How to choose best cake delivery service provider to order cakes from India for abroad?

Anniversary Gifts

Can you Order Anniversary Gifts & Cake From India To Deliver Abroad?

Cakes are an essential constituent of any celebration. It enhances the festival’s charm by adding sweetness to the relationship.

Every special occasion demands a special cake, without which it is impossible to think about celebrating such events.

Occasions like birthdays and anniversaries require a cake as part of the celebration. But it becomes challenging to surprise our loved ones when we stay away from them, especially abroad. In that case, we have to rely on the portals that provide the service of gifting worldwide.

We do have several options that offer this service, but problems arise when we have to choose the best website for fulfilling our purpose.

How do we choose websites that will deliver anniversary gifts with fresh cakes in foreign countries? How do we find such online portals that are not scams and are willing to perform their duties with utmost sincerity?

If these questions are lingering in your mind as well, then let us see some pointers that will help you to determine the best gift-shopping websites that deal in delivering party essentials worldwide.

How To Choose Websites That Offer Gifts And Cakes Delivery To Abroad?

Staying away from your loved ones can be difficult, but more difficult than this is when you have limited options to express your love to your dear ones.

There are many options to get cakes in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, or other popular cities in India, but hardly you will find reputed gifting sites to send it to your family and friends living abroad.

It is really great on the part of service providers who deliver our expression of love and affection to our dear ones living far from us.

But not all websites are the same; some can be scams too! You need to be smart to choose the best among the available options.

So, let’s see how you can identify an authentic website that is professional enough to deliver your ordered cake and gifts to dear ones who are living in another part of the world.

Compare the Prices from other Websites

When you are trying a website for the first time, see its interface and URL closely. This is the first step to looking for an authentic website.

If you do not find anything fishy, you can move ahead and browse for products that you want. While searching through products, do not forget to keep an eye on their prices and compare them with what other websites are offering.

If they charge a significantly lower or higher price than other websites, it is better to reconsider your option.

It is because authentic websites keep their price according to their competitors’ price rates to gain organic traffic to their websites. Pricing is the first and most important indicator of checking an authentic website.

Check their Reviews

Another indicator of checking the website’s authenticity is to check its reviews. By seeing the reviews posted by other customers, you can get an idea about their service, which works like personal recommendations.

It helps us understand how the company functions and values its customers. It is always a good idea to work with companies that have a good reputation among their previous customers.

Make sure their reviews are genuine. Many websites have bots working for them. Check for review patterns that do not look genuine.

If you only see a series of positive reviews, then it also rings the bell of being a fake website. An authentic website is always a mix of positive and negative reviews.

Review the Company’s Social Presence

Do check for the company’s social presence, as it builds another level of trust. If they have a fair number of real followers on social media and regular posts about their company, then it is an indication that they are an authentic website.

Real websites will never shy away from trying to have a massive reach on social media and will have no room for doubt. They will try to build a community on various platforms rather than having a shady presence.

Check For Deals that Seem too Good to Be True

Sometimes, we see deals that seem to be too good to be true. This is to lure customers towards them into buying their inferior quality products. It is important to browse through these deals smartly to help overcome the issue of getting scammed.

It is important to check for their authenticity, especially in cases when you need to send birthday cakes and anniversary cakes online abroad. You need to be sure that they are fresh and of good quality, even if it charges slightly more money.

Check if they have Functional Customer Service

Any authentic website would want to connect with its customers on a personal level and try to solve their queries if any.

If you have any doubts regarding the website, you can dial the number mentioned on their website or mail them.

They will be more than happy to clear your doubts unless they are fake and have only the intention of looting from you.


Sending gifts and cakes online abroad can be a difficult task, but you can still make your loved ones feel special by following the above steps.

It is important to check on websites that offer these services with authenticity in terms of product quality, deliveries, customer service behavior, and significantly more.

With the trend of sending cakes and gifts online becoming popular, there are several sites coming up that are fraudulent and play with your emotions.

By following the above steps, you can save yourself from getting scammed and also make sure that your dear ones get the best quality of items without spoiling their day.

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