CityTadka: Platform to Explore the Unexplored of the City by Young Entrepreneurs Vishvesh Sanghavi and Shaival Desai

Vishvesh Sanghavi and Shaival Desai – CityTadka

CityTadka conducts many events. Till now the company has collaborated with many events such as road show rally of prominent politicians, celebrity concert, night marathon, film promotion of Dhollywood etc. Visvesh Sanghvi and Shaival Desai have complete knowledge of market trends.

CityTadka’s vision was always to cover the city’s happenings and occurrence. Being the explorers Shivala Desai and Vishwesh Sanghvi, made them establish CityTadka to help people explore the unexplored.

Recently, CityTadka has a presence in Ahmedabad and Surat cities of Gujarat with an accomplished team of 28.

His readiness to face failures and believe in the ideal of no work goes a long way in the small leadership CityTadka has. From failing to convert a customer for 6 months to becoming the famous digital marketing space of Gujarat has inspired many budding young entrepreneurs.

Recognizing that digital marketing is the future we launched in 2009 as Transact World. Not a single customer was converted in the first 6 months, eventually Visvesh and Shaival struck the bull’s eye, when the restaurant’s first customer paid them Rs. 5000 for a year. He played the role of every employee from the delivery boy to the sales to understand the ground reality of things.

Keeping in mind to remain present on the digital platform, they came up with the CityTadka brand, where sharing updates to the city was a routine. Following this pattern, CityTadka gained innumerable followers on various social media platforms.

Now, this startup has become a trusted company, which viewers rely on for regular updates on the city.

In the shortest time, CityTadka has already registered its strong presence with more than 4000 coverage of local and national customers across regions and categories. The regime follows clients’ articles, photos and videos across social media in the most optimal way, giving them the most reach and visibility.

Vishvesh Sanghavi and Shaival Desai are the creative souls of the creative space and are working forward and upward to introduce new features that benefit brands as well as audiences.

In order to create a path for CityTadka in the digital media industry, they always stood on the following views.

  • Any startup can be turned into success by 3 things- Idea-Passion-Accession
  • Do not wind up your business until the 1000th day of true endeavor
  • Spend on development and not on luxury.

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Ethics, innovation, and creativity have made these young entrepreneurs an inspiration for many startup candidates.