Can Tupperware be used in Microwave?

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There have been lots of debate and questions regarding the safety of microwaving plastic products made by Tupperware.

So what was the conclusion about the Tupperware products safety standards? Read on to find out answers to questions as to can Tupperware be used in Microwave or not. Normally, all containers are labeled microwave safe.

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Tupperware is a home product. It includes storage, preparation & serving products. These products are long lasting, easy to clean & it comes with food grade material.

Normally, when we think about plastic containers, they are not environmentally friendly product.

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However, in case of Tupperware, they claim that their products are BPA free. This quality makes Tupperware products environment friendly & long lasting. Now, the question is that

“Can Tupperware be used in Microwave?”

There are two types how we use Tupperware products in microwave. One is for cooking & another is for reheating. Warming up leftover or prepared meal in microwave is a common practice.

The question is that is it safe to heat Tupperware in microwave. Some people heat up their food in microwave in their plastic Tupperware containers.

No doubt, microwave has improved cooking & heating speed. Again, the question is there is it safe to heat plastic Tupperware containers.

From general research one simple thing is there that all Tupperware containers that are microwave safe and can be used without any worry.

They are made with plastic, so not all of them are microwave safe. The brand have thoroughly tested their products regulate which ones are microwave safe.

Means the product with the logo of microwave safe are safe to use in microwave not others. Other plastic containers can be harmful to health.

Because regular plastic product may melt in microwave and it may drain chemicals into food.

That may be dangerous. Simplest way to verify is to check the symbol of Microwave safe on the container before use.

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It is shown as comprised of 3 wavy lines.  If it is not available, never use it in microwave. However, many Tupperware products are not designed for cooking or reheating.

They are designed for storage purpose only. All Tupperware items sold in USA & Canada since March 2010 are BPA free.

In case you are using microwave safe Tupperware containers, following things you should remember before microwaving Tupperware products…

It is a fact that, Tupperware have specialized products that are microwave safe. However, there is little important awareness that should be followed in microwave cooking.

Because Tupperware microwave products are not designed for cooking normally, they are for reheating.

Therefore, they are not recommended for use in a microwave oven except for TupperWave Stack Cooker, Rock ‘N Serve and CrystalWave re-heatable products.”

As per companies recommendation you should avoid reheating certain foods that are high fat or sugar content.

Because, those specific foods can become very hot and cause damage to the containers. One more thing is clearly stated that food should be reheated in the microwave on medium heat for no longer than 3 minutes.

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In case you want to heat for more than 3-minutes then stop heating at 3-minutes, remove the lid, stir & then resume reheating for less than 3 minutes.

Reheating food with lead helps to prevent unnecessary splatter. Reheating with cover allows to heat food without drying out.

As we, all know Covered food heats up quickly and more consistently. However, the lid should not be sealed airtight.

If it is so, then it is a risk of catastrophic exploded food mess and possible dangerously intense steam when you reopen the container.

It is advisable to use a microwave food cover to expedite the reheating process and evenly distribute the heat.

Some instructions should be strictly followed while using microwavable Tupperware products…

  • Reheat the food, never cook it.
  • Never uses cut or scratch plastic containers.
  • Pop the vent before reheating.
  • Use medium heat for less than 3-minutes.
  • Never fill food excess fill-line.

In short, never use old or damaged containers in microwave because they may beat microwave ability. It may increase toxic release in food.

It may be harmful. So, never use them for reheating. Just throw away them or use them for storage purpose.

In addition, all Tupperware products made before 2010 likely contains BPA in plastic compound.

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If you understand above points about microwave cooking in microwave safe containers, then I do not think you should have any quarry about it.

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However, still if you are confused the safest option is to use microwave safe glass or ceramic & avoid using all plastics in the microwave.