Can Drains Unblock Themselves?

Drains Unblock

Can Drains Unblock Themselves?

Have your drains changed recently? Perhaps there is an unpleasant odour or the water is draining away slowly. This could mean that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes.

But there is one thing that a lot of homeowners of guilty of doing. This is ignoring the problem until it gets worse.

In fact, there are many that believe drains are capable of unblocking themselves over time. Let’s debunk this rumour so that you know what to do.

Can a Drain Unblock Itself?

There can sometimes be situations where you experience a slight delay in water draining away. For example, say you are washing the dishes in the kitchen sink.

Perhaps there is something that temporarily blocks the water. But, it may clear up by itself after a few seconds and not cause you any further problems.

But, you will find that real blockages will not unclog themselves. Ultimately, a blockage happens because materials have built up in the pipes.

They have stuck to the sides and are not allowing water through. Over time, they can grow and become worse.

So, if they are unable to move, they are not going to travel down the drain and unblock themselves.

Therefore, if you suspect that you have a block drained, you do not want to simply leave this problem. As we have discussed, it is not going to fix itself.

Instead, it can get worse and this can be to the point of a total blockage that means you cannot use that sink, shower or toilet anymore. Then, this situation becomes a real emergency.

It is best to call a specialist for drain unblocking. This will allow you to get the issue solved quickly and not have to spend a fortune repairing damage later on. The problem will only get worse over time and there is no point in delaying.

What are the Signs of a Block Drain?

There are some obvious signs that you have a drain blockage. For example, you are going to figure this out on your own if the water is slowly draining away or is not disappearing at all.

Perhaps the water is even rising. But, there are some earlier signs that you need to look out for and that can allow you to act fast before the blockage gets worse.

It is common for a bad odour to develop when there is a blockage. This is due to the build-up of materials in the pipes.

In particular, this happens in kitchens where there has been food debris going down the drain. Eventually, it is going to rot, which can lead to the bad smell becoming noticeable.

In some cases, you can even hear if a drain has become clogged. When you are draining away water, you will hear a gurgling sound coming from the pipes.

This can also sound like banging or knocking and it will be a noise that did not exist before. Thus, it will be new and noticeable. Do not ignore this, even if you can use the sink as normal. The problem will only get worse over time.

What Steps Should You Drain When You Have a Blocked Drain?

If you think a clogged drain could be possible, you do not want to delay. Avoid using any products you can buy at the store.

They can make the situation worse and even damage the pipes. Instead, call a professional drainage company in your local area.

They should have a drain unblocking service you can use. A team will visit your home and see what the problem is and then address the situation.

Nobody wants to have a blocked drain. But the reality is that it is going to happen to homeowners at least once.

Always seek professional assistance when you believe you have a clogged drain. This will save you money in the long run and protect your drainage system.

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