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Proptech has enabled the real estate industry to speed up the process of buying and selling as well as managing the market. The AI based technological tools being used by property experts, real estate agents and consumers have given a new outlook and direction to the industry.

Today one can even view an apartment virtually, even before it has been constructed. Innovative technology also enables the viewer to see the layout of the flat, and also the view from the balcony. Here are some key players who are providing proptech suites and benefitting the Real Estate industry:


This Realty Sales Accelerator is a uniquely created SAAS based platform that enables a one-stop solution for lead generation, consumer behaviour analysis, empowering salespersons with valuable data and facilitating customers with seamless payment modules.

With the help of its unique 360 degree VR-powered digital walkthrough, Relata enables customers to get a realistic picture even before the property has been constructed. Providing comprehensive services like digital agreements and payments, one can close the deal in 30 minutes.

It also has an AI based virtual assistant- Reiya, which enables engaging conversations in multiple foreign and Indian languages, 24X7. It has led to 37% increase in conversion, and a 28% reduction in marketing budget for companies.

Relata has handled more than 182 projects, working with the likes of DLF and Hiranandani, making them the undisputed trendsetter in this industry.


SalesForce is transforming the Indian property sector with its CRM platform. With simple to use and set-up process, it is gaining immense popularity. Being the world’s most reliable customer relationship management program in the world, it has built a loyal customer base. 

Dealing with marketing, commerce, sales, service, collaboration of IT teams remotely, the system enables the companies to connect with customers and solve their problems instantly. Using AI based technology and also Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, they deliver comprehensive services under one roof. With over 1.5 lakh companies as their clients, they have been the force behind the growth of many small as well as big businesses.

Gruhas Aspire

Gruhas Aspire Accelerator is an accelerator programme for early-stage Proptech firms. This project intends to empower these start-ups by providing strategic investments, expert coaching, and unique market access opportunities, thereby fostering innovation and sustainability across the sector.

This Cohort includes six start-ups ready to change the face of the construction and real estate industries. This project intends to empower these start-ups by providing strategic investments, expert coaching, and unique market access opportunities, thereby fostering innovation and sustainability across the sector.

The selected start-ups offer a wide range of solutions aligned with the focus areas, including new and emission-free materials and technologies in construction, smart property management for selling and leasing, sustainable properties with clean energy, water use, and waste management, and investments and financing in real estate.

Catalyst Proptech

Catalyst provides comprehensive solutions for real estate digital advertising, marketing, branding, lead generation, and technology. They offer cutting-edge PropTech solutions that aim to improve many elements of real estate operations.

They provide your real estate business with future-ready technology that improve efficiency, customer engagement, and overall success, from automated integration to customised tech solutions. Catalyst focuses on lead generation and conversion tactics, such as targeted advertising, landing page optimisation, and lead nurturing.

Their data-driven strategy ensures that every click leads to a potential buyer, resulting in increased conversion rates and a greater return on your marketing spend.

Spyre VC

Spyre VC, India’s first Proptech fund, is said to have a $50 million corpus and a $50 million greenshoe. Beyond investors, they are strategic partners to drive innovation in the real estate sector and its ancillaries.

They have nearly four decades of experience in real estate, investments, and technology. As India’s first prop-tech fund with specialist expertise, they offer investable possibilities across the prop-tech landscape.

Backed and partnered with leading Indian real estate and venture capital institutions, delivering a lot of knowledge, resources, and credibility.

They ensure aligned interests between investors and entrepreneurs by leveraging substantial industry penetration across real estate and VC networks for top-tier mentoring and portfolio assistance, eventually benefiting the proptech sector. 

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