Certificate of Analysis: What is its Role in Exports?

Certificate of Analysis

The global export-import business mainly runs based on trust. However, as both parties are in different geographical locations, trust alone is not enough to ensure smooth business transactions.

As a result, there are adequate checks and balances in place that help the businesses in maintaining that trust. One such document is the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Customers who place an order with an exporter in another country have a set of expectations from the products they are ordering.

Without the chance of experiencing the product first-hand, the importer places an order on experience, customer reviews, brand value or product specifications.

This is especially the case for e-commerce exports. However, whether the seller is operating in traditional or e-commerce exports, it is important to meet the quality standard in both cases.

The COA and other similar licenses come into the picture to maintain the quality of the products being exported.

The COA is a critical document that helps increase the confidence of the buyer in the transaction. At the same time, it helps the buyer showcase the quality and safety standards of the products being shipped.

Here is all you need to know about the COA.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

The certificate of analysis is an important document that is used in the export and import business by manufacturers and exporters to show that the goods have been manufactured as per the requirements of the customer.

This document shows that the product ordered by the customer has been tested analytically, which delivered the expected results that stand for high quality and safety.

The COA is a key document in the export-import process that has the potential to reduce returns, replacement, and customer complaints.

The COA is mainly used for critical products like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food and consumables.

Sellers and exporters mainly require the COA from their suppliers to ensure that the goods being sent are as per expected quality and safety norms.

The presence of the COA increases the confidence of all parties toward the level of quality of the product being shipped and also makes the audit process easier.

What are the elements of a Certificate of Analysis?

A COA typically has the following information:

  • Information about the supplier
  • Information about the various materials
  • Details about the transportation mode
  • Details about the tests being conducted and results along with regulatory requirements if any
  • Signature of a qualified and authorized product inspector

What is the use of a Certificate of Analysis?

A COA is mainly used to showcase the level of quality and safety of the products being shipped. Here are the key uses of the COA:

  • The COA document is primarily used for showcasing to the buyer that the products being shipped by the exporter or the manufacturer meet the quality and safety standards expected by the buyer.
  • The COA is also used as a document that can be used for product inspection. It can also be used to identify the status of each product.
  • The COA helps in providing detailed information about the product that may otherwise not be captured on the product label.
  • The COA contains information about the quality, identity, and purity of the materials used in the manufacturing of the product
  • The COA ensures that the buyers can rely on the information provided by the exporter and that the quality of the product is not compromised at any stage.

E-commerce exports with Amazon

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Why do you need a Certificate of Analysis?

A Certificate of Analysis is proof to show that the product being exported has been tested analytically and can stand the requirements of quality and safety. Without a Certificate of Analysis, a business can face legal or business issues.

What is the difference between COA and COC?

COC stands for Certificate of Conformance. It is a mandatory document that is required for the customs clearance of the products.

However, COA is mainly shown by manufacturers to ensure that the products being shipped meet the quality and safety requirements.

Who provides or issues the Certificate of Analysis?

The Certificate of Analysis is mainly issued by the authority appointed by an exporter. It can also be issued by the exporter’s company.

For instance, the Quality Assurance Department will have the authority to issue the necessary certificate if the exporter has designated it as the authority to issue a Certificate of Analysis.

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