Entrepreneurial Journey of Kudrat Couture Founder Chirag Makkar!

Chirag Makkar - Kudrat Couture Founder

We are delighted to present the journey of Chirag Makkar whose pilot venture designer label Kudrat Couture is well on its way to make Men’s designer wear more accessible in India and across the globe.

Bootlegged brand entrepreneur Chirag Makkar is part of the growing breed of Indian founders who have shifted career gears to pursue a far more rewarding and individualistic taste.

Chirag’s journey is special as being a studious chartered accountant he was comfortably settled in his function for initial six years; however ‘being fashionable’ was close to his heart so much so he chose to switch fields and become a full time designer by learning the ropes for it.

For Chirag, Fashion has been an integral part of his lifestyle right from childhood days. Beginning with his Mum styling him, he later came onto his own wherein his unique tastes demanded that only he could shop, pick and style for himself – an uncovering journey wherein he would relentlessly pursue and settle at “something different” as noted by family members.

Chirag though formally getting educated to become a CA practitioner got informally inclined into the world of fashion probably much earlier – Being Fashionable is a big part of his identity.

Candidly reminiscing he says “I love to dress up well – it makes a statement about oneself, and this is me.

At social gatherings I found that my unique and different outfits were appreciated, it encouraged me to keep going and develop individualistic styles with meaning.

Being an avid reader, my interests were cued to the current trend in the fashion circuit? What the Celebs were wearing, and what’s up next from the sleeve of our best designers?

I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the support of my family, especially my cousin sisters who were fashion graduates themselves.

They played a big role in helping me muster confidence that I must switch streams to being a full time designer and in time will find my own feet as a founder of a bootlegged label.

After a few years of study, I realized that Fashion is like an ocean and settling into one niche was best and with that my collection of Men’s wear was brought forth under the label Kudrat Couture.

Chirag’s work has been inspired by mythology both Greek and Indian. Kudrat’s first collection Aarambh can be seen as an ode to Arjuna from the Mahabharata epitomizing his humility and strength.

The collection draws inspiration from many Indian mythology shades with deep meaning, and would be well appreciated likewise customers who appreciate Indian ethnic wear.             

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From the way we look at Chirag is sharp, and on Cue to get noticed not just because of his collections but planned approach towards building brand Kudrat Couture.