Common Home Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Common Home Emergencies

Whether you live in a house or flat, owned or rented, and despite all the love and care you put into it, home emergencies can happen and it’s usually when you least expect it.

They can range from fires, to leaks and blockage, but what matters the most is the way you handle the situation. Here are five most common home emergencies you should be aware of and ways of dealing with them.

Water Leak

If take immediate action once you notice a water leak, the issue will only cost a few hundred dollars to repair. However, if the problem is ignored, it can add up into the thousands and over time, even cause structural damage to your property.

Water leakage will also increase your water bill, so it’s best if you take action as fast as possible. If you feel you can’t handle it by yourself, you should call the professionals to perform water line leak repair.

Before they arrive to your home, get everything ready by switching off the water valve and covering the leak with water-resistant tape.

Blocked Pipe or Toilet

If your toilet or shower drains are blocked, the cause is typically items and materials that have found their way down there.

Toilets in particular aren’t designed to handle anything other than human waste and toilet paper, so if anyone throws leftover food there or your kids throw wet wipes or cotton pads, you’ll certainly have a big problem!

Even excess hair can cause shower drain clogs, and they are often difficult to fix so once again, you might rely on professional help.

A house fire

One of the most common house emergencies that can happen to anyone is a house fire and the best cure is prevention.

This means that you should to be extremely careful with any potential fire hazard or flammable item in your home.

The number one reason for house fires is either a stove or an iron left on, so make sure all your appliance are shut off after use.

Bad electrical installations can also cause a house fire, so it’s important to do annual maintenance of your installations.

Experts at Hello Electrical offer their services at a moment notice in case of electrical emergency as well as for regular maintenance of your installations, so with their number on your speed-dial, you can rest assured you’ll have quality assistance. 

Gas Leak

A gas leak is among the most dangerous home problems that puts your entire family in danger. A tiny spark or a small flame in a closed-off area that’s full of gas can cause a fire or an explosion. If you can smell gas or suspect a gas leak, act immediately and get everyone to vacate the property.

You should also open all doors and windows, switch off the gas supply, and contact a licensed gas fitter to come and repair the leak.

A gas leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and even have fatal consequences, so make sure you never ignore the warning signs.

Ant or rodent infestation

It’s not that uncommon for homes to suffer an ant or rodent infestation. Anything unwanted that walks on more than two legs should be sent out packing!

If you have spotted a mouse, inspect your entire home, both inside and outside, and look for mouse activity – nests, chewing or mouse droppings.

If you notice any crevice or cracks in the walls, that could be their entry point so make sure you cover them with a wire mesh or a sealant. You should also set up mouse traps around your home. If nothing helps, call in the pros!

If it’s ants that are giving you the headache, remove them and thoroughly clean anywhere they might have been with a vinegar spray, particularly places like gaps near windows, doors and floorboards. Set up ant traps and consider calling an expert to determine if there’s an ant nest nearby.

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Any of the home emergencies listed here can cause havoc in your home and major devastation. The quicker you act, the more chance you have of preventing it from escalating. Knowing the right facts and and contacting the professionals immediately is crucial.