How to Start Candle Making Business at Home in India

Candle Making Business

Candle Making: Small Profitable Business Ideas

The Candles are used in many ways, some for worship, mourn, decoration and festivals. We can decorate our house with candles and also go for candlelight dinner.

There are many uses of candles. It is a small investment business idea that you can start from home. If you are creative and have a hobby to make candles, or you like to make different types of and decorative candles then this is the right business for you.

In starting you can start your business from home. Later you can open your store. But before starting a business a complete business plan is necessary.

Here we will give you a perfect business plan to start a candle making business. Here are few steps that you have to take in mind before you start a business.

Plan Your Candle Making Business

Every business needs good planning and strategy to give a good start. Check how much investment is needed and from where you can get the material at a wholesale rate.

Getting the material at less rate gives you more profit because you can get a good margin on it. 

Maintain an account. So that you can know how much you invested and the profit you gained.

Survey The Market

Before you start the business, survey the market. What type of candles is more in demand? And what other sellers are doing.

So, that you can work according to the need of a customer. And check how other candle makers are getting clients.

By this, you can easily find out, what step to be taken to grab the market

Material Required

Candle making business is a small business idea that you can start from home. But before you start few materials are needed that you can get from the wholesale market that was in your city. Material like…

Wax– There are different types of wax are available in the market. Like, Paraffin, gel, soy, beeswax, etc. by this wax you can make a candle of a different style. These candles are in much demand in the market.

Essential oil– Essential oil is also used in candle making for fragranced so it spread fragrance after lighten-up.

Container– You need a different shape of the container to get a different shaped candle. Choose a container accordingly as you have to make candles in quantity.

Colour– Candles are of different shapes and colors. For making it more attractive, you need different colors. Colors make candles more attractive. You can buy these color materials from a craft wholesale shop.

Decorative material– Nowadays, decorative candles are more popular. These candles are used for big occasions, parties, love dinners, etc. You can find many decorative materials for candles, according to the occasion. Show your creativity to be unique.

Decorative Glasses– You always need a decorative glass for jelly candles.

Take An Order

After buying all the stuff, start making different types of candles as a sample. Show your creativity and make unique designs, so that you can show the customers or dealers.

Give a price of your candles by adding the material+making+delivery charges- candle charges.

Name The Product

This is the most important thing because your product will be known by its name. So, give a unique name to your business. 

Name is necessary because if your product is liked by the customer then they will ask for the same product and company again and again. 

So, go for remembering your name and attractive tagline


The most important thing that every business need. This is a digital world and all the product sells through this way. To make your business more profitable you have to enter this world. 

So, first start with social media marketing, as most of the marketing can be done here. You can use popular social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Make your page with a company name and post your different candle works here and can get direct orders from the client all over the world. These applications are simple to use and can connect with multiples of people.

Later you can make your website at your company name, and you can send a related link so that people and clients can see your work and attractive designs.

You can also do marketing through morning pamphlets. These morning pamphlets are distributed by the newspaperman and reached in every house through morning paper delivery.

With these marketing techniques that you can do to bring your product to market

Where To Sell 

Many websites sell craft and handmade products in their portals. Like Etsy, Amazon, etc. you can contact them and sell your products in other online portals too.

Find A Place

Finding the correct place for your store is more important. Doing business from home is good but if you want to do it professionally, find the correct store. The store should be in a market or near the marketplace so that people can reach you easily. You can take a shop for rent. 

Find Your Niche

There are different types of candles. Find your niche Eco-friendly candles? Scented candles? Luxury candles?

Check what type of demand is in the market. Increase your production in festive time or on occasion so that you can reach the customer demand.

Cover the core area, and do production according to their demand.

Personalised Candle

There is a big business of personalized things. People are giving different types of personalized gifts to their loved ones.

So, try to make personalized candles, with their family photo with attractive packing. Packing also matters, the design of your product in an attractive manner so that customers will attract to your work and come again and again.

Organise Insurance

Whatever path you choose for business, it’s a store or online business. Safe your product by doing Insurance for crafters. So that if any incidence occurs you can take your claim.

Because in this uncertain world, any calamity can occur at any time, and it’s unsafe for your product.

As your money is invested there. This is a good idea to invest in insurance, to make your product and your money safe.

There are many companies, who provide insurance policies, choose safely.

License And Registration

After starting your business, when all papers are done with including shop. Go for license and registration because according to the government rule, every business has to be registered. 

If you have applied for insurance or other policy for your store, the License and registration of the business are needed.

You apply for registration in the registration office or you can hire a C.A for this work. You have to submit all your legal papers for this work.

You can also go for online registration as many sites are there, who provides online registration of your shop.

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Simply you have to submit the required papers of your shop or business and their required fee. By this, you can register your Product name in the market. So, by these simple steps, you can start your candle-making business.