4 Catering Tips for Caterers

Catering Tips

A catering business is an exciting entry into the world of culinary entrepreneurship. For one, you can choose your hours and dishes! There’s also no need to get a brick-and-mortar, customer-facing space that’s needed.

With no need to give money for a physical face, the road to starting your business is more affordable. Moreover, it’s a great way to supplement your income! In time, it could replace it entirely!

However, it can be an intimidating undertaking due to logistic reasons. What are the things you can bring to your business? There are many. However, with these tips, you can begin to wow clients with your delicious food. Some may include:

Don’t Go With The Buffet

Family-style entertainment is more intimate. If your clients want a buffet, go with something other than the buffet. Family-style entertainment means no need for long lines and waiting. It’s also more personal, thus allowing a more emotionally invested experience for your clients and their guests.

Unless your clients specifically request a buffet, family-style entertaining is the new rage in catering. It’s more intimate and halts the need for long lines and waiting.

In addition, buffet food temperature is more challenging to regulate. This could lead to illness. There will be fewer accident risks for servers with fewer guests, and you can entertain things guests need more easily. 

Moreover, open-seated cocktail parties have buffets. Buffets form a line, posing obstacles for servers and guests, such as tables and moving on surfaces.

Utensil dispenser is also around.

Place An Emphasis On Food Safety

When you work with food, you must emphasize food safety basics. Supervisors make it a point to train their underlings on salient points. Everyone on the team, from the server to the chief to the catering manager, should be aware of food safety temperatures.

Some practices are:

  • Wash and sterilize your hands regularly. This is to prevent any cross-contamination.
  • Use separate chopping boards for raw meat and fresh veggies to avoid cross-contamination. There are chopping boards for different types of food groups.
  • Wear face masks when working. Since the pandemic, masks have become a standard to ensure hygiene and safety.

Hot And Cold Foods

Food temperature can make and break your food! If you cook pre-event, you will have to worry about how you can eat everything in time. And that is quite a stressful experience. The demands of keeping food warm and hot may be astronomical, especially when you’re in a venue kitchen and are still determining the number of ovens beforehand.

For a catering chef, the demands of keeping all food hot can be astronomical, especially if you’re cooking in a venue kitchen and are still determining the number of ovens beforehand. Worrying about how you’ll eat everything in time is much more stressful if you cook before the event.

Meat Cuts

Another way to cut costs is to slice all the big joints of your meat into thin portions. Guests do not care about the slicing of meat. Guests often take three slices of meat, whether thick or thin. If they feel that it may not be enough, 

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve given you some top tips, we hope these can help you embark on a fine culinary journey!

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