Chloe Zhao: The first black and Asian woman who created history by winning an Oscar

Chloe Zhao

Chloe Zhao’s life journey to the Oscars

Chinese-origin Hollywood filmmaker Chloe Zhao recently created history by receiving the most prestigious honor in the film world. However, Chloe’s life journey to the Oscars is very interesting and inspiring. Not everyone has such luck and fame.

39-year-old Chloe came to America when she was a teenager. She did her graduation in America. She wanted to do something different.

Chloe Zhao became not only the second woman in the 93-year history of the Oscars to receive the Oscar for Best Director, but she is also the first black and Asian woman.

Catherine Bigelow became the first woman to win the title of Best Film Director for the film The Hurt Locker in 2010, before Chloe Zhao.  Chloe Zhao has won the Oscar for Best Film Director for her film ‘ Nomadland ‘ at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Now her third film “Nomadland “ has won the world’s most prestigious title Oscar – The Academy Award.  She said that she had started thinking how to face difficult challenges.

Chloe Zhao recently created history by winning the Oscar for Best Director for the film. The special thing is that Nomadland is his third film and she is the screenwriter and producer of the film.

That is, the film is completely her. However, it is her simplicity that she has given full credit to the success of the film to her team.

Chloe Zhao attended film school in 2010 to enter the film industry. She then made three low-budget films and became the third Oscar winner.

Talking about the work front, she is currently working on Marvel Studios’ superhero based film “The Eternals”. The budget of this film is $ 200 million. Chloe

Zhao says that if we take everyone along in life, then it becomes easier to succeed. Any goal can be achieved by collective effort. Whether it is in the film industry or in real life, their success mantra is the same.

Chloe Zhao explains that the non-actors involved in Nomadland brought this story to life. Apart from acting, she also did many other things.  

Chloe Zhao made her directorial debut in 2015 with the song Songs My Brothers Taught Me.

She gained global recognition from her second film ‘Rider’. David Strathearn and Linda have also worked with Chloe in the recent film ‘Nomadland’.

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Prior to the Oscars, the film has received several awards such as Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Award, BAFTA Award, and Independent Spirit Award.

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She says that no matter what the task, it is easier to succeed with teamwork. For this reason, teamwork skills are also tested in job interviews.