Chair yoga for seniors: Know the Benefits

Chair yoga for seniors

Seniors need to deal with the common issues associated with aging. This usually means adjusting one’s lifestyle, diet, and habits and dealing with a wide range of issues like joint pain, sore muscles, fatigue, etc.

It becomes harder to perform daily tasks as well as exercise resulting in one becoming inactive.

It is not uncommon for those aging to seek help from direct support workers to assist them on a daily basis.

Home care services in NSW offer a wide range of services like domestic support, help with transport, disability support, personal care, social support, and overnight care and even help you with your shopping needs.

Yoga is a good solution to some of the common problems seniors tend to face. As we all say “Yoga is for All” this includes the seniors as well.

It can help you get back in shape and increase your mobility. It can help in many ways like flexibility, blood pressure and more. This article provides more information on chair yoga for seniors.

What is chair yoga for seniors?

Regular exercise is the key to staying fit. Gentle chair yoga for seniors is a low-impact exercise ideal for the aged who tend to have mobility issues and might not be involved in activities like running, weight lifting, etc.

It is a good way to exercise while remaining seated since this will avoid stressing your joints. There are many exercises one can do while being seated on a chair, this is applicable to both adults as well as seniors.

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However, the purpose of chair yoga for seniors is different and is meant for seniors recovering from an injury or weak muscles. Some of the common exercises include:

  • Overhead stretch
  • Neck stretch
  • Reverse arm hold
  • Chair Pigeon
  • Seated forward bend
  • Eagle arms
  • Chair warrior
  • Cat-Cow Stretch
  • Chair Spinal twist
  • Seated Mountain
  • Warrior I

Benefits of chair yoga for seniors

This is a low impact exercise however one must have an armless and stable chair for this purpose.

One must wear flexible clothing, something that is not very tight or loose. It is advisable to place your chair where there is plenty of space and have an experienced instructor by your side. Here are the benefits:

  • This is a low impact exercise that is less stressful. It is different from running and weight lifting which requires time to recover from.
  • It will not affect your joints but at the same time improve your flexibility.
  • This type of exercise is ideal for the reduction of stress.
  • It is ideal for those looking for a better method of managing their pain and improving blood circulation.
  • It is a good method to improve balance.
  • Depression and anxiety are common problems for seniors; Yoga helps one deal with this.
  • It is a good method of promoting independence and wellbeing.
  • It is the optimal method of dealing with back pain.
  • Yoga is considered a therapy for both mind and body, chair yoga is a good stress reliever that will also help you relax and reduce your pain.

Essential Aged care services for seniors

Several firms offer home and community care services for the elderly and disabled. Such firms tend to have highly skilled support workers to provide a wide range of services.

They will offer support for domestic chores for those who are having trouble handling their daily tasks.

Such a care centre can either provide a good place with high-quality care or provide care and support at your home.

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This includes help with routine tasks as well as exercises like yoga and walking. The care workers will provide either one-off assistance or weekly help.

They can also provide round the clock and every day of the year. The support will mainly depend on what your requirements may be.

Such care centres can do a lot more than just offer domestic support; they will provide personal care that is essential to ensure one can maintain their independence and dignity.

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It is likely that the elderly are finding it hard to remain socially active, such as support workers will help you remain socially active to improve your well being.

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The seniors might find shopping quite an ordeal, you can trust such support workers to come to your assistance.