Cases of online fraud increases as ‘work from home’ increases due to Corona crisis; stay safe with these easy tips

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Cases of online fraud increased as work from home increased due to Corona crisis

Due to coronavirus, people have to work from home depending on the situation, this lockdown situation may continue for the next few days in India.

In such a trend, the risk of online fraud has also increased and many people are suffering because of increasing cybercrime.

If you also fear that someone is hacking your personal data online from your personal computer or your mobile, then here are some tips through which you can be cautious and avoid online fraud.

Be a little careful with the Zoom App:

Nowadays, whichever one hears says that there was a meeting with the Zoom app or group discussion was going on.

Then whether they are working or children studying. Everyone is being explained and discussed through Zoom.

But the online threat from the Zoom App has increased significantly. Always check notifications and allow details before downloading. Keep your password long with alpha numeric and keep changing.

First know the source of hacker:

Note that a hacker can not only hack your laptop and desktop but can also easily try to hack your Facebook, WhatsApp, Paytm, and other social and payment application.

There are many websites through which you can find out if a hacker is tracking you through your browser.

Don’t click on the hyperlink:

Many times we see that a hyperlink is also given along with the email. In such a situation, do not click on it accidentally, or it may cause heavy losses.

Also always check that any website started with https. Avoid clicking on any link without it, as the hacker will get all your information as soon as you click on the link.

Ignore anyone who has written words like Important, Urgent in the mail:

Often we get email written with words like Important, Urgent. Delete or ignore all emails which include words like Important, Urgent.

Also many times it is written from income tax or your bank that if you do not answer, then action will be taken. At such a time, first confirm the email address / spelling exactly where it came from and how correct it is. If possible, contact your bank or IT department.

Update security Software on time:

Often we forget to update security software while working. Do not do this at all. Always update your security software on time.

Many anti virus software are also found online. You can also buy it and secure the system. Always take paid software, it is safe.

Some important Tips:

  • Click only when reading the option while signing up or before giving permission to the app.
  • Avoid giving all your information on social media
  • Remove apps with too much ad from your phone, laptop
  • Do not work continuously in the same browser
  • Always delete the details of your account after payment
  • Change your password from time to time
  • Unsubscribe the app without the need
  • Do not share your OTP with anyone

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If you do not understand yourself then seek the help of an IT expert or cyber expert, visit National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal or contact on Helpline Number – 155260 (09:00 AM To 06:00 PM)

Nodal Cyber cell Office:

  • ANDAMAN & NICOBAR – 03192-230216
  • ANDHRA PRADESH: 0863-2340152
  • Arunachal Pradesh: 0360-2215518
  • Assam: 0361-2524494
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  • DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI: 0260-2643022
  • DAMAN & DIU: 0260-2250942
  • Delhi: 011-20892633
  • Goa: 0832-2420883
  • GUJARAT: 079-23250798
  • HARYANA: 01733-253230
  • Himachal Pradesh: 0177-2627955
  • JAMMU & KASHMIR: 0191-2582996
  • Jharkhand: 0651-2490046
  • Karnataka: 080-22251817
  • Kerala: 0471-2722215
  • Lakshadweep: 04896-262258
  • Madhya Pradesh: 0755-2770248
  • MAHARASHTRA: 022-22160080
  • Manipur: 0385-2450573
  • Meghalaya: 0364-2550141
  • Mizoram: 0389-2334682
  • Nagaland: 0370-2223897
  • ODISHA: 0671-2306071
  • Puducherry: 0413-2231386
  • Punjab: 0172-2226258
  • Rajasthan: 0141-2740898
  • Sikkim: 03592-204297
  • TAMIL NADU: 044-28512503
  • Telangana: 040-23147604
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