Clean food: A Growing Industry Riding the Wave of Health Consciousness


By Mr. Narendra Firodia – Co-Founder at You Care Lifestyle

The definition of clean eating varies from person to person. In simple terms, clean eating means eating food as close as possible to its original state. It means preparing meals from scratch. The whole process should be healthy with the addition of organic fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Balanced eating nourishes your body. It provides your body with the essential vitamins and minerals alongwith proteins and fats to keep your weight under control. It also helps your heart and brain to function better. A nutritionally balanced diet helps your body to build a strong immune system, which is a must after the pandemic.

The clean food industry creates and sells food products with simple and low-sourcing ingredients. The ingredients used in clean food are ethically sourced and produced without the use of harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

“The pandemic has brought health awareness to the forefront. People are now taking control of whatever is possible when it comes to their health. This shifting trend has made the DTC food industry a multi-billion dollar business,” says Narendra Firodia, the co-founder of YouCare Lifestyle, an e-retail wellness portal.

He further explains that currently, the vast majority of demand for clean and organic food comes from the metropolises. However, the growing awareness brought about by the internet and the growing disposable income of tier 2 and 3 cities has brought about the start of the clean food movement.

India is one of the biggest producers of the organic goods and the projection for overall organic farming industry in 2026 is anticipated to touch 10.1 billion USD.

“E-commerce has been a key reason in the major boost of the organic food industry. Online platforms are the perfect choice for organic food retailers because they eliminate unnecessary middle men and connect the manufacturers directly to consumers. Online platforms also encourage consumers to experiment with healthy food alternatives.

Millets is the best example of a super food that has recently gained momentum due to knowledge and exposure about its health benefits,” states Firodia explaining the impact of e-commerce companies in India.

There is no denying that the clean food sector is in the limelight and gaining popularity. In the years to come, this sector will reach out to the larger rural markets. This is mainly due to the growing awareness and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle among the Indian consumers.

Indian consumers today are more conscious and informed than ever before, and a mere ‘organic’ label will not suffice. In the years to come we will see several innovations in clean food industry which will also address the issues of the future.

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