Cleartrip Online Travel Company – Book your flights, train tickets, and hotel reservations

Cleartrip online travel company - Book your flights, train tickets, and hotel reservations
Image Credit: Cleartrip

Cleartrip: The leader in online travel solutions for booking flights, train tickets, and hotel reservations

It is because of sites like Cleartrip that traveling has become an important part of all our lives. Started back in 2006, Cleartrip spread its roots in different countries across the world. Some of them are UAE, Egypt and India. Headquartered in Mumbai, Cleartrip made a luxury like travelling affordable to a large scale of people in India. Cleartrip made quotes like ‘mountains are calling’ come true. Cleartrip also bagged titles like India’s favourite travel website, the Best mobile app for travel, Editor’s pick, etc.

Cleartrip Features and Specifications:

  • Cleartrip is known for helping people making memories while having a pocket-friendly vacation. From affordable international plane tickets, train tickets to living in luxurious hotels, Cleatrip makes sure you live your vacation time to the fullest.
  • This company has come to be known as the ‘knight in the shining armor’ for saving people by giving them the best deals at the last minute.
  • When it comes to safety and security, Cleartrip has earned peoples’ trust with their services. The safest hotels and the comfortable journey have made the company build its own loyal customer base.
  • Cleartrip has very reliable customer service. The friendly nature of the staff and the efforts to make up for issues that take place is highly appreciated.
  • Time saving, easily approachable and assurance of good vacation has played a major role in the growth of Cleartrip
  • The company started giving out people a list of local activities that they could take part in as a part of their package.

Why should you try Cleartrip’s online travel solution?

People who are frequent travelers find it easy to look up flights, find a safe and affordable place to stay and enjoy the trip. Talking about people who travel just once a year, Cleartrip is the best solution available. Instead of having a headache deciding which flight would be the best, looking at the time and comparing rates, it is better to approach Cleartrip. Once you handover your dates and schedule, the company makes an itinerary for you accordingly. You wouldn’t want to miss out to the ‘musts’ of your destination, right? Cleartrip also helps you decide on your hotel and can help you out with looking up the ‘must do’s’ of the place you will be visiting.


“Best app and an easy travel solution to manage my trips.” -Hukam Saeed

“Fast and uninterrupted experience with economical rates” -Srujan S

“Simple Minimalistic UI. Focus is on getting the work done. Loved the seamless experience. I would one 🌟 when I get better offers.” -Anirban Saha

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It is time to take a break from your hectic schedule, be stress-free and plan a trip with your family and friends. They say ‘people who travel together, stay together’. Understanding that you are worried about the costs of tickets and hotel rooms, we are here, suggesting you Cleartrip. If you are an introvert, take a solo trip. Get away from your monotonous life and explore the world. Cleartrip assures you nothing but a good vacation.