your outfits with its unlimited soles and infinite straps.

Cameleo Switch Flops is a majestic collection of Switch Flops with soft soles and fabric uppers.

The collection gives you a wide range of colours in soft soles and fabric uppers as per your preferences.

You can pick the colour of your choice and just slay in comfort. Imagine how versatile your fashion can get!

Cameleo Strap Sandals is a collection for your everyday wear. With infinite options and colours, pick and choose from the myriad of leather soles and leather uppers, exclusively made for the woman in you.

Cameleo Fashion aims to provide you with the perfect collection of footwear in just a single pair. 

Commenting on the unique innovation, the founder of Cameleo Fashion said, “We want to be a daily footwear brand but allow customers to upgrade them. The changing straps make sure that our customers don’t lag behind on the fashion.”

Hurry! Go fashion forward with Cameleo. The most amazing footwear is here.

About Cameleo Fashion:

Cameleo Fashion is India’s first ever interchangeable sandals for women. The brand is made with natural materials and supports sustainable fashion & design.

With infinite straps for your infinite occasions and the inevitable love for options, and craze for footwear has given birth to this idea of interchangeable footwear with a promise of class and comfort in all forms.

Add Auroville colours of nature to your footwear collection. Graciously natural and an intense labour of love.

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The idea is to reduce waste whilst keeping pace with changing footwear trends. Moreover, the changeable straps help reduce the material consumption by whooping 70%.